Importance of extra-curricular activities for college students

Extra-Curricular play an important role in one’s overall personality development. Here are some reasons for you take up one, if you haven’t taken one yet.

Know about the Importance of Extra-curricular Activities for College Students in India
Know about the Importance of Extra-curricular Activities for College Students in India

‘Extra-Curricular’ the very word brings to mind the images of star athletes, math club geniuses, gifted musicians and other prodigy like students. But is that all that there is to extra-curricular activities? Of course not, they are a lot more than just sports teams and clubs comprised of genius students. Extra-curricular means getting an exposure to things and activities that reside outside of your academic curriculum. College is a place that lays the foundation to your future and your career. It is a place where you not just gain the academic knowledge but also where your overall personality development takes place. And it’s the extra-curricular activities that are responsible for grooming your overall personality.

But, if you are looking for some extra-motivation to take up some new activities in college here is a little motivation- employers today are looking for people who can bring to tables more than just academics. They are looking for candidates who are good in communicating and interacting with others. Technical skills can be taught but soft skills that extra-curricular activities in college help develop cannot be taught in a workplace.           

How extra-curricular activities benefit college students?

Exploring of Interests and passion

Extra-curricular activities allows for students pursue their goals and interests outside of their standard academic curriculum. For example, for a student pursuing a majors in business administration might also have a passion for music, can easily join the college band to follow through his passion for music. He might also try some other activities also like joining a language club for instance. Having learnt a foreign language might also be a great addition to his resume at it might aid him in getting a job at some MNC. A degree in business administration and a good knowledge of a foreign language might set him apart from his peers at the time of job interview. Extra-curricular can help students develop skills that will aid them a lot in their professional life later on.

Ability to work with others

Extra –curricular activities are usually group activities carried out in co-ordination with people of similar interest as yourself.  Be it team sports like football, cricket or somewhat individual ones like badminton, swimming etc. Even in sports like swimming and other such sports you practice with a team, fellow swimmers against whom you compete to try and better your own skills. However,extra-curricular are not just about developing your technical skills they are also about developing your communication skills. The team-spirit, ability to work with others, public speaking and many other such soft skills. Extra-curricular give you a chance to interact with people and make connections some of which might come in quite handy later on in life.

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Better Time Management

Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities are often seen to have better time management skills than students who are always buried nose deep in their books. Working out two-three different things in day helps student learn the art of prioritizing tasks. For example, consider a student who is involved in theatre or dramatics society he needs to take out time for practice and while also being busy with his coursework and project submissions. He knows that he cannot miss out on either of them and thus has to figure out a way to manage them both efficiently. Such a student is more likely to plan a work schedule with work towards following it with sincere dedication. He is less likely to procrastinate or waste his time idling away. Moreover, a few hours of practice might help him relax and return to his studies with a refreshed mind.

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Resume and Portfolio Builder

As mentioned before also, participation in extra-curricular activities come in quite handy for college students when they appear for job or internship interviews. Extra-curricular activities make a great addition to a student’s portfolio especially if they do not have a lot of professional experience to showcase. For most college students don’t think of going for internships or other such professional experience until after their third year. Extra-curricular activities can help focus some of the questions on the skills learned and the experiences one had during them. Allowing the employer to gauze a better understanding of the candidate’s profile.

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What are you waiting for now? Go and find out some extra-curricular activity of your interest. Discover your passion and learn something new. Develop some skills that would be a great addition to your resume. Liked this article? Please share it with your friend and peers to help them understand the importance of extra-curricular activities. And for more such articles on college life and college students, please visit Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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