KVS PGT Biology 2014 Previous Year Paper with Answers

Practicing Previous Year Papers can help you in many ways in your exam preparation. In this article we have shared the KVS PGT Biology 2014 Previous Year Paper alongwith their answers.

KVS PGT Biology 2014 Previous Year Paper with Answers
KVS PGT Biology 2014 Previous Year Paper with Answers

To crack the KVS PGT/ TGT/ PRT 2018 Exam, candidates must practice the previous year papers of the different subjects for which they are applying this year. It will help them in improving their speed of attempting maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy. So, in this article we have shared the KVS PGT Biology Previous Year Paper alongwith their answers.


KVS PGT Biology Previous Year Paper with Answers

1. Which of the following belongs to Mollusca?

A) Cray fish

B) Jelly fish

C) Cuttle fish

D) Hag fish

Ans. C

2. Who proposed the "Recapitulation Theory"?

A) Lamarck

B) Darwin

C) Hugo De Vries

D) Haeckel

Ans. D

3. 10% energy transfer law in food chain was first given by

A) Lindemann

B) Tansley

C) Elton

D) Odum

Ans. A

4. In Paramecium, the process of reconstruction of nuclei in a single individual which takes place without the fusion of gametic nuclei is known as

A) Cytogamy

B) Automixis

C) Hernixis

D) Endomixis

Ans. D

5. In which of the canal system spongocoel is lined by choanocytes?

A) Asconoid type

B) Syconoid type

C) Leuconoid type

D) Syconoid and Leuconoid type

Ans.  A

6. Nematocysts are present in which of the following phylum?

A) Coelenterata

B) Porifera

C) Nemanthelmanthis

D) Echinodermata

Ans. A

7. Oxygen dissociation curve of Haemoglobin is

A) Hyperbolic

B) Hypobolic

C) Sigmoid

D) Linear

Ans. C

8. Cirrhosis is caused by taking excess of

A) Cocaine

B) Nicotine

C) Alcohol

D) Opium

Ans. C

9. Sarcolemma is membrane found in

A) Nerve fibre

B) Skeletal muscle fibre

C) Cardiac muscle

D) Heart

Ans. B

10. The regular sequence of cell cycle is

A) S, GI, M. G2

B) GI. S. M, G2

C) G1, S, G2, M

D) G1. G2, S, M

Ans. C

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11. Haemophilia is caused by

A) Extra autosome

B) Extra sex chromosome

C) Gene mutation in sex chromosome

D) Gene mutation in autosome

Ans. C

12. Animals leading aquatic life show adaptations.

A) Natatorial

B) Volant

C) Cursorial

D) Fossorial

Ans. A

13. The hormone that promotes reabsorption of water from glomerular filtrate is

A) Vasopressin

B) Oxytocin

C) Relaxin

D) Calcitonin

Ans. A

14. Crossing over takes between

A) Sister chromatids 

B) Sister and non-sister chromatids

C) Non-sister chromatids

D) Centromeres

Ans.  C

15. Syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease is caused by

A) Leptospira

B) Pasteurella

C) Treponema

D) Vibrio

Ans.  C

16. DNA synthesis occurs in

A) GI Phase

B) G, Phase

C) M Phase

D) S Phase

Ans. D

17. Cancer of stomach. liver and lungs is known as

A) Sarcoma

B) Carcinoma

C) Leukemia

D) Myeloma

Ans.  B

18. As there are only 20 amino acids, only this system of coding can be effective for the innumerable proteins present inside the body

A) Double codon system

B) Triplet codon system

C) Both single and double codon system

D) Singlet codon system

Ans.  B

19. Tricuspid valve in the heart of eutherians is present between

A) Left auricle and left ventricle

B) Right and left auricle

C) Right auricle and right ventricle

D) Right and left ventricle

Ans. C

20. Which of the following is called the Age of Fishes?

A) Devonian

B) Carboniferous

C) Jurassic

D) Pleistocene

Ans. A

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21. Fungi differ from algae in having

A) Chlorophyll

B) Starch as reserve food

C) Cell wall made up of cellulose

D) Cell wall made up of chitin and cellulose

Ans. D

22. In dicot stem, xylem is

A) Poly-arch

B) Endarch

C) Exarch

D) Mesarch

Ans. B

23. Most acceptable theory for ascent of sap is

A) Pulsation theory

B) Root pressure theory

C) Cohesion-tern theory

D) Both A) and B)

Ans. C

24. Which one of the following immunoglobulins can cross placent?

A) IgA

B) IgD

C) IgG

D) IgM

Ans. C

25. Monoclonal antibodies are produced by

A) Immortalization of myeloma cells

B) Immortalization of lymphocytes

C) Fusion of myeloma cells and B cells

D) Fusion myeloma cells and T cells

Ans. C

26. Dark reaction of photosynthesis occurs in the

A) Membrane of the stroma lamellae

B) Stroma of the chloroplast outside the lamellae

C) Space between the two membrane of chloroplast

D) Thylakoid membrane of grana

Ans. B

27. Two words comprising binomial nomenclature are

A) Family and Genus

B) Order and Family

C) Genus and Species

D) Species and Variety

Ans. C

28. Birds differ from bats in the absence of

A) Homothermy

B) Four chambered heart

C) Trachea

D) Diaphragm

Ans. D

29. What is the full form BOD?

A) Biological Ozone Demand

B) Biological Oxygen Demand

C) Biotic Oxygen Demand

D) Biological Oxygen Deficiency

Ans. B

30. Female game angiosperms is microscopic and represented by

A) Ovule

B) Nucellus

C) Megaspore mother cell

D) Embryo sac

Ans. D

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31. Corpus luteum secretes


B) Estrogen

C) Progesterone


Ans. C

32. The nutritive cells found in the seminiferous tubules are

A) Leydig cells

B) Sertoli cells

C) Spermatogonial cells

D) Chromaffm cells

Ans.  B

33. Which one is released from the ovary?

A) Primary oocyte

B) Secondary oocyte

C) Ovum

D) Oogonium

Ans. B

34. Middle piece of a mammalian sperm contains

A) Nucleus B) Centriole

C) Mitochondria

D) Vacuole

Ans. C

35. Contraceptive oral pills help in birth control by

A) Preventing ovulation

B) Killing ova

C) Killing sperms

D) Forming barriers between sperm and ova

Ans. A

36. Maltose is an oligosaccharide, made up of two monosaccharides, which are

A) Glucose and fructose

B) Fructose and fructose

C) Glucose and glucose

D) Galactose and glucose

Ans. C

37. Chiasmata are first seen during

A) Leptotene

B) Pachytene

C) Zygotene

D) Diplotene

Ans. D

38. The substance used in the tissue culture medium for induction of shoots in callus is


B) GA3


D) Kinetin

Ans. D

39. The most common indicator organisms that represent polluted waters is

A) E. coli

B) S. typhi

C) C. vibrio

D) Entamoeba

Ans.  A

40. HIV has a protein coat and a genetic material which is

A) ss DNA

B) ss RNA

C) ds DNA

D) ds RNA

Ans. B

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41. The association of algae and fungi for the formation of lichens is an example of

A) Parasitism

B) Mutualism

C) Amensalism

D) Predation

Ans. B

42. When the pollen tube enters the ovule in the ovary of a plant through micropylar end, it is known as

A) Chalazogamy

B) Mesogamy

C) Porogamy

D) Autogamy

Ans.  C

43. Zymogen cells of gastric glands produce

A) Chymotrypsin

B) Trypsin

C) Pepsin

D) Pepsinogen

Ans. D

44. The gas that contributes most to the greenhouse effect is


B) Freon

C) CO2

D) CH4

Ans. C

45. Genetic drift operates only in

A) Smaller population

B) Larger population

C) Mendelian population

D) Island population  

Ans. A

46. Double fertilization in angiosperm was discovered by

A) Strasburger

B) Maheswari

C) J.C. Bose

D) Nawaschin

Ans. D

47. In xerarch, primary succession starts with

A) Lichen

B) Hearts

C) Trees

D) Animals

Ans. A

48. Human blood group inheritance is which type of dominance?

A) Complete dominance

B) Incomplete dominance

C) Codominance

D) Irregular dominance

Ans. C

49. The 3 dimensional L-shaped form is characteristic of

A) r-RNA

B) t-RNA


D) m-RNA

Ans. B

50. Which of the following gases was not used by Stanley and Miller in their experiment?

A) Hydrogen

B) Methane

C) Ammonia

D) Oxygen

Ans. D

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51. Which of the following biotic communities would have trees?

A) Tundra

B) Taiga

C) Shrubland

D) Intertidal zone

Ans. B

52. Eggs having yolk in their center and cytoplasm in the peripheral layer are called

A) Isolecithal

B) Microlecithal

C) Cenrolecithal

D) Telolecithal

Ans. C

53. Chlorosis in plants occur due to deficiency of

A) Zn

B) Ca

C) Cl

D) B

Ans. A

54. What is the respiratory quotient of glucose?

A) 0

B) 0.8

C) 0.71

D) 1.0

Ans. D

55. What is the name of complex V in electron transport chain?

A) Cytochrome Oxidase

B) Fof1-ATP synthase

C) Succinate-Ubiquinone reductase complex

D) Ubiquinone cytochrome c oxidoreductase

Ans. B

56. Which of the following cell organelle is in continuation with the outer membrane of nucleus?

A) Lysosomes

B) Endoplasmic Reticulum

C) Mitochondria

D) Peroxisomes

Ans. B

57. Okazaki fragments are formed during

A) Transformation

B) Recombination

C) Crossing over

D) Replication

Ans. D

58. The first product formed in C3 cycle is

A) 3-phosphoglyceric acid

B) 1, 3 Diphosphoglyceric acid

C) Dihydoxyacetone 3-phosphate

D) Glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate

Ans. A

59. Capacitation of sperms involve a change in

A) Sperm size

B) Acrosome membrane

C) Mitochondria! alignment

D) Nuclear chromatin

Ans. B

60. Tunica albuginea is the covering of

A) Spleen

B) Heart

C) Testes

D) Lungs

Ans. C

61. The aleurone layer in maize grains is especially rich in

A) Starch

B) Auxins

C) Lipids

D) Proteins

Ans.  D

62. The essential parts of a flower are

A) Calyx and corolla

B) Galyx and androecium

C) Corolla and gynoecium

D) And Secium and gynoecium

Ans. D

63. Blood will lose maximum oxygen when it passes through

A) Alveolar capillaries

B) Tissue capillaries

C) Arteries

D) Veins

Ans. B

64. Sulphur containing amino acids are

A) Tryptophan

B) Valine. Lysine. Cystine

C) Cysteine. Methionine, Cystire

D) Glutamic acid and Aspartic acid

Ans. C

65. DNA is not found in

A) Nucleus

B) Ribosomes

C) Plastids

D) Mitochondria

Ans.  B

66. Bryophytes are not characterized by

A) Vascular tissues

B) Well-developed root system

C) Alternation of generation

D) Presence of chlorophyll

Ans. A

67. The phloem of gymnosperms differ from angiosperms in

A) Having phloem fibre

B) Having phloem parenchyma

C) Having no companion cells

D) Having no sieve tubes

Ans. C

68. The shape of chloroplast in Spirogyra is

A) Girdle shaped

B) Cup shaped

C) Parietal band shaped

D) Spiral shaped

Ans. D

69. MHC class I molecules are found on

A) Only T cells

B) Only B cells


D) All nucleated cells of the body

Ans. D

70. The first gene therapy used cells altered outside the recipient's body and is called

A) in situ

B) in vivo

C) ex vivo

D) Vaccin

Ans. C

71. Annual rings in a tree signify the age of the tree. What these annual rings are made of?

A) Growing secondary phloem

B) Growing secondary xylem

C) Growing primary phloem

D) Growing primary xylem

Ans. B

72. Which of the following enzymes is an example of lyases?

A) Aldolase

B) Phosphohexoseisomerase

C) 3 phosphoglyceraldehyde dehydrogenase

D) Cytochrome oxidase

Ans. A

73. What type of epidermis is composed of flat cells?

A) Simple

B) Stratified

C) Squamous

D) Cuboidal

Ans. C

74. What is actin?

A) Myofilament

B) Myosin

C) Muscle fibre

D) Myofibrils

Ans. A

75. The essential ion for muscle contraction is

A) Sodium

B) Chloride

C) Potassium

D) Calcium

Ans. D

76. Which of the following disease is caused by virus and transmitted by mosquito?

A) Typhus

B) Plague

C) Trypansomiasis

D) Yellow fever

Ans. D

77. The maximum quantity of air one can expire after maximal inspiration is known as

A) Residual air

B) Vital capacity

C) Tidal volume

D) Total lung capacity

Ans. B

78. Vagus nerve is number


B) X


D) V

Ans. B

79. First artificial gene was synthesized by

A) Nirenberg

B) Mendel

C) Morgan

D) Khorana

Ans. D

80. Structures involved in genetic engineering is

A) Plasmids

B) Codon

C) Plastid

D) Scissors

Ans. A

Practice makes the man perfect! The more you will practice, the more accuracy you will gain which will eventually lead you to a high score in the exam. Practice will help you in avoiding silly mistakes and making unnecessary guess works while attempting the Biology Paper of KVS PGT 2018 Exam. Therefore, practicing previous year papers will help you in achieving accuracy and high score in KVS PGT/ TGT/ PRT 2018 Exam.


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