Life at NMIMS: A Luxury Home for Your MBA Stint

Life at NMIMS is all about going beyond the average; everything about this campus is stupendous. Many of you would have imagined what it is like to experience a life at NMIMS campus, let me tell you it is one beyond and above your expectations.

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Life at NMIMS
Life at NMIMS

Life at NMIMS - Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) kick-started its journey in 1981 with a single campus based in Mumbai. Now the management institute boasts of five campuses across the country- Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Indore and Shirpur. Today, NMIMS is among the top 20 management schools in the country, according to NIRF Management 2019 Ranking. Since its establishment, NMIMS has stemmed into a prosperous deemed to be University offering programmes across numerous disciplines including Management, Pharmacy, Science, Technology and Architecture among others. Life at NMIMS is all about going beyond the average; everything about this campus is stupendous.

Many of you would have imagined what it is like to experience a life at NMIMS campus, let me tell you it is one beyond and above your expectations. To make it seamless for you to understand, here we have listed a few aspects of the B-school life at NMIMS:

The Word ‘Luxurious’ is an Understatement

Yes, you read that right- campus life at NMIMS is luxurious. Probably this is the first striking feature that you are likely to come across when you enter its campus. As you step foot inside the campus, you will feel a whiff of the gigantic corporate world. What gives NMIMS its advantage is the proximity to several industries outside the campus and the seamless interaction with these industry members. Keeping work aside, the life outside NMIMS is one lookout for, you have some famous hangouts like ‘Prithvi Cafe’ and the world famous Juhu beach just around the corner. No wonder, NMIMS boasts of best of both the worlds: campus and environment.

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Days and Nights Surrounded by Books

Heard tales of the campus life at NMIMS? Well, it is much more than what you have heard, something you will need to experience yourself to understand the B-school life at NMIMS. A typical day at NMIMS starts at 9:30 am or even earlier depending on your schedule. Post the lecture, you will see students rushing to the cafeteria for their morning dose of energy. The best part about the canteen at NMIMS is the abundance of options; crave for vada pav Or Pita with Hummus? You name it and NMIMS canteen has it. The entire day goes into the lectures, assignments, class tests and brainstorming sessions. If you are lucky, the classes end by 5, but you see that is not generally what happens in a premier B-school like NMIMS Mumbai. Post 5 pm you will be engrossed in group projects, club and committee tasks followed by case study submissions. There is no single day where students have the luxury of time at NMIMS, hence, you are warned to sit back, breathe and buckle up your seat to start campus life at NMIMS.

Learning from the Best of the Best

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, a city that never sleeps. Life at NMIMS also falls in the same line; this B-school encourages you not only to dream but also hustle in order to make the dream come true. Its geographical advantage ensures you are exposed to a rich interface, given the proximity to industry hubs. NMIMS is best known to have a flow of speakers, visiting faculty and its long list of rich alumni to address students’ concern on relevant subjects. The B-school alumni list comprises of Richa Kar, CEO- Zivame, Vikas Bahl, Director (Queen), John Abraham, Actor and Siddhharth Sood, Founder- Wildcraft to name a few. Guest speakers such as Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi and Raghu Iyer and many such industry leaders have been a part of the corporate seminars held at NMIMS. NMIMS makes sure its students are exposed to such opportunities to keep them motivated to make it big in the near future.

Pedagogy with Emphasis on Experiential Learning

NMIMS, Mumbai offers cutting-edge programs for its students, it also offers provides executive management education for professionals who want to bring key changes in their career graphs. The B- School boasts of its dynamic curriculum developed in conjunction with academics and industry experts offer students the opportunities to acquire new skills and explore different perspectives. NMIMS uses the case-based study method to bring the real corporate world to the classrooms that offer lucrative option amidst taxing environment. You will witness how the B-school emphasises personalized learning and practical knowledge.

Student Speak

To get an insider’s take on the Life at NMIMS, Jagranjosh connected with Aishwarya Deshmukh – an MBA Core student Class - 2018-19 at NMIMS. Here’s what she has to say:

Jagran Josh: How is the campus life at NMIMS?

Aishwarya Deshmukh: The first time I had come to NMIMS during the selection process, I was amazed by this highly sophisticated corporate building which is different from the traditional college structure at IIMs. Now 3 months into the course I realize that even the campus grooms us for our future journey as managers where we have to sweat it out in such corporate offices.

Life at NMIMS is hectic but fun. The first trimester challenges you in many ways to make you take a long jump out of your comfort zone.

We have also had committee selection processes where in you attend back to back interviews and GDs to get into the committee of your choice. Your seniors may seem a little strict during the process, but once all this is done, they are your closest buddies.

Just like life thrives in nature, extroverts thrive on people. Even if you are not an extrovert, you will end up becoming one as there are people all around. And what do you do with all these people? Talk!

Jagran Josh: What made you pick NMIMS over other B-schools, something that makes it stand out from others?

Aishwarya Deshmukh: Just like every other MBA aspirant, I was confused while prioritizing the colleges that had called me for interview. While researching about NMIMS, I came to know about the diversity of the batch at NMIMS. During engineering, every one of us was from a similar background and culture, so after engineering even though there was a huge increase in my knowledge, I needed to broaden my perspective.

Today in my class, I study with CAs-CFAs, a Manish-Malhotra-Model, theatre artists, and even people with a hotel management background. Diversity, not just in terms of career but also regions. I have met students from every possible part of India. So my class is like a mini-India where I come across different perspectives while working with them. This has indeed helped me transform myself from someone who knows her content to someone who can approach any given situation from diverse points of view.

Jagran Josh: How is the academic schedule at NMIMS? How do you start and end your day?

Aishwarya Deshmukh: Managing time during MBA can be a tricky task. We have a pre-defined lecture and exam timetable. But you have no idea what you are going to be doing the next day. It is all about rising to the occasion. One day the faculty would like to surprise you with a surprise test, the other day you will be required to deliver presentations, and some other day you will get a truck load of group assignments to submit which will make your 24h-hour-day seem shorter.

We have classes from 8 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon. But you will soon realize how difficult it is to make it to the 8 AM lecture when you have pulled an all-nighter working on the projects. This is where the canteen comes into the picture. You just have to grab a cup of coffee before rushing to the class if you want to stay awake and respond sensibly when the faculty cold calls to check if you have done your homework. Between the lectures we have 15-minute breaks for brushing up the pre reads, but you spend that time relishing the lunch boxes of your localite friends.

The time after 5:30 is the best and this is when you actually start appreciating the B-school life. You go and attend multiple meetings of the on-campus committees that you are a part of.

It’s 8 pm now and it is four hours to beat the deadline for a case study competition you desperately want to win. So you pick your team mates and start working on it with a new zest! It’s dark, almost 11pm but the campus is still lively, nowhere close to being sleepy.

Jagran Josh: There are various academic and activity clubs at NMIMS. Are you part of any such clubs? Tell us something about NMIMS’s annual fests, cultural fests and various competitions.

Aishwarya Deshmukh: I am a part of two clubs: Student Council and Adverb.

The 'Student Council' is the apex body of college prides itself in organising fests that are entirely run by students and this year we have had four successful events so far.

We had 'Manan' which is an Ice breaker for the first years. We put together various performances like skits, songs and dances. We discovered the hidden talents of our batchmates. We had 'Parichay', intra college fest for Introduction to Cells where in each cell held competitions depicting their unique strength. At Student Council we held 'Matter Mind' consisting of three rounds which required the participants to prove their mettle and overcome all the obstacles we put to them.

Now that we are in a B-school, we must have a business case study competition. We had 'Rest Thy Case' which is our very own case study competition as a part of 'Augustus', the intra college business festival. Then came Arcadia, an Intra Division Sports Festival which the student council organized in collaboration with Sports Committee at NMIMS.

Jagran Josh: Please share a message for future NMIMS aspirants. How they should prepare themselves before joining the institute and what they can expect?

Aishwarya Deshmukh: Life at NMIMS is how you make it to be.  If you are someone who is immersed in books then the library will be your second home. The various committees at the NMIMS will keep you on your toes one way or the other. It's up to you how you want the time to pan out. There will be times when you will only be focusing on studies and then the time where you can go out explore or just enjoy the campus. You will have lot of options and less time to make the most of all of it. Take your pick!

For now, this is it, for more you will need to experience the journey yourself and create lifetime memories.

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