MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper: Language Comprehension

Practice the MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper: Language Comprehension at It covers all the questions with an answer key with explanation as well.

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MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper Language Comprehension
MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper Language Comprehension

It is better to study for an entrance exam in a section-wise manner. In MAT exam the aptitude of student is assessed on the basis of 5 sections such as:

  1. Language Comprehension
  2. Mathematical Skills
  3. Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  4. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  5. Indian and Global Environment

In this article we will be taking an in-depth look at the Language Comprehension Section of MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper.

So, before you peep into the answer key, read the questions carefully and make an attempt to solve the questions paper all by yourself.

MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper: Language Comprehension

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 3) In each question, there are four statements of which one is false. Select the one which is not appropriate as per standard English usage.

1. (1) When something starts getting smaller in size, it is said to be waying.

(2) A yokel is not familiar with the sights and sounds of a big city.

(3) An urbane person is an uncouth person.

(4) Every scientific theory is explained on justified by a principle or principles underlying it.

2. (1) Upmarket products are so positioned that the poor and lower middle classes prefer to buy them.

(2) Those planning to enter brewery business must acquaint themselves with rudinents of zynclogy.

(3) A dileltamte is a person who follows art of science for amusement in a superificial way.

(4) Excessive brutality marks X-rated films.

3. (1) Temperance is practicing moderation in food and drink.

(2) A tospid person is generally hyperactive.

(3) When you are upright, you are extremely nervous, tensed up.

(4) An uprent payment is generally made in the open.

Directions (Q. Nos. 4 to 23) Study the following passages and answer the questions that follow.

Passage I

Deforestation of tropical rainforests has a global impact through species extinction, the loss of important ecosystem services and renewable resources and the reduction of carbon sinks. However, this destruction can be slowed, stopped and in some cases even reversed. Most people agree that the problem must be remedied, but the means are not as simple as fortifying fences around the remaining rainforests or banning the timber trade. Economic, political and social pressures will not allow rainforests to persist if they are completely closed off from use and development. So, what should be done? The solution must be based on what is feasible, not overly idealistic and depends on developing a new conservation policy built on the principle of sustainable use and development of rainforests. Beyond the responsible development of rainforests, efforts to rehabilitate and restore degraded forest lands along with the establishment of protected areas are key to securing rainforests for the long term benefits they can provide mankind. Historic approaches to rainforest conservation have failed as demonstrated by accelerated rate of deforestation. In many regions, closing off forests as untouchable parks and reserves has neither improved the quality of living or economic opportunities for rural poor nor deterred forest clearing by illegal loggers and developers. Corruption has only worsened the situation. The problem with this traditional park approach to preserving wild lands in developing countries is that it fails to generate sufficient economic incentives for respecting and maintaining the forest. Rainforests will only continue to survive as functional ecosystems if they can be shown to provide tangible economic benefits. Local people and the government itself must see financial returns to justify the costs of maintaining parks and forgoing revenue from economic activities within the boundaries of the protected area. Rainforests are being cut mostly for economic reasons, though there are political and social motivations as well. A significant portion of deforestation is caused by poor farmers simply trying to eke out a living on marginal lands. Beyond conversion for subsistence agriculture, logging, clearing for cattle pasture and commercial agriculture are sizeable contributors to deforestation on a global scale. Agricultural fires typically used for land-clearing are increasingly spreading outside cultivated areas and into degraded rainforest regions.

4. Which of the following statements is not correct as per the passage?

(1) Extinction of certain animals is a result of deforestation

(2) Efforts should be made to restore degraded forest lands

(3) Destruction of rainforests has only economic motives

(4) Making parks and reserves untouchable is not a good solution to protect rainforests

5. What is the problem with the traditional park approach?

(1) Lack of funds to beautify the parks

(2) Failure to maintain the parks

(3) Failure to generate revenue

(4) It is too traditional

6. Which of the following contribute(s) to deforestation?

(1) Logging

(2) Commercial agriculture

(3) Clearing for cattle pasture

(4) All of the above

7. What steps need to be taken to secure rainforests?

(1) Build a policy on the principle of sustainable use and development of rainforests

(2) Curb agricultural fires

(3) Local people should contribute monetarily

(4) Both (1) and (3)

Passage II

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a region of the north western Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels have disappeared. Some people have claimed that these disappearances fall beyond the boundaries of human error or acts of nature. Some of these disappearances have been attributed to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics or activity by extraterrestrial beings by popular culture. Though a substantial documentation exists showing numerous incidents to have been inaccurately reported or embellished by later authors and numerous official agencies have gone on record as stating the number and nature of disappearances to be similar to any other area of ocean, many have remained unexplained despite considerable investigation. The boundaries of the Triangle vary with the author, some stating its shape is akin to a trapezoid covering the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean island area east to the Azores; others add to it the Gulf of Mexico. The more familiar, triangular boundary in most written works has as its points somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, with most of the accidents concentrated along the southern boundary around the Bahamas and the Florida Straits. The area is one of the most heavily-sailed shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it daily for ports in the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Cruise ships are also plentiful and pleasure craft regularly go back and forth between Florida and the islands. It is also a heavily flown route for commercial and private aircraft heading towards Florida, the Caribbean and South America from points north. Sudden storms can and do appear and in the summer to late fall hurricanes strike the area. The combination of heavy maritime traffic and tempestuous weather makes it inevitable that vessels could flounder in storms and be lost without a trace - especially before improved telecommunications, radar and satellite technology arrived late in the 20th century.

8.  What is strange about vessels disappearing from the area called Bermuda Triangle?

(1) Only vessels have disappeared and no other transport vehicles

(2) The disappearance is out of the reals of human error and nature’s acts

(3) Only big vessels have disappeared from this area

(4) Any mode of transport passing through this area disappears

9. What is the main purpose of writting the passage?

(1) The author wants to create a fear in the minds of his readers

(2) It’s a story on a fictitious topic

(3) A simple article on Bermudas Triangle

(4) To warn people before going on the route

10. What does the word ‘embellished’ mean?

(1) Changed                      (2) Delayed

(3) Enhanced                     (4) Decorated

11. Most of the disappearances at Bermuda triangle have occurred in which area?

(1) Mid-Atlantic island of Bahamas

(2) Atlantic coast of Florida

(3) San Juan, Puerto Rico

(4) Southern Bahamas and Florida Straits

Passage III

Procrastination, the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute, can be a major problem in both your career and your personal life. Side effects include missed opportunities frenzied work hours, stress, overwhelm, resentment, and guilt. The behaviour pattern of procrastination can be triggered in many different ways, so you won’t always procrastinate for the same reason. Sometimes you’ll procrastinate because you’re overwhelmed with too much on your plate and procrastination gives you an escape. Other times you’ll feel tired and lazy and you just can’t get going. When you feel stressed, worried or anxious, it’s hard to work productively. In certain situations, procrastination works as a coping mechanism to keep your stress levels under control. A wise solution is to reduce the amount of stress in your life when possible, such that you can spend more time working because you want to, not because you have to. One of the simplest ways to reduce stress is to take more time for play. In his book. The Now Habit’, Dr Neil Fiore suggests that making time for guaranteed fun can be an effective way to overcome procrastination. Decide in advance what blocks of time you’ll allocate each week to family time, entertainment, exercise, social activities and personal hobbies. Then, schedule your work hours using whatever time is left. This can reduce the urge to procrastinate because your work will not encroach on your leisure time, so you don’t have to procrastinate on work in order to relax and enjoy life. I caution against overusing this strategy, however, as your work should normally be enjoyable enough that you’re motivated to do it. If you aren’t inspired by your daily work, admit that you made a mistake in choosing the wrong career path; then seek out a new direction that does inspire you.

12. Dr Neil Fiore suggested that one can overcome procrastination by

(1) conducting the personal ambitions to a limit

(2) making time for guaranteed fun

(3) reducing time for creative activities

(4) working and enjoying it

13. What can be the reasons for procrastination?

(1) Laziness

(2) Overwhelmed by something

(3) Tiredness

(4) All of the above

14. Which of the following is not a side effect of procrastination?

(1) Resentment               (2) Guilt

(3) Stress                        (4) Excessive play

15. Which of the following statements is untrue as per the passage?

(1) A good time tabled life can avoid the habit of procrastinating

(2) Procrastination can help reduce stress levels

(3) For a person, procrastination is always for the same reason

(4) If your daily work doesn’t inspire you, you need to check on your career path

Passage IV

Endangered dolphins are a huge concern in our actual society. Why is it a problem? Well, first of all, if such species like the dolphin is endangered, it means that if this situation is not dealt with properly, soon we might see their species disappear from our oceans. What kind of problem could this create for both their environment and their ecosystem? This would create a huge imbalance in the food chain. No dolphins to eat some creatures then there would be too many. Too many of them means less food for each one and since their food might be marine plants, they will not grow fast enough to feed everyone. As a result, both former dolphin’s prey and the plants will gradually disappear as well. Is it really the kind of environment that we want to leave to our children? That is why endangered dolphins must be well protected by environmental laws such as the laws protecting common dolphins. Why are dolphins endangered? There are three main reasons why dolphins are endangered and all of them are related to humans. The first reason is since both tuna and dolphins follow the same routes, dolphins get caught in the fishermen’s nets which are meant to catch tuna. In this case, they get fatally hurt or they drown as a result of it. The second reason is fishing for use in human’s cuisine. Now-a-days, dolphins are protected by laws but nonetheless between 200000 and 500000 dolphins were victimized by fishermen during the 1960-1972 yr. Also, even if some laws protect dolphins, it allows a certain amount of dolphins to be accidentally caught which still has a negative impact on the dolphins’ species.

The last but not least is pollution. Since, humans are polluting rivers, seas and oceans, it affects dolphins. Also, since the dolphin is at the top of the food chain, the chemicals that pollute its habitat create the highest level of concentration of these pollutants in its body. As a result, diseases, difficulty to reproduce or even death take their toll on these species.

16. What is the one common factor that has caused dolphins to be endangered?

(1) Human activities

(2) Lack of understanding

(3) Pollution

(4) Nature’s laws

17. What position do dolphins occupy in a food chain?

(1) Dolphins are at the lower most position

(2) Dolphins are in the middle

(3) Dolphins are at the top

(4) Not stated in the passage

18. Why should we protect Dolphins?

(1) Protecting dolphins would stop pollution

(2) Protecting dolphins will eliminate imbalance in food chain

(3) Protecting dolphins will create a happy world

(4) Protecting dolphins would provide more food to the humans

19. The passage does not subscribe to which one of the following statements?

(1) Dolphins eat lot of food and cause food shortage in the seas and oceans

(2) Dolphins are used in human cuisine

(3) Fishermen cause fatal injuries to dolphins inadvertently

(4) Pollution of rivers, seas and oceans affects the existence of dolphins

Passage V

China is preparing astronauts for long term missions so that they can “carry out manned explorations of deep space in the future”, an official said. A five-year programme to ready Chinese astronauts for long-term missions in space has been approved and will begin later this year. Director of the Astronaut Center of China, Chen Shanguang said. Chen told the China Daily that the programme aims to establish astronauts’ operational and decision-making abilities in space, along with any psychological and physical changes they undergo living in cramped compartments in weightless conditions. The longest period Chinese astronauts remained in space so far was 115.5 h or nearly five days, during the mission of Shenzhou VI in 2005. “China will build a space station in 10 yr and will probably carry out manned explorations of deep space in the future,” Chen was quoted as saying. He said that the challenge is to find out how to enable astronauts to remain healthy and work efficiently over long periods in space and added the findings will play a significant role in preparing the selection criteria to recruit future astronauts. “Space missions are becoming more difficult, making greater demands on astronauts. We want to find scientific answers to questions like what type of people can work as astronauts on long missions and what capabilities they should have”, he said. The research will also be used to decide what a suitable workload is for astronauts on long missions.

20. What are the main concerns of a manned mission to space as quoted by Chen?

(1) How to enable astronauts to remain healthy?

(2) What kind of workload can astronauts bear?

(3) How long can spaceships remain in space?

(4) Both (1) and (2) but not (3)

21. Which of the following statements is not correct as per the passage?

(1) Astronaut Center of China is planning to build a space station for star wars against America and India.

(2) Longest time that the Chinese astronauts have stayed in the space so far was nearly 5 days

(3) Chen Shanguang is the Director of Astronaut Center of China

(4) China is striving to increase the capabilities of their astronauts to be successful on their space missions

22. The passage could be a part of a

(1) newspaper report

(2) historical report

(3) school textbook

(4) research thesis on space

23. According to the passage, why are the space missions becoming more difficult?

(1) The working conditions have deteriorated

(2) The demands on astronauts have increased

(3) There is less time to take decisions

(4) The demands of astronauts have increased

Directions (Q. Nos. 24 to 26) Fill in the blanks.

24. The entry of players such as Hindustan Unilever and

Dabur into Glaxo’s        turf, health drinks, has                  in more competition.

(1) home, ushered      (2) strong, ushered

(3) home, increased    (4) own, reigned

25. The stock of Lakshmi Energy & Foods, which processes non-basmati rice for domestic and export markets and _____ power from rice residue, is nearly 64 per cent in the last one year.

(1) builds, earning       (2) creates, gaining

(3) releases, lost         (4) generates, down

26. The future is un-decidable but,      , it seems to me the         that capital should be used for social justice is not going to go away.

(1) nonetheless, idea  (2) anyhow, idea

(3) nonetheless, plan  (4) anyway, notion

Directions (Q. Nos. 27 to 30) Each of these questions has a text portion followed by four alternative summaries. Choose the option that best captures the essence of the text.

27. Anthropophagy means cannibalism-the practice of human beings eating other human beings. Cannibalism might have been common in the early human evolution than in modern era. Today, it is rumoured to be practised by tribes in different parts of the world as part of their rites. The universal symbol of cannibalism is lolling tongue.

(1) Cannibalism is.rooted in antiquity and is an ultimate taboo in modern world.

(2) Some tribes in the world are rumoured to still practise anthropophagy.

(3) The existence of cannibalism is highly disputable subject.

(4) Outstretched, red lolling tongue represents the symbol of cannibalism universally.

28. Popular thinking, propelled by mass hysteria and surge of emotions, cannot challenge organized, planned rational decision making in a democratic system. Popular opinion can be suggestive or even mobilizing, but cannot become a diktat. Organized democratic systems have a very vital role to play. If such systems were not in place, the people would be relegated into anarchy. Popular opinion can be justified but mobocracy and radical measures cannot be an answer to a few ills of a thriving democracy.

(1) In a democratic set up it can lead to anarchy if every social interest group seeks to encroach on Parliament’s power to frame laws.

(2) Democratic setup might have its limitations but it cannot be replaced by public rhetoric.

(3) Mass hysteria created by some groups to influence government decisions is not healthy for democracy.

(4) There is no substance in the notion that social activists or other professional groups are better placed than democratically elected Parliament.

29. There was a time when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, children invariably rattled predictable list of career options usually fed into their minds by parents. But now when you ask the same question, many children today, cutting across class, gender and region, chime “I want to be famous”, Reality shows and talent hunt programmes on television are changing their perceptions.

(1) Kids and teens are finding it hard to resist the lure of celebrity status.

(2) Exposure to television has changed the mindset of parents and children to look beyond the conventional careers.

(3) Forget being an engineer, doctor or pilot, children in India want stardom as career choice.

(4) Reality television shows have opened the floodgates of opportunities for young children to choose their careers.

30. E-waste refers to electronic and electrical waste and comprises electronic devices and components. It poses some serious health hazards. At direct risk are the recycles who deal with this waste on daily basis. Lead found in monitors damages nervous system while cadmium can induce cancer. Once these hazardous materials percolate the environment, we are looking at disaster.

(1) People handling e-waste are at a risk of radiation.

(2) E-waste is the waste created by electronic products whose life span has ended and whose components pose a threat to our health and environment.

(3) Discarded computers and electronic gadgets, if improperly disposed can percolate lead and other harmful substances in soil and groundwater.

(4) E-waste should be managed carefully.

Directions (Q. Nos. 31 to 33) In each of these questions, choose the option which can be substituted for the given words.

31. The act of giving up something one has or would like to have

(1) Sacrilege              (2) Abnegation

(3) Sacrifice                (4) Acquiesce

32. The art of deceiving or bluffing

(1) Physiology            (2) Psychology

(3) Kidology                (4) Neurology

33. A person who enjoys, and has developed a taste for, good food and wine

(1) Anthologist            (2) Glutton

(3) Insomniac              (4) Gastronomist

Directions (Q. Nos. 34 to 36) A sentence has been broken into four parts. Choose the part that has an error.

34. (1) The sound was taken up by another dog, and then another and another,

(2) till, borne on the wind which now sighed softly through the pass,

(3) a wild howling began, which seemed to come from all over the country,

(4) as far as the imagination could grasp them through the gloom of the night.

35. (1) At last there came a time when the driver went

(2) further afield than he had yet gone,

(3) and during its absence, the horses began to tremble

(4) worse than ever and to snort and scream with fright.

36. (1) The house was silent when we got back,

(2) save for some poor creature who was

(3) screaming away in one of the distant ward,

(4) and a low, moaning sound from Vinod’s room.

Directions (Q. Nos. 37 to 40) Each of these questions has a group of sentences marked A, B, C, D and E. Arrange these to form a logical sequence.

37. A. Many so-called indicators for stocks and indexes take on complex hues, such as taking on moving averages of moving averages and so on.

B. A moving-average-based indicator will always be a little late, and you should naturally be suspicious of any ‘formula’ that can predict the next move, based purely on moving averages of price.

C. The moving average is simply a “smoothing” function — it gets rid of periodic volatility to tell you the recent trend.

D. At best, they can tell you a trend, and if the hypothesis is that the trend will sustain, and that bears out historically in enough instances, you might have a hope with it.

E. But smoothing has its disadvantages; it reacts slowly to sudden changes, so it will only tell you that the trend has changed after the trend has changed, sometimes too late to actually take action.

(1) ABCDE             (2) DBCAE

(3) ACEBD             (4) BECAD

38. A. From Sweden to the UK to Greece to even the US in the early part of the century, housing prices have fallen.

B. But wasn’t that just correlation?

C. Housing bubbles have been known to go bust in the past, and in different countries.

D. “The real estate market has never gone down in any meaningful way” — this statement was often quoted by real estate agents and brokers in the US, and it might have even been statistically valid, with over 50 years of data supporting it.

E. While the argument is moot today (US House Prices are still falling, after more than three years of a downward trend) it remains alive in pockets of the world.

(1) CDABE             (2) CDBAE

(3) DBCAE             (4) BEDAC

39. A. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven.

B. India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes.

C. These are also prepared using different methods of cooking like baking, boiling, frying etc.

D. Vegetables are an integral part of our food and we consume them in a number of ways.

E. Indians like their vegetable curries real hot ‘n’ spicy and so add a number of spices to make them really exotic.

(1) BCADE             (2) AECDB

(3) CEBDA             (4) DABEC

40. A. Over the last few decades green tea has undergone many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long health benefits.

B. In China there is a proverb - “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea of one” —and they were using the tea as a cure for headache, depression and many other ailments.

C. But it’s true that Chinese people were well aware about green tea from ancient time.

D. We came to know about this green tea very late.

E. If I had said that tea is a healthy drink some years before the introduction of green tea, I might have been ridiculed.

(1) EDCBA                (2) CDBAE

(3) EBDAC                (4) DECAB

Answer Key

Q 1


Q 11


Q 21


Q 31


Q 2


Q 12


Q 22


Q 32


Q 3


Q 13


Q 23


Q 33


Q 4


Q 14


Q 24


Q 34


Q 5


Q 15


Q 25


Q 35


Q 6


Q 16


Q 26


Q 36


Q 7


Q 17


Q 27


Q 37


Q 8


Q 18


Q 28


Q 38


Q 9


Q 19


Q 29


Q 39


Q 10


Q 20


Q 30


Q 40



1. (3) An ‘urbane’ person has polished and sophisticated mannerism towards the social life.

2. (1) As per this paragraph, the Upmarket products are meant for high class people.

3. (2) A torpid person means a person who is not active.

4. (3) Refer to Line no. 19 of the passage

5. (3) Refer to Line no. 15 of the passage.

6. (4) Clearly, stated in the second last sentence of the passage.

7. (4) Both (1) and (3) are suggested in the passage.

8. (4) Can be inferred from the first sentence of the passage.

9. (3) Obvious answer from among the given options.

10. (4) ‘Embellish’ means to add details to make a story or something else more interesting.

11. (4) Refer to the comprehension for retrieving the apt answer.

12. (2) Refer to the comprehension for retrieving the apt answer.

13. (4) It is evident in the first half of the comprehension passage.

14. (4) Answer lies in the 2nd sentence of the passage.

15. (3) Refer to the 3rd sentence of the passage to locate the answer.

16. (1) One word answer is evident in the passage.

17. (3) 2nd last sentence of the passage to be reffered.

18. (2) Refer to 4th line of the comprehension passage.

19. (1) Clearly mentioned in the passage.

20. (4) Evident from the passage itself.

21. (1) 1st statement is not mentioned in the passage, hence option 1 is correct.

22. (1) Is clearly understood from the passage.

23. (2) Can be understood from the 3rd last sentence of the passage.

24. (1) Appropriate for the sentence selection

25. (4) Appropriate for the sentence selection

26. (4) Appropriate for the sentence selection

27. (2) Option 2 best summarizes the paragraph

28. (2) Option 2 best summarizes the paragraph

29. (1) Option 1 best summarizes the paragraph

30. (2) Option 2 best summarizes the paragraph

31. (3) Option 3 is the best substitute

32. (3) Option 3 is the best substitute

33. (2) Option 2 is the best substitute

34. (2) You should use ‘by’ in place of ‘on’.

35. (3) You should use ‘his’ in place of’its’.

36. (2) You should mention ‘but for’.

37. (3) The most appropriate logical sequence is Option 3

38. (1) The most appropriate logical sequence is Option 1

39. (2) The most appropriate logical sequence is Option 2

40. (1) The most appropriate logical sequence is Option 1

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