Mizoram TET exam 2018-19: Preparation tips and strategy

The MZ TET exam 2019 is scheduled to be conducted on 22ndJanuary 2019 and you have few days remaining to appear in the exam. Let us learn about the preparation tips & strategy for MZ TET exam 2019. We hope that by following these tips, you can surely crack the upcoming MZ TET exam 2019.

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Mizoram TET preparation tips
Mizoram TET preparation tips

There are thousands of candidates, who appear in the Mizoram TET exam every year but only a few of them get success in this exam. The reason behind this is their preparation methods and strategy to implement the study plan. This question generally arises in the candidate’s mind, “What are the preparation methods and strategy to qualify in the Mizoram TET exam?” To answer this question, we have prepared some useful and accurate tips & strategies for the Mizoram TET exam 2019.

The Mizoram TET exam 2019 is scheduled to be conducted on 22ndJanuary 2019 and you have few days remaining to appear in the exam. Therefore, this is the right time to start preparing rigorously and cover each topic of the Mizoram TET exam syllabus. Now, before heading to the preparation tips & strategy, you must know the complete detail of the Mizoram TET exam pattern and syllabus. You can find this information by simply clicking on the link given below-

Mizoram TET exam 2018: Exam pattern and syllabus

Let us learn about the preparation tips & strategy for Mizoram TET exam 2019. We hope that by following these tips, you can surely crack the upcoming Mizoram TET exam 2019.

Detailed Knowledge of Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Accurate knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus is the key to crack any competitive exam. Without having a thorough knowledge of these particulars, you can never qualify any exam. Candidates, who take this step casually, find themselves wondering in the examination hall. Analysis of exam pattern and syllabus keeps you aware of the redundant topics. Now, a question may arise in your mind, “What are the aspects that should be analyzed in the exam pattern and syllabus?” The answer to this question is as follows-

While going through the exam pattern, you should analyze the subjects, time duration, and the marking scheme. It will help you in managing the time during the exam and in prioritizing the subjects. During the syllabus analysis, you must figure out your strong topics and weak topics. On the basis of this analysis, you should set the topic’s priorities in the study plan. Hence, a thorough understanding of exam pattern & syllabus will surely assist you in preparing this exam in less time and in a systematic way.


Preparing timetable can be the next step in the Mizoram TET exam’s preparation. We strongly recommend that you should prepare an efficient timetable for implementing the designed study plan. A timetable is a very strong component of Time management. Time management plays a very crucial role in getting things done.  Every person has 24 hours in a day and only a few persons achieve their goals in their life. Have you ever thought- why only a handful of people are so successful in their life?  The answer to this question is- Time Management.

While designing the timetable, you should keep few things in your mind-

  • A timetable should contain the schedule of topics on the hourly basis.
  • The name of un-visited topics and time allocation to these topics must be done in a tabular form.
  • No topic should remain left from revision.
  • A timetable must be formulated in such a way that it should conflict with other daily activities.
  • Study resources like books, notes, guides, online references, and other required things should be mentioned under each topic’s name in the timetable so that your valuable time can be utilized efficiently. This step is very necessary to avoid time wastage.

Only Read Relevant & Standard Books  

Books play an important role in the preparation of any competitive exam. Books are the primary resource for getting all the relevant information in one place. A book must have the complete coverage of the Mizoram TET exam syllabus because it is not possible to prepare any topic from here and there. Keeping this parameter in mind, you should choose any book. We advise you to only refer the standard books, which are specially designed for Mizoram TET exam. As you know that Mizoram TET exam is quite similar to the CTET exam, therefore you can refer any book on CTET exam.

Study Notes

Preparing study notes is among the best approach to prepare for an exam because it is not possible to study from books every time to clarify the doubts. Study notes must be precise and summarized in a systematic way. Copying content directly from the books in the study notes is not recommended at all. Study notes must be prepared in your own language so that you can revise them quickly whenever these are needed. Study notes will help you till the last moment of the exam. Hence, pay attention while preparing the notes.

Best books for Mizoram TET 2019 exam

Previous year’s question papers

Most of the candidates underestimate the importance of previous year papers and usually skip them. Previous year papers are the great source of knowing the overall difficulty level of the exam, question’s breakup, and the type of asked questions. Besides this, in most of the teaching exams, a similar type of questions is generally asked. Hence, we advise you to practice at least last 5 year’s Mizoram TET question papers. With this strategy, you can earn some extra marks with less-efforts in the Mizoram TET exam.

Online Test Series or Mock Tests

After covering the whole syllabus, you should practice online test series and mock tests as much as possible. Practicing mock tests will increase your problem-solving speed and strengthen your grip on concepts. You can get good mock tests on several websites at a reasonable price or at free of cost as well.

Mizoram TET exam 2019: Salary and Promotions


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