Mother Tongue Finds A Place In CBSE Admission Forms

Specification of a child's mother tongue in the CBSE admission forms has been made mandatory.

Feb 14, 2015 15:23 IST
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Nagpur: For the admission in the CBSE schools, specification of a child's mother tongue has been made mandatory. As per the instructions sent by Board's joint secretary SP Rana, the admission form must include the child’s mother tongue apart from the first and second preferred languages.

Citing a report tabled in the Parliament by the Commissioner of Linguistics, SP Rana has issued an order to all CBSE schools to compulsorily include a column in their admission forms.

Rana also added in his letter that with respect to the Article 350 A of the Constitution, every child should be able to access education in his mother tongue at the primary stage

Students belonging to linguistic minority groups have a right under the Constitution to study their mother tongue in school as well.  The second language, also known as optional language, aims at helping students to be in touch with their linguistic roots.

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