Must read books for aspiring young entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur? If yes, then check out these five must read books for young entrepreneurs.

Jan 23, 2018 17:51 IST
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Must read books for aspiring young entrepreneurs
Must read books for aspiring young entrepreneurs

The startup culture has seen a great boom in the country over last few years. Many college students have given birth to successful startups across the country. The result being every other college student today wants to become an entrepreneur. More and more students are looking forward carve out their own path to success. A feat which may not be easy to achieve but many have tread in similar waters before and emerged out successful. You can follow their footsteps and learn from their mistakes and experiences. All of which they have recorded in books for the next generation of entrepreneurs to read. You will not only learn the nuances of how to carry out your own business but also how to sail your boat into uncharted waters, a situation that you'd often find yourself in along the way. Hence, here are some books that are of great help for young entrepreneurs and are a must read for them. 

'The 4 – hour workweek' by Timothy Ferriss

It's a common perception that with the dream of becoming a young entrepreneur comes endless hours of work and sleepless nights in the office. Ferriss aims at breaking these old assumptions in his book. He talks about how the young entrepreneurs can optimize their time and lead a successful business by investing only 4 hours a week. He encourages youngsters to follow their passion instead of just focusing on their startups and forgetting that they also have a life outside of the office. But, the book is no magical potion that you just gulp it down and voila, you are all geared up for action. It only equips you with useful tips tools and to put them to the right use is in your hands. 

'All in' by Bill Green

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. There are many who have inspired the world with their story of rags to riches. Many successful entrepreneurs that we look up to today, once started as clerks or door to door salesman. Bill Green himself is no exception. And in this book, he details the true value of committing your 100% to your venture. He talks about the level of dedication and persistence it takes to achieve success. He also shares and talks about his own experience and learning that he gained over the years.

'The $100 Startup' by Chris Guillebeau

One of the major factors that worries any young entrepreneur is the lack of funds that they need to kick-start their venture. Most youngsters scrape their ideas and dreams and opt for a high paying job. Believing that once they earn enough they would quit and follow their dreams. But the uncertainty of coming back is quite high, most never do. The end result being, those entrepreneurial dreams end up in your attic forgotten and covered in a pile of dust. But, in this book Chris tells you how to get your dream venture up and running without a treasure trove of investors money. The book is a compilation of 50 success stories all of which started with just a few bucks and loads of passion.

'Grit' by Angela Duckworth

Are all talented people successful? No, there are many examples all around us to prove the fact. But what is it then, that separates the talented from the successful? As per Angela Duckworth that quality is 'Grit.' Grit is what separates the successful from the talented. Being talented is of no use unless you have the passion and persistence to not give up when faced with hurdles. There are many challenges that come with your decision to become an entrepreneur and unless you have a gritty personality, you'd find it very difficult to cope up with these challenges.

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'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie

The thought of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own venture means that you'd have to meet up with many new people. You'd have to interact with investors and convince them of your ideas. But most young entrepreneurs today are college students and recent graduates with little or no knowledge of interacting with the business heads or big investors. This is where the Dale's Carnegie book comes in quite handy. In this book, he talks about how to make friends with different kinds of people that you come across? How to interact in a professional setting versus as casual one? The tips and tricks laid down by Dale will help you in every aspect of your life.

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To Conclude,

Each and every one of the books mentioned above caters to some aspect of being an entrepreneur. Be it about how to handle your business or how to win over investors with your pitch. If you are looking to become an entrepreneur take some time out to pick up and read one of these books. Also, don't forget to share the article with your friend circles. Like this article? Please share it with your friend circles. For more such articles please visit, Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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