11 Portable Products That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Don't you love having such portable products around which you can take with you anywhere? From gadget to a juicer, all your needs can be fulfilled with these easy to carry items. We are presenting you with such 11 portable products which you will love. Read the details further and pick the one you like.

Created On: Nov 6, 2019 10:02 IST
Portable Items
Portable Items

Times have changed. In this modern age and technology, there are such easy and portable products which can be with you at any time and place. They make your day to day work easier and are available at reasonable prices.

If you are traveling or staying at home, the changing time is minimizing the manual work. You can take absolute pleasure of these life hacks. From reading comfortably at night at any place to having a glass of smoothie during a trek, you can enjoy these little blessings.

So, we are giving you these weird but super relatable products which you will love. Check their details and prices and feel ecstatic in this era of evolving technology.    

1. If you love giving class presentations then this multipurpose pen is the best option for you

Price- Rs. 245

This multipurpose pen works as a flashlight/laser pointer/ball pen. If your course requires giving presentations on a regular basis, then you should buy this pen immediately. With this pen, you won’t have to carry various forms of accessories at the time of the presentation. The major attraction is the laser pointer of red color which gives clear radiation, especially in a dark room. You can indicate your points through this pen while giving the presentation.


  • The multipurpose pen works as a flashlight, laser pointer and can also be a ball pen
  • This one pen will be enough and you will not have to carry different accessories at the time of the presentation
  • It also makes an ideal gift to your teacher, colleague or a friend
  • The pen works on the 3 round button cells
  • It can also be expanded as the presentation stick

Laser Pointer- It gives a red color radiation in the straight line for the clear visibility with the wavelength of 650 nm

Flash Light- It is of bright white color which works perfectly in the dark

Stick- The presentation stick can be expanded up to 45 CM length

Benefits- The multipurpose pen will be perfect for the presentation. From the expandable stick to the ball pen, it is a complete all in one package

Point To Note- You might find the use of a pen only on some specific days. Also, this piece must be handled with care


2. Be Cool in summer with this portable rechargeable hand fan

Price- Rs. 499

There is no harm in being prepared for the summer prior. This cute rechargeable hand fan will be your favorite thing when it will get hot. You can easily carry this fan on your outings in summer. Enjoy the coll breeze and have a pleasant evening outside. You can have the pleasure of this fan at a very reasonable price. Adjust the speed of the fan as per your convenience. Keep it on high or low, suiting you the best.


  • The portable hand fan is convenient for the use at any place and anytime
  • You can adjust the speed of the fan as your own convenience
  • The noiseless fan will be your favorite thing in the summers
  • It can be easily adjustable in your bag or in your luggage
  • The fan is pressure-resistant and has a solid structure

Design- The fan is in cute bear style design giving it an attractive look

Battery- The USB powered fan comes with a rechargeable battery and it can be charged by laptop, power bank, USB charger

Benefits- The fan is amazingly useful in the summer days and the best part is you can carry it conveniently at any place

Point To Note- Being a small piece, the fan must be handled carefully. Keep charging it on a regular basis depending on the usage.

3. Your Pizza will be no more a mess with this pizza scissor knife

Price- Rs. 409

This item will become your absolute favorite. There is no supreme love than the love for pizza but if you are tired of having it in bits and pieces, then this scissor will be a perfect choice. Made of stainless steel and plastic, it is food favorable and will give you the perfect cut slices. You can carry this item at your friend’s place or to your office or college where there are chances of availability of pizza. You just need to slide the plastic under the slice and you will be able to cut it smoothly.


  • The cutter scissor is a portable item which you can carry at any place
  • Buy this scissor for the smooth slice cut
  • The items have the stainless steel blade and plastic handle for the comfort
  • The shovel can also be easily removed and assembled
  • The scissor cutter can also be easily cleaned

 Material- The body of a scissor cutter is made of stainless steel and plastic

Use- You need to slide the spatula under the pizza and cut the slice away

Color- Multicolor

Size- 27.5x 7.8 cm

Benefits- Enjoy a proper sliced pizza with this cutter and stop eating it in bits and pieces

Point To Note- Make sure that the scissor cutter is cleaned properly once the package is delivered.


4. Have juice at any place and anytime with an electric fruit juicer

Price- Rs. 618

This electric juicer will give you the fun of drinking juice or smoothie at any place that you want. The juicer is rechargeable with its two charging ports. Drink freshly squeezed juice on your outings or while visiting a friend’s place. The blender can make smoothie other vegetable or fruit juices. You can charge it easily with the power bank, laptop or other USB devices. Play your favorite game and enjoy the fresh juice after it with this portable juicer.


  • The juicer is portable. Keep it in your bag as per your convenience
  • It can be easily charged by laptop, USB devices, and power bank
  • There are two ports for charging available in the juicer
  • Make protein shake, smoothie and various kind of juice with this juicer

Color- The portable blender is available in the green color

Battery- Charge it quickly and easily with the laptop, power bank or USB Ports


  • Blade material is 304 stainless steel
  • Carry hand material is Silicone

Capacity- Can give you a drink of 350 ml

Benefits- Enjoy your traveling or morning exercise with this juicer. Have the fun of getting a glass of smoothie anytime you want

Point To Note- Make sure to clean the juicer and charge it frequently

5. Make a storage place with these special bed risers

Price- Rs. 2880

If you are one of those who love collecting items and always run out of place then these bed risers will work the best for you. Available in the set of 4, they are one of the most convenient items that you can own. It can increase the height of the bed by 5.35 inches, giving you enough place for the storage. They give stability to the bed and there will no issue of it being imbalanced.


  • It increases the bed storage by 5.35 inches, giving enough space for the items
  • Place them simply under the bedposts
  • Being smaller in size, they can be placed easily in your cupboard when not in use
  • They will also work if you are facing a lower bed frame issue

Material- Bed risers are made of a durable molded plastic

Color- They are available in black color

Dimensions- 6.375x6.375x6 inches

Benefits- If you have plenty of items for the storage but not enough space, then these bed risers will be of great use. Place it below and increase the height for placing the items

Point To Note- Make sure that the bed risers are adjusted well and the bed is not imbalanced in any way.


6. Enjoy your traveling with Neck support pillow, eye mask, and earplugs

Price- Rs. 999

If you travel frequently or know someone who does, then these travel accessories will be the best gift. Enjoy a comfortable sleep with the neck support pillow, eye mask, and noise-canceling earbuds. Travel can be exhausting to some and it becomes a dream to get a peaceful sleep. But these accessories will give you all the comfort at reasonable prices. The soft material makes it convenient to use. You can carry them frequently if your schedule includes traveling frequently.


  • The pillow is made of memory foam which makes it comfortable to sleep and rest
  • The 3 in 1 combo has the pillow, eye cover and noise-canceling earbuds
  • The piece is perfectly portable and you can carry it easily in your bag
  • The pillow is specially designed in a way that your neck won’t feel any form of discomfort
  • They can also be easily maintained and must be washed frequently

Material- The 100% foam material makes it a perfect travel companion and gives you non-disturbing smooth sleep

Design- The neck pillow is designed in an ergonomic way so that your neck has the comfort and doesn’t feel like it is lacking support while sleeping

Color- The combo is available in blue color

Benefits- You traveling will be much easier and comfortable with this combo of 3. They will thank full items especially if you are on a long journey

Point To Note- Make sure that it is washed with the utmost care. It is advised to read the instructions on the package before cleaning it.

7. Experience the joy of reading with Kindle at any place and any time

Price- Rs. 7999

There is no doubt that the love of reading books can never be replaced. But if you are one of those who love carrying their books wherever they go, then Kindle is the perfect choice for you. With changing times, Kindle has bought this whole new collection of reading. Download your favorite books so that you can read anytime and anywhere. With the inbuilt light, you can easily carry it while trekking and camping and enjoy reading even at the places with no electricity.


  • Kindle is the ultimate choice if reading is one of your favorite things
  • You can enjoy reading from it in indoor as well as the outdoor settings
  • The inbuilt light feature gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy reading even in the dark
  • The battery lasts for weeks
  • You can translate words, highlight them and adjust the text size as per your choice
  • You can get around 7 million books including the bestsellers and new releases

Screen Size- Kindle gives the display of 6”glare-free

Front Light- 4 LEDs

Storage- 4 GB

Resolution- 167 PPI

Battery- Can go for weeks if fully charged

Color- Enjoy this classic piece in black color

Benefits- Have the pleasure of reading at anyplace and time with Kindle. Read as many books as you want available online.

Point To Note- Apart from not giving the pleasure of actual book reading, Kindle must be maintained well. Also, take care of charging depending on its usage.

8. Have longer conversations without worrying about battery with this power bank

Price- Rs. 799

The phone is essential in today’s age. From having your contacts to important notes and calendar, it actually holds our life together. Can you imagine even a second without it? It becomes more essential when it comes to traveling. From GPS to your itinerary, everything is there. For not taking the risking of running out of battery, buying this portable power bank will be your wisest choice. It acquires the minimum of space in your bag. Just keep it fully charge and you can easily charge your phone by plugging it in.


  • This model of power bank has an elegant metal housing and is ultra-slim
  • It comes with the high-efficiency battery
  • The power bank has the multi-operational button
  • It is easily portable and can be taken to any place
  • The item comes with intelligent safety multi-protection
  • Powerbank is lightweight which makes it handy

USB Output- Two USB- A Ports

USB Input- Micro USB and Type C Ports

Battery- Charge battery for 6-7 hours

Style and design- The model has a slim and handy design which makes it an attractive piece

Weight- Powerbank weighs 270 gms 

Benefits- There are unlimited advantages of the power bank. Charge your phone anywhere without worrying about the electricity or the powerPoint

Point To Note- Make sure that the power bank is fully charged.

9. Never pay extra on airports with this silver luggage scale

Price- Rs. 699

If you are tired of paying extra on airports and wish to have a device that will tell you the exact weight of your luggage, then we are here with the best option for you. Belita silver luggage scale comes with the strong adjustable metal hooks which give you the exact measurement of your luggage. You can easily add or reduce your items as per the shown weight. It also comes with a backlight for night use.


  • The luggage scale will give you the exact measurement of your items
  • It does not have any laptop compatibility
  • The outer material of the luggage scale is ABS
  • It comes with strong metal hooks for your heavy items
  • The strap is adjustable as per your convenience and comfort
  • It comes with backlight for night vision

 Material- The outer material of the luggage scale is ABS

Color- The luggage scale is of silver color

Dimensions- It is 15x4x10.3 cm

Weight- The luggage scale weighs 145 gms

Benefits- This portable device can be carried anywhere. You can measure your luggage through this scale before leaving for the airport

Point To Note- The luggage scale must be handled very delicately. The luggage weight as shown by the scale might vary

10. Dance on the latest tunes with this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Price- Rs. 1,199

This pocket-friendly BlueTooth speaker will be one of your best purchases. Enjoy this speaker at any place and time at a reasonable price. If you are planning a travel or a part of your home, the availability of the speaker is a must. Enjoy camping along with watching your favorite movie with this speaker. Being waterproof, the speaker is set for every form of adventure that you will embark upon. Charge it and feel its beat at the best.


  • The speaker with its portable quality is the perfect fit for your pocket
  • Enjoy the clear and loud sound of the speaker and your parties will never be the same
  • You can take long calls with clear reception on this speaker
  • The wireless speaker comes with a solid bass for the high volume
  • The battery of the speaker goes for around 6 hours
  • The speaker comes with a waterproof quality making it more exciting

Speaker Dimension- 9.5x9.5.3.5 cm

Color- The item is available in a black color

Weight- The speaker weighs 322 g

Battery- Charge the battery for 3.5 to 4 hours and enjoy non stop 6 hours music

Benefits- Carry this portable speaker with you anywhere. Enjoy your traveling while listening to your favorite music tracks. It can fit right into your pocket and carry it with you

Point To Note- Make sure to charge the speaker as per its use. Also, handle the speaker with care.

11. Keep your data safe in this Toshiba External hard drive

Price- Rs. 5299

There is no other way of keeping your data safe than storing it in an external drive. Toshiba’s hard drive gives you storage of 2Tb which includes videos, songs, movies, and all the other important data. The back up provided by the hard drive assures that all your growing content is safe with enough of the storage. Enjoy buying this external hard drive at a reasonable price and start storing your data in a safe place.


  • The hard drive gives you a storage capacity of 2 TB
  • The slim design makes it a portable item which can be carried at any place
  • The password lock features help in blocking the unauthorized access to your hard drive
  • You can schedule your content backup to run automatically as per your choice

Color- The hard drive is available in blue color

Instruction- With USB 3.0, you can transfer and back up your files at a go

Benefits- The hard drive gives you a perfect back up to keep your content safe along with enough storage capacity

Point To Note- Make sure that the drive is virus free to protect the data. Also, attach the drive only to the safety devices.

These 11 Portable items will make your life much easier. They are easy to carry and you can place them in your bags. Check these items and don’t forget to take them with you.

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