9 Things You Must Have If Shifting to Hostel

Hostel life is no doubt fun. With all the new experience and adventure waiting for you, adjustment is on many levels. There are few things which you must have if you are shifting to the hostel. From the laundry basket to the bed table, these essentials will give you all the comfort and make sure that you don't miss home.

Things to take to Hostel
Things to take to Hostel

The idea of being away from home and living in a hostel is both scary and exciting. Being a hostel student means that you miss home food but have the pleasure of ordering pizza anytime you want, it is a blend of many things. It is natural to be nervous but the experience is no doubt worth.

Among many things, living alone and far from home means that you are in charge of every single thing in your life. Doing laundry to keeping your wardrobe organized, taking charge means to make sure that you have all the essentials for your day to day use.

So buckle up and enjoy this air of independence. Make sure to keep these 9 items while shifting to the hostel to get the feeling of being home.

1. The Bookworm in you should not forget this Easy Clip LED Lamp

Price- Rs. 225

Reading in bed is one of the best habits that you must continue even in a hostel. Now it may get a bit difficult since you will be sharing room but this easy clip LED light will solve all your problems. Apart from reading, the clip-on can be put on a cupboard, shelves or laptops. You can carry it with you while traveling and if staying at a friend’s place.


  • The LED light is adjustable with 360 degrees
  • Use it to read a book or place it on a table to enjoy the subtle light
  • The padded clip on the lamp can be clipped firmly on cupboards, books or bed table without causing any scratches
  • The clip-on lamp is easily portable and lightweight
  • The lamp is powered by the batteries

Material- The clip-on lamp is made of PVC and alloys

Color- Enjoy this lamp in stylish black color

Battery- The lamp is powered by 3xAAA battery (it is not included with the product)

Benefits- The best part about this lamp is its weight and the quality of being portable. You can carry it enjoy it while traveling or camping

Point To Note- Handle the lamp delicately. Keep it safe in its box. The wires might get loose with the rough use.

2. Make studying comfortable with this bed table with non-slip legs

Price- Rs. 879

One of the problems that you face while being in a hostel room is its size. The standard room might or might not provide you with a study table. In that case, make sure to carry this bed table with you. The table does not require much place it can be folded and can be comfortably kept in your wardrobe. The size of the table gives you enough space to study or place your laptop on it. The non-slippery legs can easily place and you enjoy it while being in the comfort of your bed.



  • The table serves as a multi-purpose desk. From working on your laptop to studying on it, you can also use it as your dinner table
  • The table is easily portable. It can be folded and can be kept in your room corner
  • The table is durable and practical in its purpose. The wood top board makes it durable
  • Place this table comfortably in your bed, garden, lawn or sofa. Enjoy it indoor as well as outdoor
  • The piece is resistant to compression
  • The ergonomic and rounded legs make it non-slippery on any surface

Material- Enjoy this table with wooden board and metal stand

Color- The available color in this table is black

Dimensions- The table is 60x40x6 cm

Table Weight- It weighs 2.4 kg

Benefits- The table is absolute comfort and can be placed anywhere. Enjoy working on your laptop to having dinner on this table

Point To Note- The table must be cleaned n a regular basis to avoid the permanent spots. Also, avoid spilling drinks or water for the long durability of the wooden board.

3. Don’t forget this kit consisting of 23 pieces of stationery items

Price- Rs. 380

We tend to forget little things while moving away from home. Often thinking that they can be found anywhere. Stationery items are one of those things. From scissors to tapes to staplers, they are essentials when it comes to classes. This set consists of 23 pieces of all the necessary stationery items which you will need. Buy a cute kit or a table stand for these stationery items and avoid running to nearby shops every day.


  • These stationery pieces are for your day to day use
  • The beautiful set includes from tapes to markers to stapler
  • These items can be easily placed in a kit or in a box
  • Brown/transparent tape is 2 inches 55 meter
  • One of the tapes is a 1-inch transparent tape
  • Double-sided tape and 75 pieces rubble bands are also available

Items- The available package contains 23 items

Benefits- These stationery items will come handy while in your classes and for your day to day use as well.

4. You will thank your mom for this clean yellow single bedsheet with a pillowcase

Price- Rs. 239

Don’t rely on the provided bedsheet which must have been used multiple times. This bedsheet in yellow color will set your room ambiance right and will give you a warm home feeling. Write this as the first thing that you must bring with you to the hostel. If you do your laundry yourself then this bedsheet will be your perfect choice. It can be easily washed and the light color of it will give you a warm feeling.


  • This piece of bedsheet comes in a yellow color along with one pillowcase
  • The material of the bedsheet is not slippery making your bed neat and organized
  • This piece can be easily washed
  • The material of the bedsheet is comfortable due to the cotton fabric
  • The bright yellow bed sheet will give an ambiance and comfort of staying at home

 Material- The primary material of the bedsheet is microfibre

Color- Its bright yellow color will make you like it immediately

Type- Single bedsheet

Shape- The shape of the bedsheet is rectangular

Dimension- The bed sheet is of 20x10x5 cm

Benefits- The bed sheet will provide comfort due to its microfibre material and will remain intact once set

Point To Note- Strong bleach, detergent or chemical must not be used while washing this bedsheet. Make sure to use it in your normal regular detergent.

5. Stay healthy in the changing place and environment with this medical box/kit

Price- Rs. 220

The available medical kit or box will be one of the most practical items that you will carry to your hostel. The medical box has the compartments for your medicines as well as syrup. Medicines are not included in the box but it must be on your list. You can place it easily on your table or in your wardrobe and the box will give you easy storage. The convenient piece will be best to carry on your trips.


  • The plastic Milton medical will store all your necessary medicines
  • The segregation in the box will give you space for placing all your medicines and syrup, as per their use and type
  • The compact shape of the medical box will give you easy storage
  • Availability of lid will make carrying it easier
  • Medical box has a see-through lid which makes it easier to figure out the contents inside
  • Your medicines will be easily accessible

Material- Milton’s medical box is of plastic material

Color- The combination of white and red

Dimensions- The box has the dimensions of 23.5x15.3x14 cm

Weight- The box weighs 422 g

Benefits- Apart from giving you a particular place to keep all your medicines, the box offers you compartments to place the medicines as per their use and their type

Point To Note- Keep the medical box clean and clean it regularly on a daily basis. The medicine odor is the last thing that you want in that box.

6. Enjoy your college adventures and share stories in the light of this Emergency light lantern

Price- Rs. 299

The one thing that you certainly enjoy in your hostel is the adventures and the stories with your friends. This emergency light lantern will give you all the right feels. It will also come in handy in case of an electrical emergency but this item is not something which must not be on your list. College time is to travel and explore new places. Bring this torch with you and make it a part of every new experience.


  • The lamp lantern can be carried comfortably on your trips and can be placed flat on any platform
  • The lamp gives the back up of 3-4 hours if fully charged
  • Perfect to use in both the indoor and outdoor settings
  • Easily portable for your traveling adventures and outings
  • The lamp is available with the 3 different power sources for recharge
  • The item can also be used as a USB mobile charger

Battery- The lamp must be charged for 2-3 hours. Once fully charged, the lamp will give the back up of 3-4 hours

Benefits- The lamp is the perfect item for the emergency situation. Also, if you are planning camping with your friends, then this lamp must be the first thing with you

Point To Note- Make sure to charge the battery on a regular basis. The service of 3-4 hours is only if the lamp is fully charged.

7. Iron by Bajaj Majesty will help you to get a presentable look

Price- Rs. 549

Being in college means being presentable. One of the things that you must have while leaving your home is iron. The luxury of getting your clothes all neat and ironed will be a past story in the hostel. Bajaj Majesty is offering this iron in white color with 1.8 m cord length. Maintain your wardrobe with clean and ironed clothes with this Bajaj Majesty iron.


  • The white color Bajaj Majesty iron has the coating of American Heritage
  • The iron is light in weight and easily portable around
  • Bajaj Majesty is offering this iron with safety plus thermal fuse
  • The iron will give efficiency and durability with non- stick coated sole plate providing durability and efficiency
  • Bajaj Majesty will give you the effortless ironing experience

Color- White

Power- The iron has the power of 1000 watts

Cord- Bajaj Majesty offers this iron with 360-degree swivel cord and the length measurement is 2.5 meters

Dimensions- 27x11x13 cm

Product weight- 649 gm

Benefits- It is one of the basic requirements. The iron will keep your clothes crease-free to give you a presentable look

Point To Note- Like all the other irons, make sure to handle it carefully. The chord in peculiar must be well arranged.

8. Empty that chair with a pile of dirty clothes and chose this laundry basket for your hostel room

Price- Rs. 256

We all know that one chair or area of the room which has the pile of all the dirty clothes. Every hostel room has that. Hostellers are known for their art of procrastinating especially when it comes to doing laundry. Hence, the need for keeping laundry basket tops the list. Make sure to carry this beautiful waterproof laundry basket. You can pile up your dirty clothes and fold it up easily and neatly once it is empty.


  • The laundry basket comes with a hook and loop tape lid
  • It is waterproof and dustproof
  • Apart from keeping the dirty clothes, you can also keep other items to make your room look clean
  • The laundry basket can be easily folded or places in the corner. The floral print will make it a pretty piece in the corner
  • It is a round shape laundry basket

Material- The primary material of laundry basket is non-woven

Color- Multicolor

Dimensions- The basket is the size of 35x102x38 cm

Weight- The basket weighs 499 gms

Shape- The basket is in the round shape

The capacity of laundry bag- 35x28x102 cm

Benefits- The basket will keep your room clean and organized without leaving the pile of dirty clothes around

Point To Note- Be careful while cleaning it. Make sure to wipe it with a medium wet cloth. Should not bleach or wash it with detergent.

9. Keep snacks in this Tupperware Plastic bowl for that midnight hunger

Price- Rs. 298

Shifting away from home means that you are in charge of arranging the snacks to silent that sudden hunger. The set of Tupperware plastic boxes will give enough space to keep a variety of items. The airtight box will keep the items fresh. You will also be able to carry them as lunch boxes to your college. Buy these plastic bowls at these unbelievable prices and enjoy them for a long period of time.


  • The Tupperware set of the plastic bowl is waterproof and airtight
  • You can microwave your food items in this bowl as well as put them in the dishwasher
  • The boxes are ergonomic and handy.
  • You can carry the lightweight boxes easily without any difficulty
  • The Tupperware box will keep the food fresh

Material- The Tupperware is of plastic material

Color- The pretty box is multi-color

Items- The package contains the set of 2 containers

Benefits- You can keep your favorite snacks in the box and enjoy them in these airtight and leak-proof containers anytime

Point To Note- Make sure that the containers are cleaned on a regular interval. While closing them, check if the lid is tightly placed.

Planning to shift to the hostel soon? Then you must check these 9 essential items. Check the details and prices and make sure to add these things to your list.

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