RBI Grade ‘B’ Exam Phase I 2017: Financial Awareness Quiz -2

Here we are providing General awareness quiz for RBI Grade B exam phase I 2017 .The quiz consists question based on current events with special reference to banking industry.

Created On: Jun 9, 2017 18:59 IST

1. Which of the following financial institution is based in the Basel city of Switzerland?

a)      World Bank

b)      Asian Development Bank

c)       IMF

d)      BIS

e)      None of these

Ans: option (d)

2. CDR is the ratio of how much a bank lends out of the deposits it has  mobilised. What is the full form of the term CDR.

a)      Cash Deposit Ratio

b)      Current Deposit Ratio

c)       Cash Debt Ratio

d)      Current Debt Ratio

e)      None of these

 Ans: option (a)

3. The credit control is one of the most important functions of the RBI. Which of the following comes under RBI’s quantitative measures?

a)      Bank Rate policy

b)      Cash Reserve Ratio

c)       Statutory Liquidity Ratio

d)      Marginal Standing Facility

e)      All of the above


Ans: option (e)

4. The government of India has constituted a committee to examine the desirability and feasibility of having a new financial year which is headed by-

a)      Dr. Shankar Acharya

b)      Urjit Patel

c)       C. Rangrajan

d)      K M Chandrashekar

e)      None of these

Ans: option (a)

5. The statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) reserve prescribed by the RBI is kept with

a)      RBI

b)      Ministry of Finance

c)       Individual Banks

d)      Consolidated fund of India

e)      None of these


Ans: option (c)

6. The RBI adopted which of the following as the key measure of inflation in the country with effect from 2014?

a)      New Wholesale Price Index

b)      New Consumer Price Index (Combined)

c)       Cost Based Index

d)      New Wholesale (consumer) Price Index

e)      None of these

Ans: option (b)

 7. As per an estimate of the IMF, the projected global economic growth for 2017 is

a)      6.5%

b)      5.5%

c)       3.5%

d)      4.5%

e)      None of these


Ans: option (c)        

8. It is with this country India signed a MoU to cooperate in the field of defence shipbuilding.

a)    China

b)    Japan

c)    South Korea

d)    Poland

Ans: option (c)

9. A scheduled commercial bank is one which is included in the Second schedule of the

a)      RBI Act, 1934,

b)      Banking Regulation Act, 1949

c)       Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

d)      All of the above

e)      Both 1&2

Ans: option (a)

10. What is the minimum amount for issuance of Certificate of Deposit?

a)      Rs. 1 lakh

b)      Rs. 2 Lakh

c)       Rs. % lakh

d)      Rs. 10 Lakh

e)      None of these

Ans: option (a)

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