SBI PO Prelims Exam 2015: Details about On-line Test Pattern

Here are some sample questions provided by SBI. These questions will help the candidates in knowing the type of questions to be asked in exam.

Created On: Jun 8, 2015 13:55 IST

State Bank of India in its Information handout explained about Online Test Paper of Preliminary Exam and Main Exam. Here are details regarding Online Test Pattern for SBI PO Online Test.

  • A login screen will be displayed to the candidate. The candidate has to log in using his/her User ID and Pass- word which is provided on the Call Letter.
  • After logging in Candidate’s profile (Name, Roll No & photograph etc) will be displayed and the candidate has to confirm the same by clicked on the ‘I confirm' button confirming the Profile is correct.
  • Thereafter the instructions will be displayed on the screen.
  • A candidate should read the instructions carefully and indicate that he has done so by ‘checking' (click) the box at the bottom of the screen, after which the 'l am ready to begin' button is activated.
  •  After clicking on the 1 am ready to begin’ button the actual test time will begin.
  • In Preliminary Examination, there will be 100 Questions and in Main Examination there will be
  • 200 Questions and each question is followed by 5 alternatives/options.
  • The questions except those on English Language will be available in Hindi and in English. In order to view a given question in the other language, a candidate can click on the 'view in’ drop down box and select the desired language.
  • Only one question will be displayed at a time.
  • In order to answer a question, the candidate has to 'mouse click’ the option he/she thinks is appropriate/ correct. The alternative which has been clicked on will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by the candidate for the question.
  • After selecting an answer for a question the candidate should click on the ‘SAVE & NEXT’ button to save his answer and proceed to the next question. Note that without clicking on ‘Save & Next’ button the answer selected for a question will not be saved.
  •  In case a candidate does not wish to attempt the question then he? she should not click on any option for that question. A candidate can choose to deselect his/her answer for a particular question by clicking on the CLEAR REsPONsE’ button provided against each question.
  • In case a candidate wants to skip a particular question and return to it later before submitting his/her test or a candidate clicks' (selects) an answer for a particular question but wishes to review it later, he/she may note down the question number on the sheet provided.
    In such cases the candidate may also dick on the ‘MARK FOR Review & NEXT’ button. In case an answer has been selected for a particular question which has been marked as ‘MARK FOR Review & NEXT’. The answer marked will be taken for final evaluation.
  •  The question numbers of attempted and unattempted questions are also shown to the right of the screen. A candidate can then click on any of the question numbers to view the question, in order to attempt revise his/her answer to the question.
  • Each question number will be displayed in a particular color depending on the status of the question:
    White: Not visited: Question has not been viewed! attempted
    Red : Not Answered : Question has been viewed but not answered
    Green : Answered : Question has been answered
    Violet : Marked : Question has been marked for review later
  • Candidates are not permitted to submit their answers before the entire test time i.e 60 minutes for preliminary exam and 120 minutes for main exam, is over.
  • A candidate can navigate between questions by clicking on the question number displayed to the right of the screen.
  • When a candidate clicks on a particular question, it takes some time for the question to appear. The time lost is not deducted from the total time allotted for the test.
  • Under no circumstances should a candidate click on any of the ‘keyboard keys' once the exam starts as this will lock the exam.

Details about Descriptive Paper

  • Immediately after online objective test, Descriptive Paper will be administered online.
  • Candidates will have to answer Descriptive Paper by typing on the computer.
  • Candidates are allowed to use key board to type their answer.
  • Spell check facility will not be available for candidates.
  • Candidates can submit their answer paper only after completion of test time i.e. 60 minutes only.

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