Signs that your best friend is not your best friend anymore!

You have been best friends with them for the longest time but things have started changing now. Here are signs to know that something is up.

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Signs that your best friend is not your best friend anymore!
Signs that your best friend is not your best friend anymore!


From your seat partner at school to batch mate in college, you will always find one person by your side but like time and phases, these people also leave your side at some point. None of us wants the person we call BFF (acronym for best friend forever) to leave us to deal with circumstances thrown by this cruel world. However, people do leave when their time with you is over as relationships to not come with a 'forever' stamp. Here are few ways to know that now is when your best friend isn't best friend anymore.

Resolving conflicts is not a priority anymore

One of the essentials for a good, lasting friendship is not letting petty issues come in way of your relationship. When two people are getting distant, the first signs are seen in their reluctance to solve problems. Earlier, you and your best friend made sure you both communicated your feelings in a proper manner so as to not let misunderstanding come in between of a healthy bond that you two share but now the things have changed and the 'it'll get solved on its own' attitude has seeped in.

You have stopped making an extra effort to meet

Remember the time when you used to squeeze out even a few minutes from your busy schedule to just be able to see each other and share details about your day? Now everything has changed. You have stopped taking out time for each other and sharing experiences is just not important anymore. Your hangout sessions have converted into catch-up sessions where you have only so much time to discuss things.

You get to know about things through others

It is always shocking when someone else comes and tells you things about your supposed best friends, which you have no idea about. That is also the time when you should know that things have started to fall apart. People who have known the two of you will assume you already know everything but sigh, you don't, and that will be hurtful.  This also includes getting to know about things through their social media handles. They will put pictures of them hanging out with some people the previous night and it will leave you confused as to who they are and what exactly the party was about. You both did not even need to invite each other to such events earlier but know clearly the circumstances have changed.

There is an unsaid competition between you two

While there is nothing wrong with a little bit of competition here and there to keep yourself motivated, you know that friendship is taking a back seat when the competition goes out of hand. There is this constant need to prove that you are better to each other and to others and things just get bitter with passing time.

Being alone with them is awkward

Things are still fine while you are with a group of people, but when left alone, you realize you don't have much to share with each other anymore. The awkward silences become intense and you start avoiding situations like these where you might have to be with each other alone.

You no longer plan their birthdays

For the longest time this is the responsibility which has been rested upon you. But now their birthdays go and you don't even have a hint as to who is planning them and how. The plans are revealed to you at the last moment, and if at all. Other than this, even when you do plan things after their birthday, they keep cancelling them until you just give up on it.

The 'just to say hi' calls have stopped completely

They no longer call you just to hear your voice. Those phone calls between classes in the noon or at bizarre times at night have stopped primarily because they have found someone else to share all the information with. This is a sign that you are not as close as you used to be because is a best friend even a best friend if they don't call you at odd times?


If this is the direction towards which your friendship is heading, it is time to reflect upon stuff and talk things out. Nothing is worth ending friendship over so it makes perfect sense to bridge the communication gap with your best friend.

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