SSC CGL Exam 2015 Mock Questions Reasoning

Directions: Below in each of the questions are given two statements I and II.

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Directions: Below in each of the questions are given two statements I and II. These statements may be either independent causes or may be effects of independent causes of common cause. One of these statements may be the effect of the other statements. Read both the statements and decide which of the following answer choice correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements.
(A) If statement I is the cause and statement II is the effect.
(B) If statement II is the cause and statement I is the effect.
(C) If both the statements I and II are independent causes.
(D) If both the statements I and II are effects of some common cause.
1) I. Many people in the area are reported to be suffering from malaria.
II. Private Medical Practitioners in the area have decided to close their clinics for few days.

2) I. The State Government has announced special tax package for the new industries to be set-up in the state.
II. Last year the State Government had hiked the taxes for all industrial activities in the state.

3) I. The Vegetable price in the local market have increased manifold during the past few days.
II. Incessant rains have created flood like situation in most rural parts of the state.

4) I. Police authority has recently increased vigil during the evening hours in the locality.
II. There has been considerable reduction in the incidents of petty crimes in the locality.

5) I. There was a huge rush of people to the temple last Sunday the 15th of the month.
II. The temple authority had decided to close down the temple for repairs from 17th of the month.

6) I. The prices of petrol and diesel in the domestic market have unchanged for the past few months.
II. The crude oil prices in the international market have gone up substantially in the last few days.

7) I. The university authority has instructed all colleges under its jurisdiction to ban use of cell phones inside the premises.
II. Majority of the teachers of the college signed a joint petition to the university complaining the disturbances caused by cell phone ring tones inside the classroom.

8) I. Majority of the people residing in the locality have decided to protest against the municipal authority’s decision to allow construction of a shopping mall in the locality.
II. Many shopping malls have been opened all over the city in the recent time.
9) I. The Government has decided to give tax benefit for small savings for investments and benefit accruals. However, all withdrawls of such savings are to be taxed.
II. People have been investing more in small savings than in equity market to avail maximum tax benefits.

10) I. The Meteorological Department has issued a statement mentioning deficient rainfall during monsoon in many parts of the country.
II. The Government has lowered the revised estimated GDP growth from the level of earlier estimates.

11) I. Standard of living among the middle class society is constantly going up since part of few years.
II. Indian Economy is observing remarkable growth.

12) I. The staff of Airport Authorities called off the strike they were observing in protest against privatization.
II. The staff of  Airport Authorities went on strike anticipating a threat to their jobs.


1.    D, 2. B, 3. B, 4. A, 5. B, 6. C, 7. B, 8. B, 9. C, 10. D, 11. A, 12. D

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