SSC CGL Tier-1 questions asked on 11th August, 2017

In this article, we have enclosed all questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 exam 2017 for all shifts and remaining ones will be uploaded on the website very soon. Practice all questions at once.

ssc cgl 2017 questions
ssc cgl 2017 questions

Dear Readers, SSC has successfully organized the tier-1 exam for all tiers. SSC had already said to conduct the exam from 5thAugust, 2017 to 24thAugust, 2017 in three slots i.e. Morning Shift (10:00 AM to 11:00 AM), Afternoon Shift (1:15 PM to 2:15 PM) and Evening Shift (4:15 PM to 5:15 PM).
In this article, we have shared almost all asked questions relating to SSC CGL Tier-1 online exam 2017 held on 11thAugust, 2017 in all three slots. Check out the questions and review your answers as well. The questions given in the article will give you a glimpse of the following things-
1.    Type of questions asked
2.    Question pattern
3.    Complexity level
4.    Recommended attempts
ssc cgl 2017

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 11thAugust 2017: Shift 1 (Section wise)
General Knowledge

a.    Six Machine is the autobiography of which cricketer?
a) Yuvraj Singh          b) Chris Gayle              c) Kohli                          d) AB de Villiers
b.    SI unit of temperature?
c.    The biggest mammal is?
d.    What is the full form of RNA?
e.    Who is the Arjun award winner in athletics?
f.    Which country blocked Facebook?
g.    How many types of the Himalayan mountain?
h.    Strait of Gibraltar dispute is between which two countries?
i.    The Ghadar party was founded by?
j.    The East India company was established in which year?
k.    What is the Netscape Navigator?- Web Browser
l.    Who is the inventor of In-vitro fertilization?
m.    Which of the following is not emulsifier?
a) Milk + Chocolate      b) Whipping Cream      c) Butter        d) Curd
n.    What is pH value of milk?
o.    What is Norwesters?
p.    One Question on Artists – Yamini , Shiva Shankar and Subbalakshmi.
q.    What do you understand by the Federal structure of government?
r.    One question from Article 360.
s.    Pick one example of Emulsion.
t.    What is Lucky Grahak scheme?
u.    What is prime lending rate?
General Intelligence and Reasoning
a.    Find the odd man out:
a) 360          b) 530        c) 145           d) 290
Quantitative Aptitude
a.    Data Interpretation – Based on Bar Graph Sales percentage of 3 cars.
b.    cot a=1/n and cot b=1/n+1; then cot (a+b) = ?
c.    tan^2(a) – sin^2(a)/ tan^2(a)* sin^2(a) = ?
d.    If the area of similar triangle is 5:7. Then what is the ratio of its sides?
e.    A can do a piece of work in 25 days and B in 20 days. If B started and worked for 10 days then in how many days will A complete the remaining work?
f.    If x/y + y/x = 1 then x³ + y³?
g.    If A share is 5/7 of B+C and B share is 7/9 of A+C. At the end of the year, the total profit is 8000. Then find the share of C?
h.    1 question on area of trapezium.
English Language and Comprehension
a.    Spelling Test – Impression, Surveillance
b.    Synonym – Stringent, delirious
c.    Antonym – Vexatious
d.    Idioms – Feather in one cap, Face the music
e.    Feather- one’s own cap.
We have observed from all SSC CGL Tier I Exam shifts that most of the questions are asked from the following topics. Therefore, to make you prepare best for the upcoming shifts we are providing you the topics of English section to prepare for getting maximum marks in English section.
•    Cloze Test
•    Para-jumbles
•    Error Spotting
•    Active & Passive Voice
•    Direct & Indirect Speech
•    Idioms Phrases

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 11thAugust 2017: Shift 2 (Section wise)
General Knowledge

a.    Which of the following movie is directed by Satyajit Ray?
b.    What is the name of the wind in the Sahara desert?
c.    How many number of member nominated by president in Rajya Sabha?
d.    Name the largest cell of human body?
e.    Potassium nitrate used in which industry?
f.    Who wrote Akbarnama?
g.    Which industry use potassium sulphate?
h.    Panja Sahib Gurudwara is located in which country?
i.    What is the distance between two longitudes?
j.    The Khalsa name is given by which guru?
k.    1 question related to Emergency article.
l.    Military exercise ‘Cobra Gold’ is held between Thailand and _______________.
m.    One question on state emergency article?
n.    Private and government relationship in economy is of which type?
o.    RRR stands for in reference to environment? – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
General Intelligence & Reasoning
a.    Heart : Organ :: ?
Quantitative Aptitude
a.    30% of a number is 27 larger than 25% of that number. Find the number.
b.    15% loss and 15% profit costs 800 each. Find the loss?
c.    A does a work for 10 days, B for 12 days & C for 15 days. A leaves after 2 days and B leaves 3 days before the completion of work. Find the total time taken to finish the work?
d.    A sum of money is doubled itself in 7 year 4 month on SI. What is the rate of interest?
e.    A sphere has a diameter 7 cm. When cut into two equal hemispheres,  how much the total surface area increases?
English Language and comprehension
a.    Idiom – Pillar to post
b.    Synonyms – Boisterous, Nepotism

SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Questions Asked 11thAugust 2017: Shift 3 (Section wise)
General knowledge

a.    How many number nominated to Rajya Sabha by president?
b.    Skin’s color is due to which pigment? – Melanin
c.    Who won the Rajiv Khel Ratna 2016?
d.    What is the Power House of Cells?
e.    Scheme for pregnant women to give Rs. 6000 started from which date?
f.    NaOCl2 is the formula of which susbtance?
a) Baking soda         b) Baking powder           c) Washing soda             d) Washing powder
g.    Match the following:
Brihadeeswarar temple – Karnataka
Lingaraj Temple – Odisha
Dilwara Temple – Rajasthan
English language and Comprehension
a.    Cloze Test – Based on “Simplicity of life and its various research”
b.    One word substitution – Epitaph
c.    Idioms – At One’s Wits End, Adam’s Ale
d.    One word substitution – Words written on Tomb
Quantitative Aptitude
a.    Data Interpretation – 3 questions
General Intelligence and Reasoning
a.    Odd man out:
a) Hockey                    b) Football                   c) Baseball                                d) Snooker
b.    AKN : 1121196: : ? : ?
All the Best!

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