SSLC's early announcement affects the prospects of CBSE Students

CBSE Students appearing for Class X this year are facing problems because of the altered government policy.

Created On: Apr 19, 2014 13:20 IST

In spite of the fact that the affirmation of the SSLC results brought ease to the Students of the State Board Syllabus, CBSE learners who showed up for the Board exam are confronting an extreme time, as the early report of SSLC outcomes is liable to influence the higher education prospects of CBSE Class X students.

A year ago, the state government had altered its policy which declared that CBSE Students who took the Class X examination directed by schools, rather than centralised examination, won't be qualified for admission to Plus-II courses in the State Syllabus. Around 1.10 lakh Students have showed up for the CBSE Class X Board exam this time. Around 90 for every penny of them are yearning to seek after higher education from a government/aided schools. It is learnt from solid sources that Class X CBSE Results might be declared just by May 15, accordingly making it a crevice of almost 30 days.

When the CBSE affirms the effects, the admission procedure in the Government/aided schools will recently be under way.

"This is a clear case of discrimination," asserted Indira Rajan, general secretary of the CBSE School Management Association. “The government rescheduled the announcement of the SSLC results to sideline our students. The SSLC results were expected to be announced on April 21. The date was changed with the clear motive of denying a chance to CBSE students," she charged.

"The government should realise that CBSE schools are not unauthorised institutions. They all function with the NOC issued by the government. The association has decided to take up the matter with the authorities concerned and we assure the students that there is no need to panic," she included.

She said that the CBSE is a National-level Education Board and its system can't be as adaptable as the State-level SSLC. "Since it is a national-level exam, there is likely to be procedural delay in the marking of the answer sheets. The Board cannot announce the results in a state-wise manner," she brought up.


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