Things every first year college student should know

Living away from home is a matter of thrill and enjoyment but it's only when you are about to graduate that you realize all the mistakes you have made over the past few years.

Created On: Oct 6, 2017 19:43 IST
Joining college this year? These are things you should know
Joining college this year? These are things you should know

College life comes with its own set of excitements and a number of firsts. Living away from home is a matter of thrill and enjoyment but it's only when you are about to graduate that you realize all the mistakes you have made over the past few years. All the parties you attended when you should have been studying and all the parties you missed for an 8 am class that could have been avoided. Although they make to be very entertaining blunders and everything actually contributes towards making you a wiser person, it is always good to learn from others' mistakes. Here are things you should know if this is your first year in college.

You become like people you surround yourself with
Picking the right kind of friends is one of the most important things you will do in college because if nine of them are going to a pub to party after missing a test, chances are bright that you will be the tenth one to do so. If they are bullies, you will turn out to be one of them and if they are ambitious, you will end up imbibing those qualities. Surround yourself with caring people who want to accomplish things but not by putting someone down. You will create some of your life’s best memories with the friends you make in university, and they will influence your life more than you realize at this point, so pick them thoughtfully!

Studying does not seem important until you fail
Being casual about academics has sort of become a cool thing to do in college but if you look closely, people who advise you to not pay too much attention to academics, do not end up doing anything substantial in life. We often give examples of college drop outs like Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates who ended up changing people's forever but what we forget is that they quit college, not education. So before you start paying too much attention to people encouraging you to not study, make sure you have a plan chalked out in case you don't get jobs in placements.

You have to learn how to perform under pressure
As a college situations, there will be situations where everything from your patience to perseverance will be tested. There will be tests, assignments and presentations, all spread between three days and that will be the real test of all your micro-managerial skills. You will have to juggle and juggle efficiently between all these activities. College is not a cake walk for those who take all-round growth seriously.  Making a schedule might work in the beginning but you slowly realize that there are things which are totally out of your control and they just come up out of nowhere.

Take care of your mind and heart
When we are in a crisis situation, we rely upon our body to outdo itself but that is only possible if we take good care of them. Don't strain your mind more than it can handle. Your health and well-being are as vital to your success as is your dedication towards academics. If there’s anything you should remember when it comes to taking care of your wellness in the university, it’s the fact that if you don’t feel your best. Whether it’s cooking a healthy meal for yourself, taking a study break to go to a workout class with a friend, or vowing to go to bed before midnight at least three nights a week, it’s important that you do what is best for your brain and remember to refuel!

Don't shy away from social interactions
Yes, it does feel like being out of place, especially when you are starting out but social interactions are necessary not only in college but in every phase of your life. Being a lone wolf will not take you too far in life because it might work in college but balancing professional tasks without help of others will be a challenge. If you think you will get along with someone, just go to them and talk. There are chances that everyone is just as nervous to talk to you as you are to them. Embrace the challenge and put yourself out there with others! The reward of making potential lifelong friends is worth the risk of embarrassment.

Everyone’s university experience comes with its own prospects and lessons. While there is no foolproof manual to first year success, following these points of advice will certainly be a step in the right direction.

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