Things you must do after getting question paper in the board exam

In this article, students will get to know some important suggestions which they must follow after getting the question paper in the examination hall. These tips and suggestions will help them in writing their exam in the best way.

Created On: Jan 7, 2021 18:01 IST
Things you must do after getting  exam paper in board exams
Things you must do after getting exam paper in board exams

Q. I am always confused about what should I do when I get the question paper in my hands while taking the exam. Can you give me some suggestions?

Ans. This is a common problem among all students that they get bewildered about what to do first after getting the exam paper in CBSE, UP board or any other state board exam. They just read the question paper out of anxiety and stress due to which their mind seems unable to get in anything. Hence, they waste their 15 minutes reading time. Thus, every student must have a strategy which they have to follow in the exam hall before they start writing the answers.

To solve this problem, after discussing with the veteran exam counselors, teachers and students, we have collected a set of actions a students must take immediately after he get the question paper in his hands. These immediate actions involve:

  • Calm down to tell your brain that everything is fine and normal and not to get stressed or anxious. It’s just an exam like the others you have crossed years before.
  • Firstly, check all the question paper for the missing questions or pages if any and let the examinee know about the same.
  • Next, you need to fill in the asked details like roll number or any thing else, on the question paper. Most of the students out of stress and hurry, forget to write in the necessary information on the question paper.
  • Board has provided extra 15 minutes before you write the answers. These 15 minutes are meant to take a thorough reading of the question paper and prepare the strategy to attempt the same. So read the question paper calmly.
  • Prioritise the questions to which you know the answers quite well. These questions should be attempted first and then you can try the other questions which seems tough or complex to you.
  • You will be given 3 hours to complete the paper. So, before you start writing, allocate a suitable time to each section and then question, within which you can complete the answer with all details and diagrams if required. This will help you complete the paper within the permitted time constraints.
  • Lastly, other important thing while preparing the strategy to write the exam paper, is that you can write the important formulas and equations which you will be using later. Sometimes, while writing the answer, so many things are swirling in our mind that we forget the exact formulas or terms used in answer.

Thus, all these suggestions are enough to be followed while preparing the exam writing technique in initial few minutes. This will help you write your exam answers more effectively and perfectly.

Gud luck dear!

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