6 tried and tested ways to impress your boss

Want to be in the good books of your manager? Try out these ways to impress your boss like a pro. You never know if you are in for the much awaited promotion in the upcoming promotion cycle!

6 tried and tested ways to impress your boss
6 tried and tested ways to impress your boss

If you have plans to get promoted or get a raise in the upcoming promotion cycle, then your boss is the first point of contact who has the keys to unlock the starts of your destiny. He/she is the one who holds considerable power to make or mar your career growth. So it makes sense to impress your boss and be in their good books. Reaching top level management to get your concerns would require much of your efforts, but you can surely attain growth in your organization if your boss is satisfied with your performance.

So take a look at these six tried and tested ways to impress your boss:

1. Go beyond your KRA

A sure shot way to impress your boss is to take responsibility outside your role. Don’t stick to your key responsibility areas (KRA) only. When you assist your boss in managing responsibility outside your KRA, it makes him/her ponder about your potential to take up managerial roles in future. This behavior can be rewarding in the long run from career growth perspective.

2. Admit your mistakes; don’t run away

Admitting mistakes is not a sign of accepting your defeat. It makes the other person believe in your honesty and penchant for learning. Running away from mistakes will only worsen the situation and will harm your rapport with your boss. Apologize gracefully and assure them that the mistake wouldn’t be repeated in future.

3. Ask for critical feedback

Seek the feedback of your boss regularly. Don’t take feedback as criticism. Asking for critical feedback will improvise your performance at work and will also keep your manager informed about the developments taking place in the projects in hand. During the healthy discussion, you can also suggest or brainstorm the way forward that will enable you meet the deadlines smoothly.    

4. Be punctual

Frequent absenteeism and laid back attitude at work is not appreciated by the managers. They find punctual employees more reliable when it comes to allocating responsibility. So if you wish to be in the impress your manager then the first rule to follow is being punctual. Moreover, by reaching early, you will be able to strike healthy work life balance in your life.  

5. Stay organized

A cluttered desk indicated cluttered thoughts. When your boss approaches you for help, don’t deep dive in the mess scattered on the table! Keep your stuff organised and be aware of all the items that you have placed in various compartments of the desk. Keep a desk organizer to keep office stationery in right place. Maintain orderly stack of files so that when there is requirement in the future you don’t have to kill productive hours in merely finding the files. Your sense of staying organised will surely impress your boss and he/she will entrust responsibility to you in their absence, if the need arises.

6. Always meet your deadlines

Meeting deadlines is undoubtedly the unspoken rule of the organization that will win the heart of your boss. He/she expects you to fulfill this requirement and sometimes even other flaws are also overlooked when you become expert at either meeting or beating the deadlines. You are known for your efforts and hard work to bring rewarding results for the organisation and your boss will take pride in having you as his/her subordinate.

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