UPSC IAS Topper 2015 Siddharth Jain shares his IAS Interview Experience

IAS Topper 2015 Rank 13 Siddhartha Jain, a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Roorkee made it to the final Civil Services Result list of Civil Services Exam 2015. He shares hi IAS Interview experience and gave tips for IAS Interview preparation in this video.

Created On: Jun 9, 2016 16:08 IST

Siddhartha Jain, a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Roorkee made it to the final list of Civil Services Exam 2015. His father is a CA and Mother, a home maker. He got the 13th rank in his 2nd attempt and he is very keen to join the services. He firmly believes that the “honesty is the best policy”. He attributes the credit of his success to family and friends. In talks with, he highlighted the important points of his IAS Exam Preparation. How should one prepare for the interview?

Siddhartha Jain: The preparation for the interview does not start just after mains exam actually it starts from your childhood,how you present your views but you cannot correct childhood time now. But from this moment you can do one thing when you read something or talking- present yourself in a very nice way or present yourself like officer like qualities and try to communicate everything in crispy form as much as you can. Try to get the point of views of others also. These things will help you a lot in interview.

Coming to this Exam specific thing, you can attend a lot of mock interviews. From this your brain will get be trained in an exam like situation. So, I would suggest you to give many mock interviews and start your preparation for interview from the time you start your preparation for IAS Prelims Exam and make your mind that you will appear in interview too and how you will present yourself. So, this is important. Please give us details about your interview. What was the time duration? What was the timing and number of members in the interview panel?

Siddhartha Jain: My interview was started on 11:20 AM and lasted for half an hour till 11:50 AM. The interview board was of Manvir Sir. There were 4-5 panellists inside. First of all my interview of Indian Forest Services was taken by Manvir Singh Sir which was conducted 2 months before. I felt, he recognised me. My entire interview was mostly based on honesty. Generally, people avoid mentioning about their current working position in order to skip the cross questioning by the members of penal.

For me, the first question was – what are you doing now?
In my answer, I made them to understand very well that I have already cleared it in 2014 and I told them everything.

The second Question was- If you get any political pressure then how will you manage that pressure?
I told them the basis on which I will act and how can I handle those situations.

The third question was- Analyse the Jat issue from the perspective of a Jat that how a Jat can justify the reservation?
I told them my analysis of the reservation; they appreciated me well and told me “it is good”.

Then they asked me, “As a mechanical Engineer how can you help in Faridabad” because Faridabad is my home District. Then I told them that the lot of applications for smart city favouring Faridabad. Lot of technology to be used and now being a journalist, administrator and a specialist- Mechanical Engineer, I will be very competent of tenders related to every technology. Then he said, “Okay”. He is impressed.

Then he asked me that how you will use Mechanical Engineering in Indian Forest Services because I have already cleared the IFoS.
Then I gave the examples of Scandinavian countries where they use mechanised way for cutting timbers. We can import those techniques in India. Then they also asked me for Material Science. I will not mention that here because it’s technical.

They asked me Mathematical puzzles because my optional was Mathematics. Then they asked about Land Acquisition Bill that who you will support? Either should be the Bill or the Rights of Villagers? As always you should keep a balanced approach, in life too. I gave very balanced answer and I told them that jobs are too important and it is too important the demands of the villagers because the land is an emotional issue in India. So, we should move forward by focussing on both the issues. My interview was in this way what I am remembering now. What mindset should the candidates keep while facing the IAS Interview?

Siddhartha Jain: You should be very calm because you will be perspiring when entered into the room. So, peacefully and calmly sit there. They will never bother or torture you. Generally, people feared of interview because lot of rumours. There is no such kind of reality there. The board will behave very cordially. They will ask question very nicely and you can answer comfortably.

Secondly, don’t lie. To speak lie is wrong from the beginning and second thing when you will speak lie- you will stammer, shiver and they will recognise you for your lie. My own judgment was that perhaps there was a person having psychology background and he was noticing my way of answering.  So, don’t speak lie, say each truth in straightforwardly. Thirdly, be comfortable just like you are expressing your opinion in front of your own senior. Then you will get good numbers in interview.


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