Why students suffer from brain fog during exams? Read here tips to deal with it

students suffer from brain fog which can be detected when they feel anxious, stressed, confused and are not able to learn effectively. This happens due to exam stress and fear during the exam season. Read here tips to deal with exam stress and brain fog.

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Tips to deal with brain fog during exams
Tips to deal with brain fog during exams

Students from every state of the country are preparing for their upcoming annual exams. The date sheets or exam schedule may differ for each state or national education board but the struggle is same for every student from each class. The struggle is to face the exam and give their best performance so as to score better marks. Students are applying all possible tips and tricks to prepare in the few days left for the examinations. However, due to the exam fever, the students suffer from brain fog which can be hinted with them feeling anxiety, stress and exam fear.

Here we discuss what brain fog is during exams and how can students prevent themselves from it –

What is brain fog?

We can understand brain fog by below-mentioned traits seen in students –

1. Losing focus and lack of concentration

Students try to focus on exam preparation, but one thing or other comes up and they are engaged in it, or they start thinking about topics and things which are not relevant to studies. These are the symptoms most commonly found in students who lack concentration skills. But, board exams are the most crucial time and if students do not start implementing measures to focus on their exam preparation then they will surely get bad results.

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2. Not being able to remember things

When students start their exam preparation, the most common struggle is to remember the concepts for long duration (till exams) that they have studied. However, when they try to recall the concept they find out that most of the things they have studied are fading out, for example, they forget the mathematical theorems or basic formulae. This is because students have to learn so many things (for final exams) and cover the entire syllabus. They feel stress after analysing the volume of the syllabus for each subject that they have to appear for in the exams.

3. Short-Term Memory Loss

Exam season not only brings fear of results but also causes irritability, confusion and forgetfulness among students. Because, students are not able to focus on the exam preparation they end up forgetting even the minor things like their notebooks, study material etc. At one point they struggle to find their books or notebooks or, other times they start learning the recently read concept over again because they cannot recall what they have studied. This is known as short-term memory loss (STML), and during exams, it is really common among students as they freak out and get anxiety attacks due to exam fear.

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3. Lack of clarity

Students who did not concentrate in their classrooms while their teacher was teaching or they did not ask the doubts from their teachers often deal with the problem of lack of clarity. But, during exam season it is common with every other exam appearing students to think they do not understand the concept well or gets thoughts like ‘I knew this chapter, why can’t I remember it?.’  Students get such thoughts because they could not focus on whatever they study and hence, they could not understand the concepts properly.  

Tips to deal with brain fog during exams:

Practice meditation

Students are advised to practice meditation and yoga to increase their concentration power and focus. Meditation helps in calming down our mind and we can learn to control our focus. Meditation can help you focus because you need to control your mind to practice it, and your mind won't wander when you will sit down to prepare for the exams.

Fix a schedule

Students should define a schedule for their exam preparation and should follow the schedule regularly. The preparation schedule will be helpful for them in keeping track of their preparation and also, they will able to organise their exam preparation. The exam schedule can be made as given below –

  • Exam date of each subject
  • Days left for the exams
  • Study time for each subject
  • Revision time
  • Self-analysis time
  • Breaks

Effective tips to deal with exam fear and excel in board exams

Write everything to remember effectively

To ensure that you remember everything you study, write down everything in your handwriting and also summarise everything. Make smaller and concise points from each concept so that you can recall easily. After you have prepared a topic well enough, you can cross-check your preparation by writing down everything again

Quiz yourself

You can do a self-analysis to know your exam preparation by quizzing yourself from jumbled topics. This way, you can ensure your concept knowledge as well as that you don’t mix up concepts. It will be helpful for you to identify questions in the test papers easily and you’ll save your time trying to find out correct answer/method to get solutions.

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Get enough sleep

The best solution to deal with exam stress is to relax your body and get enough rest so that you are refreshed and start your preparation again. The exam stress gives students negative thoughts and they tend to over think about things such as, what will happen if they score less? Or how they will be able to deal with exam failure? And, many other consequences that may happen due to lack of exam preparation. So, to avoid such thoughts and rather than wasting their time and energy on useless things, students should think about restoring their energy to completely focus on exam preparation.

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Conclusion: To be able to prepare well for exams and to give their best performance, students need to relieve themselves from the exam stress. Brain fog is one of the causes that lead to stress in students during the exams. So, read the tips mentioned here to deal with exam stress in a better way and get your desired results.

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