Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Solve This 4 Pills Riddle In 4 Seconds? You Can Try Your Luck!

This viral brain teaser challenge has stumped even the most intelligent. Can you solve this riddle and prove you are undefeated? You can try your luck with this riddle.
Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Solve This 4 Pills Riddle In 4 Seconds?
Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Solve This 4 Pills Riddle In 4 Seconds?

Brain Teaser IQ Test: IQ tests are often taken to determine whether someone has a high or low intelligence quotient (IQ). The test measures a person’s measure a person’s cognitive abilities, i.e., the capability to solve problems and reason logically.

There are several types of IQ tests, such as verbal, nonverbal, and full-scale. These tests are often exhaustive and tedious. Luckily, there is also an exciting and fun way to test your IQ- brain teasers. 

Brain teasers are probably the most fun and exciting way to measure a person’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And we have one ready for you. 

Are you ready to challenge yourself and have some fun along the way?

Let’s get started. 

Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Solve This 4 Pills Riddle In 4 Seconds?

Let’s take a look at today’s brain teaser. 


Source: Bright Side

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You have gone to the doctor because you are sick. The doctor has given you four pills to consume. However, the doctor has mentioned taking care of this one thing: you must take one pill half an hour after you have consumed one. And thus begins the challenge. 

The challenge is for you to try and find the time when you will consume the last pill. 

As usual, we have a time limit set for this brain teaser puzzle as well. You have 4 seconds to find out when you will take the last pill. 

Only Experts Can Spot The Thief At The Mall In 4 Seconds! Can You?

We bet you can’t solve the riddle in the given time. Can you?

If you can solve the four pills riddle in 4 seconds or less, then you win this brain teaser challenge. 

So, let’s test your brain. 

Get your tools (and eyes) ready. 

Your time starts now!

We Challenge You To Spot The Hidden Fish Among The Cats In 5 Seconds!

Remember, 4 seconds and no more.

We have given the answer to this brain teaser at the end. But if you cheat, then you won’t be able to find out whether you succeeded or failed this challenge. 

All the best! 

The clock’s ticking and soon you will run out of time. 

Have you solved this brain teaser puzzle yet?




Time’s up. 

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We hope that you were able to solve this brain teaser riddle. If you were unable to find out the time to take the last pill, scroll down to see the solution. 

Brain Teaser Solution

In this brain teaser riddle, you had to find the time when you are supposed to take the last pill. In case, you were unable to solve this online riddle, fret not, we are revealing the solution now. 


Source: Bright Side 

We hope you liked this brain teaser. 

Brain teasers are excellent mood boosters that have been scientifically proven to improve cognitive abilities and logical reasoning skills. In short, brain teasers make you smarter and sharper. So, make sure to solve them daily. 

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