Data Privacy Day 2020: History, Significance and Key Facts

Data Privacy Day is observed across the world on 28 January to disseminate privacy practices, principles and sensitise individuals. Let us read more about Data Privacy Day, its history and its significance.
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Data Privacy Day
Data Privacy Day


Data Privacy Day raises awareness about the importance of online privacy and data protection. Several events are organised on this day. Stay Safe Online that is powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, organise event in which students, teachers, parents and professionals participate and highlight the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information online.

Data Privacy Day: History

The Council of Europe on 26 April 2006 decided to launch a Data protection Day that is to be celebrated every year on 28 January. This is the date on which the Council of Europe's data protection convention, known as "Convention 108", was opened for signature. Data Protection Day is celebrated on 28 January annually and outside Europe, it is known as Data Privacy Day. Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence and data protection were published by the Committee of the Council of Europe’s data protection treaty "Convention 108" on the occasion of Data Protection Day. It highlights policymakers, artificial intelligence (AI) developers, manufacturers and service providers in ensuring that AI applications do not undermine the right to data protection. It also focuses on the protection of human rights, including the right to protection of personal data. It is essential while developing or adopting AI applications.

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Data Privacy Day: Significance

This day raises the issue of the digitally-advancing world. As the internet is reaching every corner of the world and raising the usage of social media platforms, personal data becomes more vulnerable than ever.

Message from Rama Vedashree, CEO DSCI "On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, we stay committed to building a privacy-aware society. Privacy is everyone’s responsibility and we need to create a conducive environment which safeguards personal data of one and all. Having a dedicated day to celebrate Privacy globally lends further impetus to the larger objective of Privacy awareness and helps bring a user-centric attention to managing personal data".

"As the evolutionary journey of the realm of Privacy pans out, several new facets get unearthed which play a vital role in deciding the future of this domain? While Privacy Principles have been around for some time now, terms like Privacy Virtues, Privacy Ethics, Privacy Values are also making their presence felt".

This day also makes us remind about how crucial data security and privacy matters are to an individual or an entity. No doubt technology made our life easier but on the other side, how can we forget about data hackers, financial frauds. Information that we usually store in mobile phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. are prone to cyber-attacks. Nowadays, cyber fraud risks are increasing may be due to lifestyle. Online shopping and all become a routine of life and so on the other hand increase the risk of cyber frauds, data breach, etc.

Several events are organised on Data Privacy Day to make people learn how to keep online data safe against different types of fraudulent attacks.

Therefore, we should be careful while storing and using online activities in several things. It is also necessary to learn how to keep data safe and protected. There are several types of fraud. Awareness about fraud and its types is also important and can’t be ignored.

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