Is it the Great Wall of China or the snake’s best spot to play hide and seek? Find the hidden snake!

The Great Wall of China is a treat for the eyes, but what if a snake wishes to play hide and seek with you on the spot? Can you find the hidden snake in just 10 seconds?
Find the hidden snake!
Find the hidden snake!

Historical places are a great way to picture the unknown past and step into a world of wonders. They make you visualize the story your own way, there is no censorship, no boundaries to your imagination.


You simply view the walls, the architecture, the beauty of the stones used, and the hard work of the artisans, and visualize how it would have been to construct this beauty.


You have a tiny glance at the monument and various questions flash into your mind. What have been the emotions behind this structure? How long must the workers devote to create it? What must have been the reaction of the person who intended to construct it after having the first encounter with the final project? How have the people reacted to the final construction? How creative must have been the mastermind behind the design? All these questions flash in your mind unless someone reminds you to move forward on the road.


History is not only written in those books that rot somewhere in libraries, they are engraved in historical structures. No heritage site is ever silent, every one of them sings ballads to describe the tale of those times.


One such enormous historical structure is the Great Wall of China!

The Great Wall of China is a delight to watch, but the reason to create it is specific and meaningful. The structure was built by China’s emperors to safeguard their territory. At present, the wall stretches for thousands of miles along the nation’s historic northern border.

What if someone wants to get mischievous around this great historic structure?


No, we are not talking about any mischievous act by any rival nation. A snake wants to play hide and seek with you. Would you like to play with it?


Well, the fact that you are reading this statement proves that you gave your assent to the above statement.


The facts are pretty simple.


A snake is hiding in this picture. Can you spot it? Yes, you do have a time limit. You have only 10 seconds to finish this task.


The Rules

The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. Neither we nor China’s army is going to come and check if you are cheating or not. Well, even the snake will not come out of the image if you cheat. You, yourself have to be honest with the challenge.


Simply set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Next, once you feel ready, start the timer and jump to the image. Stop just when the timer asks you to. Remember, NO CHEATING!


Are you ready for the challenge?


Bingo! So are we.


Here is the image you had been waiting for!


Find the hidden snake in the image in just 10 seconds!


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Hisss! The snake is staring and giggling at you! Does that mean you were successful in spotting the mischievous hidden snake?


Here is the snake hiding!

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)


Phew! That was fun.


Now that you have found the hidden snake, let us all adore the Great Wall of China, just once more!

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