Is Square A Darker In Colour Than Square B? This Optical Illusion Test Will Blow Your Mind!

Which box is darker in colour? Box A or B? This mind-blowing Adelson's Checker Shadow Illusion is here to blow your mind. Read on to know the correct answer!
Checker Box Optical Illusion
Checker Box Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion: Many optical illusion tests present a complex image and ask you the objects you saw the very first time you opened your eyes to the picture. Some of these also reveal your personality traits based on the objects you saw first.

However, this mind-boggling visual illusion is here to trick your mind for some minutes. And hey, there is only one correct answer to the question:

Which Box Is Darker In Color, Box A or Box B?


Source: MIT

Well, in case you, like a lot of us, guessed that the gray Box A is darker than Box B, you may be expecting to get the correct answer signal.

We pity you, as you are wrong here! Rub your eyes a bit and have a look at the picture again.

Well, no matter how difficult it is to believe, Box A isn't a darker shade of gray than Box B. Surprisingly, both the boxes show the same shade of gray!

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Before you throw your phone in fury, allow us to clear the air for you! It's actually your brain that's tricking you here!

Actually, this famous image is known as Adelson's Checker Shadow Illusion and can trick even the smartest brains into failing to give the right answer.

How Our Mischievous Brain Reads This Checker Shadow Illusion

Our visual system is designed in a way that it has a tendency to not view images and other stimuli in absolute terms.

This visual checkerboard isn't as easy as it looks. Both light and shadow play their roles here. There is a ray of light on the surface, and then the cylinder casts a shadow.

Almost all squares, light and dark, are under the shadow.

Yet, the brain interprets Box A and Box B in different ways respectively. The brain makes use of past experiences and takes the shadow as a reference point. 

Note, that the boxes are close enough, but there is a soft shadow that falls on Box B.

Don't get disappointed if you got the wrong answer, as Adelson argues that this illusion shows the effectiveness of our visual system.

You thought that Box A has a darker shade of gray than Box B, as your brain breaks down visual information to construct suitable meanings.

This attribute of our brain helps us to make meaning out of the world in a constructive manner.

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