A Jain is defined as a follower of Jina. Jina means victor or conqueror.
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A Jain is defined as a follower of Jina. Jina means victor or Conqueror.
Jainism started centuries before Buddhism but later on was revived by Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar of Jainism. According to Jain theology, Janism is one of the oldest religion which has neither beginning nor end.

What is Kevalya Gyana?
Kevalya Gyana is absolute knowledge, enlightenment and omniscience. A Kevalin is someone who has attained Kevala Gyana is called a Kevalin. For achieving the status of Jina, Kevalagyana is required first.

Jain cosmology
The Jain cosmology stated that the world is made of six substances.
1. Jiva: All living substances.
    Ajiva: Ajiva includes all Nonliving substances.
2. Pudugala: This means matter
3. Dharma-Tattava: This means principle of motion
4. Adhamra tattva: This means principle of Rest
5. Akasa: This means space
6. Kala: This means time

There are five Mahavratas in Jainism are as following.
1. Non-violence(Ahimsa)
2. Truth( Satya)
3. Non-stealing( Asteya)
4. Chastity( Brahmacharya)
5. Non-possession/Non attachment( Aparigraha)

Tri Ratnas
Triratnas associated with Jainism are as following.
1. Samyak Gyan: It means right knowledge
2. Samyak darshana: It means right view
3. Samyak Acharana: It means right conduct

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