Odd One Out: Check Your IQ Level By Finding The Odd Pair Of Red Heels In 7 Seconds. Good Luck!

Odd One Out: This odd one-out puzzle shows a collection of bright red heels. Test your skills and abilities by finding the odd red heels in 7 seconds. Good Luck!

Jun 7, 2023, 12:08 IST
Do you see an odd pair here?
Do you see an odd pair here?

Odd One Out: Once upon a time high heels were a symbol of high social stature, military prowess, and the height of 'cool'. But now, the must in every girl's wardrobe marks refined fashionable taste. And here in this odd one-out puzzle, you need to put all your abilities and skills to find the odd pair of red heels.

Where-is-the-odd-pair-of-heelsSource: Brightside.com

This odd one-out puzzle is good for your brain and skills. It encourages reasoning and problem-solving as well as enables practitioners to facilitate higher-level mathematical discussion.

Can you find the odd pair of heels?

Odd One Out puzzles are also known as Knock Out in America.  It checks a person's capacity for observation and general intelligence. Once you start solving these mental puzzles, it releases Dopamine which is responsible to control mood, memory, and concentration. And one needs to be imaginative, rational, and have a clear point of view in order to find the correct answer.

In case you feel trapped, take some hints from the previously solved odd Korean character puzzle. 

About this Odd One Out Puzzle Picture

This picture from Deposit Photos (depositphotos.com) was posted by Brightside. It shows a total of pair 24 red heels divided into 6 columns and 4 rows. And your task here is to find the odd one in the picture. Scroll through each row and column to not miss any clues.

Instead of focusing on major variations, make sure to find little differences such as colours, forms, classifications, and patterns.

Only a curious head can spot the Odd Piggy Bank hidden in the picture. 3 Seconds Left!

Remember you just have 7 seconds to conclude this mental exercise.




Look for the brain teaser answer here:

the odd pair of heels are hereSource: Brightside.com

Those are normal flats among heels.

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