Phone Case Personality Test: What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

A phone case not only protects the phone but can also reveal the personality traits of the owner. Read on to find out what your phone case says about you.
Phone Case Personality Test: What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?
Phone Case Personality Test: What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

Everyone owns a smartphone in this day and age, and this valuable investment needs protection. Phones are getting more advanced and lightweight by the minute and require protection for their fragile glass bodies and screens. That’s where a phone case comes in.

While the company strives to create the most durable phone possible for the price range, sometimes it’s not enough. A phone case provides an extra layer of protection to keep that prized smartphone intact all the time. And since it effectively covers the entire phone body, the case needs to look perfect.

According to studies, most people put considerable thought into buying a phone case and many even order customised cases. The phone case becomes a part of one’s attire and personality. Most people own multiple phone cases and often match them with their outfits.

Phone Case Personality Test: What Does Your Phone Case Say About You?

1. Matte or Carbon Fiber


A matte finish or a fiber case is one of the coolest phone cases out there. It immediately grabs eyeballs and leaves a great impression on people. What it says about you is that you are stylish yet down to earth. You don’t want to show off your accessories, but you also don’t want to keep them hidden either.

2. Floral


Floral-themed phone cases are generally more popular among women, but they give a cool touch to men as well. Like flowers, the floral phone cases are for warm, sensitive, and outgoing individuals. It shows that you are lovable, cheery, and romantic. You love being around people and forming close bonds. You also fall in love quickly but remain optimistic even after getting heartbroken many times.

3. GlitterGlitter


The glossy or glittery finish on phone cases is another design that’s more popular among women. The glitter phone case is a sign that you’re fun. You like to go out, party, plan events, host parties, and travel. You live like every day is your last, and your enthusiasm knows no bounds. You are easy to get along with and radiate positive energy.

4. Transparent


This is one of the most common types of phone cases and usually comes with the phone. Transparent, easy to put on, and durable, it is the go-to case for those who don’t want to hide their phone’s beautiful features. You like to show off your phone’s original beauty. This also reveals a lot about your personality. You like to give credit where credit is due. You are honest, empathetic, and selfless. You like to be the center of attention but are also comfortable if you aren’t.

5. Leather

Leather Case

The leather phone case symbolizes class. You don’t have to be uber-rich, but you certainly have high standards if you own a leather case cover. You probably like to watch movies with subtitles, but in languages you don’t understand. You would also prefer to visit a museum instead of a nightclub if given the choice. You criticise often, and it can rub people the wrong way. However, this doesn’t mean you are unpleasant or a bore. You just work and think differently than others.

6. Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Case

A heavy-duty phone case symbolises a protective nature. It shows that you don’t like to take risks and prefer to play it safe. You would rather prioritise your phone’s safety than show off its good looks. The same applies to your life as well. You take a neutral approach to matters and think hard before making decisions. You are also analytical by nature and a calculative person. You always consider the ups and downs of things.

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