What is No-Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan, PTI in Pakistan 2022?

Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence motion against him. In other words, it is called a no-trust vote in Pakistan. Know what it means and what can be the consequences of a no-confidence motion being passed against Khan below.
No Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan
No Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence motion by the opposition parties in the Parliament of Pakistan. He has been majorly accused of economic mismanagement by the opposition. In this article know the major reasons for introducing a no-confidence motion against Khan, what actually means by a no-confidence motion in Pakistan and what would be the future of the country.

Once Imran Khan is out, Pakistan would be unstable. It would be difficult to imagine such a nuclear-armed nation to be unstable. Although the military of Pakistan has had a long record of interfering in the nation's politics, this would be a different situation altogether.

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What is No-Confidence Motion against PM in Pakistan?

Under the Constitution of Pakistan, a prime minister's election is done by the majority of the lower house of its National Assembly. The house has 342 members. Any candidate needs 172 of the legislator's votes to become a Prime Minister in this country. The same number is required to vote against him in a no-confidence voting situation. 

Even 1 vote less than 172 can mean that the Prime Minister can be saved from a no-confidence motion. 

No Confidence in Pakistan means what no confidence in India means. It stands for no trust in the Government and the entire government office is bound to vacate it if it is passed. 

What Happens When The Majority Passes a No-Confidence Motion?

When the majority passes a no-confidence motion a new Prime Minister is elected to complete the tenure of the recent ousted PM, till the next elections are held. 

In this case, if PM Imran Khan is voted against by the majority the Parliament would continue to function as it is till August 2023 when the general elections are due. Till then a new PM would be elected.  

In case no candidate receives the majority of votes, the general election can be preponed and can be conducted after the assembly dissolves. 

What is the situation in Pakistan? No-Confidence Motion Against Imran Khan

Opposition parties filed the no-confidence motion in early March but it was presented and tabled before the National Assembly on 28th March 2022. The vote has to be carried out no sooner than three days and no later than seven days after the motion is tabled. 

Imran Khan and his party Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) won the general elections of 2018. They did not have a direct majority though and formed a coalition government. 

In the current scenario, Khan just needs the members of Tehreek-e-Insaaf to be absent from the Parliament for the vote as the number would not increase more than 172 if his party members are absent and the no-confidence would not be passed. 

Imran Khan has also blamed a foreign country for this condition and has said that an external nation does not want him to lead Pakistan. “When I played cricket for 20 years, the world and those who played cricket with me saw that I play till the last ball. I’ve never accepted defeat in life. Nobody should think that I will sit at home. I’ll come back stronger, whatever may the result be,” he said. It seems that Imran Khan is in no mood to quit. 

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