Word Puzzle: Your eyes are faster than a Ferrari if you can find the word ”FURIOUS” in 7 seconds!

Word Puzzle: Your eyes are faster than a Ferrari if you can spot the word “FURIOUS” hidden in the word grid in 7 seconds. Attempt Now!              

Mrigank Chakraborty
May 31, 2023, 16:20 IST
Word Puzzle: Find Furious in 7 Seconds
Word Puzzle: Find Furious in 7 Seconds

Word Puzzle: Word Puzzle is a kind of puzzle in which you need to find the hidden word in a word grid. It is one of the most popular online activities among netizens nowadays.

It is a great way to test your intelligence and observation skills by solving the puzzle within a time limit.

Regularly practising such puzzles can help in enhancing attention span and problem-solving skills. 

Want to check how fast your eyes are?

Word Puzzle - Find the Word “FURIOUS” in 7 Seconds

Source: Pinterest

The image shared above shows letters arranged in a word grid having 12 columns and 14 rows. 

Hidden among the letter grid is the word “FURIOUS”.

The challenge for you is to find the word from this letter grid within 7 seconds.

It is a great way to test your observation skills and intelligence.

The word can be formed by arranging the letters from top to bottom, sideways, up and down, forwards and backward, and diagonally.

This is a moderate-level challenge, and individuals with good observation skills will be able to spot the word within the time limit.

The way the letters in the grid are arranged makes it difficult to identify at first glance.

Did you spot the hidden word?

Focus on the image again and see if you can spot the hidden word in the word grid.

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Hurry up; not much time remaining.




Time’s up.

It was a good test of your attentiveness and observation skills and an excellent exercise for your brain.

How many of you have managed to spot the word ”FURIOUS”?

Congratulations to those who have spotted the word. You have really sharp observation skills.

Those who couldn’t spot the word can check the solution below.

Find the Word “FURIOUS” in 7 Seconds - Solution

The word “FURIOUS” can be spotted starting in the 5th column and 8th row in the grid. Take a look.

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