World Environment Day 2021: 29 Best Slogans to spread the awareness

World Environment Day 2021: On the occasion of one of the important days let us have a look at some slogans that will spread awareness about the importance of the environment an important aspect to survive on planet Earth. It is observed on 5 June annually across the world.
World Environment Day slogans
World Environment Day slogans

World Environment Day 2021: It is observed on 5 June annually. This year's theme of World Environment Day is "Ecosystem Restoration" and Pakistan will is the host country for its official celebrations which call for urgent action to revive our damaged ecosystems. The event will observe the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 

As we know the ecosystem support all life on Earth. It is correctly said that the healthier the planet and its people. The objective of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration is to halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on each continent and in every ocean. It may help to end poverty, combat climate change and prevent mass extinction. 

It is necessary to prevent the loss of biodiversity and preserving nature for the future. 

World Environment Day 2021: Date, Quotations, Inspiring lines, and Poems

Best 29 Slogans on World Environment Day

Below some famous and motivational slogans are provided to protect our environment on World Environment Day and are also used in various campaigns.

1. A good planet is hard to find.

2. Deserts and Desertification – Don’t Desert Drylands!

3. Time for Nature.

4. Only One Earth.

5. If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.

6. Join hands to save environment.

7. Keep calm & go green.

8. Plant a tree today.

9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

10. Save Earth to Save Life.

11. Don't let our future dry up.

12. Global Warming is Global Warning.

13. Keep clean & go green.

14. A Tree for peace.

15. Environment is everything, don't spoil it.

16. Save the environment in present for better life in future.

17. Don't destroy, save the environment

18. Say no to pollution

19. Stand up for the Earth.

20. Waste water today, live in desert tomorrow.

21. Raise your voice not pollution.

22. Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home.

23. Save Earth to Save Life.

24. Plant trees take a pledge.

25. Trees are life, don’t cut them.

26. Wasting time is useless cleaning the environment is the best.

27. Plant for the Planet.

28. Run towards saving the environment before we have to run towards survival battle

29. Say no to pollution & Yes to Recycle

These are some famous slogans on World Environment Day.

World Environment Day 2021: Current Theme, History & Significance

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