World Philosophy Day 2022: History, significance and facts 

The World Philosophy Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of November each year and this year it falls on November 17.
World Philosophy Day 2022: History, significance and facts
World Philosophy Day 2022: History, significance and facts

The World Philosophy Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of November each year and this year it falls on November 17.

 For a fact though, World Philosophy Day first fell on November 21, 2002. 

It was declared an international day by the The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

History Of World Philosophy Day

The concepts of Philosophy comprise ideas of existence, knowledge, values, the mind, language, and reason that have evolved throughout history.

  1. There's no doubt that Philosophy has made great contributions to mold and transform our future world’s societies. This is the reason in 2005, UNESCO institutionalized World Philosophy Day.
  2. In 2007, the proclamation of World Philosophy Day took place when UNESCO published a 726-page multilingual program and meeting document in the languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish on the Records of the General Conference, 33rd session Paris in 2005.
  3. When launching World Philosophy Day in 2005, UNESCO gave emphasis to the fact that philosophy is crucial to the young generation. It's a  discipline that stimulates the objective examination and evaluation of issues to make a decision as per UNESCO.
  4. UNESCO also established that World Philosophy Day improves the development of independent critical rational thinking. This results in a better awareness of the world, promoting peace and patience.
  5. The UNESCO General Conference in 2005 had the belief that entrenching the concept of World Philosophy Day in society would popularize philosophy, especially in teaching it to the world.
  6. Post the day's first celebration in 2002, UNESCO considered it essential to institutionalize the celebration of World Philosophy Day globally in 2005.

World Philosophy Day Timeline






6th Century B.C.

The beginning of Western philosophy starts with Thales of Miletus.



The First Celebration of World Philosophy Day takes place on November 21, 2002



Institutionalization of World Philosophy Day was done by




Followed by the celebration of International Day for Tolerance.

Different Types Of Philosophy

There are seven types of philosophical studies: 

  1. Metaphysics
  2.  Axiology
  3.  Logic
  4. Aesthetics
  5.  Epistemology
  6.  Ethics
  7. and Political Philosophy

Ways to Observe World Philosophy Day

  1. You can Participate in workshops and cultural events that are in collaboration with academic institutions, government, and organizations which are arranged by UNESCO. The activities can be based on philosophical dialogues, debates, conferences, workshops, cultural events, and presentations.
  2. You can Celebrate it at home by downloading thinking sheets, visual philosophy recitals, and posters. Share awareness about your favorite ideas and concepts on social media
  3. You can also celebrate World Philosophy day by reading a book, watching a movie or series on philosophy.
  4. You can Join hands with UNESCO and Actively partake in UNESCO’s planned activities and events for the year’s celebration at international, national, and local levels.
  5. You can join in activities with media legislatures, teachers, students, and the general community.
  6. You can  also visit exhibitions, book launches, fairs, and philosophy cafes, among other exciting and educational happenings.

Philosophy Facts You Need To Know About 

  1. The firstest philosophers were Thales, Aristotle and Plato and are considered most popular philosophy intellectuals.
  2. The first ever World Philosophy Day was held in Paris at the headquarters of UNESCO.
  3. World Philosophy Day was boycotted in 2010. Globally, academies erupted in an organized boycott for the reason that celebrating in Tehran would risk veering the festivity into political propaganda for a vicious administration.

Significance Of World Philosophy Day

  1. World Philosophy Day gives people all around the world a platform to exuberantly vocalize their philosophical beliefs on old and modern issues and comprehend the world better. This practice supports the peaceful coexistence of diverse people globally
  2. Through World Philosophy Day  knowledge of the vital role of philosophy and its importance can be made known to people.
  3. World Philosophy Day  nurtures philosophical analysis, research, and studies on major current events, to respond more appropriately to the issues the world is going through nowadays. 

World Philosophy Day Dates






November 17



November 16



November 21



November 20



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Who is known as the father of philosophy?

Socrates is known as the father of Western philosophy and for his contributions to the development of ancient Greek philosophy.

What are some books to get started with philosophy?

“Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder, “A History of Western Philosophy” by Bertrand Russell, “Philosophy: The Basics” by Nigel Warburton, and “The Story of Philosophy” by Will Durant.

What are the different types of philosophy?

There are seven types of philosophical studies: Metaphysics, Axiology, Logic, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, and Political Philosophy
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