You Can See The Flowers; The Trees; The Grass, But Can You See The Parrot? A Captivating Optical Illusion For You

Here comes a captivating image4 of a beautiful meadow comprising flowers of different colors and shades. The flowers, trees, buds, and grass are having a good time. However, one of their friends is missing. Can you find the hidden parrot?
Find the hidden parrot in this beautiful picture!
Find the hidden parrot in this beautiful picture!

Oh, dear reader!


What are you doing with your body numb, your head aching, and your eyes glued to the bright screens?


The brightness that hits hard on your eyes today was once a part of the spark in your eyes.


It seems that the modern world has stolen that very spark and brightness of your eyes and pasted it on black screens.

Just look at the toxic hustle culture you have made yourself a part of.


Your forehead experiences a needle-like throbbing headache, your eyes are half-closed, your body is tied in tight-fitted clothes displaying the bondages of the work culture, and your toes are unable to breathe in those tight shoes.


Just for once, for the love of God, dare to bring your foot out of your shoes and let them touch the wetness of the mud.


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Open your windows with a bang to this beautiful meadow.

Image Source: The Quiz Central



The breeze tickles the trees in the tummy, making them wave in joy.



The leaves are smiling and giggling amongst one another, as though they know a hilarious secret they are veiling from the world.



These green leaves hide the fear of autumn behind and choose to smile.



And oh, this place is owned and ruled by the stunning flowers, and not bowing down to their beauty would count as a sin.



The white ones symbolize tranquility and contentment.



Do not ever mistake the white hue of these beautiful creatures of God similar to those screens that hurt your eyes with a promise to fill your bank accounts.



Let’s go to the pink and red ones.



Don’t they remind you of the long-lost love you cherished back in high school or university?



Isn’t the color carrying the same fragrance and vibe your loved one brought to your life? Oh, look at your cheeks, they are resembling the same hue right now.


Ah! The yellow ones! The outstanding yellow flowers are befriended by the Sun, and thus they share the same brightness.



The yellow-colored orchids are so generous, that they tell the lost beings the way forward.



They are friends with the lilies, the butterflies, the bees, and of course the humans passing by. They are so widely spread, as though they are urging every tiny bud to sing ballads of happiness in chorus.




The captivating image is surely a treat to the eyes, but is there anyone missing?


Who entertains these buds and flowers with the secretive, funny stories of the jungle?



Who gossips about the lion’s new rule, the monkey’s fall from the top-notch trees, or the fox’s everyday clever moves?



Who narrates the stories so humorously that the yellow orchids laugh so hard that they forget to sing their ballads.

We can’t keep the secret anymore! Shall we reveal it?

Well, it’s the parrot!

If there is anything that touches the meadow with the stories of the jungle and the town, it’s the parrot. The parrot possesses the power to bring smiles and enliven even the saddest of the dying leaves.



Hey, where is the parrot by the way?



Is he late for his storytelling today or is he just not in the mood today?



Or, is this a new trick by the mischievous parrot in his attempt to tease the flowers? 

Whatever the case, the trees, leaves, and flowers are in worry! Did we tell you that the pink orchids are super sensitive? In just a minute of stress, they begin to sob.

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Find The Hidden Parrot In This Optical Illusion Image!

Image Source: The Quiz Central

How Much Time Are You Given To Find The Hidden Parrot?

Just a minute! Set your phone on a timer for 60 seconds and find the hidden parrot.


Come on, scroll up, and get started!

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Oh, parrot! You scared everyone today. What made you come so late this morning? Anyway, what are the giraffes in the jungle protesting for?

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