CAT 2022 Exam Analysis: Check Slot 3 Paper Review and Expected Cut Off

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis: IIM CAT 2022 exam was held in three slots today. Now, that the exam has been concluded, the CAT 2022 exam analysis has been provided here for CAT slot 3. Check the CAT paper review. 

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Updated: Nov 27, 2022 20:00 IST
CAT 2022 Exam Analysis
CAT 2022 Exam Analysis

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore is conducting the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2022 exam today, November 27. As per the schedule, the CAT exam is being held in three shifts - Morning (8:30 - 10:30 am - concluded), Afternoon (12:30 - 2:30 pm - concluded) and Evening (4:30 - 6:30 pm).  

The MBA entrance exam slot 3 has ended, and the CAT 2022 exam analysis will be provided here based on the candidate's experience and coaching institutes. The CAT exam analysis will include the difficulty level of the sections, weightage of the topics, test pattern, number of good attempts and section CAT cut-offs. Candidates can check the detailed CAT slot-wise exam analysis here. 

CAT 2022 Slot 3 Analysis - CATKing

As per the experts, the DILR was the toughest as compared to all other sets. Quants were a complex thing. Some found easy to moderate some found difficult - it’s more or less based on your preparation too. VARC was moderate and good for all who’ve been well-read. Critical reasoning-based RC questions were a trick area to maximize scores. The Third slot of CAT 2022 was a little more challenging. 

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis Slot 3 - Student's Reaction 

As per those who took the CAT slot 3, of all three sections, the DILR section was of easy to moderate level. Some of the questions were trickier in the quantitative skill section. In VARC, the bulk of the questions was of medium difficulty level. In RC, there were two extensive passages. Overall the difficulty level of CAT 2022 slot 3 was between moderate to difficult. The other two slots were of moderate difficulty as per the candidates who have appeared in CAT 2022.

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis Slot 2 by CATKing 

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis of Slot 2 - Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Question-wise Breakup

The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension sections of Slot 2 CAT 2022 is at moderate level of difficulty. In total, 24 questions were to be answered in the allotted 40 minutes. Also, there were 2 passages were simple to read, 2 passages were challenging, and each had 2 questions that could be answered.

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis of Slot 2 - Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Question-wise Breakup

 There were 20 questions total in the Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning part, broken up into 4 sets. DILR was moderate to challenging in Slot 2 CAT 2022 level of difficulty. 2 sets of 4 Questions and other 2 sets has 6 questions .

  •  Set 1: Company revenue and profits
  • Set 2: Tabular data of domestic and foreign products
  • Set 3: network diagram Shortest path - left in option
  • Set 4: Scheduling type of but complex so left

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis of Slot 2 - Quantitative Ability Question-wise Breakup

  •  Algebra - max (6-8)
  • Geometry (3 - 4)
  • Arithmetic (8)
  • Numbers (2)
  • Modern maths (PnC 1)
  • How many numbers can be made from the given set of digits

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis Slot 2 by Students 

Based on students' reactions, CAT slot 2 was overall moderately difficult. DILR and QA sections were a bit more difficult than Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). The diversity of questions was also not as expected. Questions were asked about unexpected topics. A normalization process will be applied before releasing the CAT percentile so that no candidates are unfairly given advantages or disadvantages.

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) - Moderate
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI) - Doable (Easy to Moderate)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA) - Easy (Quite lengthy)

Those candidates who are going to take the CAT slot 3 exams should check the CAT slot 2 analysis to plan their strategy. We will provide the CAT sectional and overall exam analysis of the CAT slot 2 exams as per students' reactions and subject experts.

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis - Slot 1 By Experts 

As per the experts, the CAT 2022 Slot 1 exam was easy to moderate. A detailed review for the CAT 2022 Slot 1 Exam sections – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude by Careerlauncher has been provided below - 

Section Name

Total Questions

Time Limit

Marking Scheme

Score for 99%ile

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)


40 Minutes

+3/-1 (for MCQs)

+3/0 (for non-MCQs)


Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)


40 Minutes

+3/-1 (for MCQs)

+3/0 (for non-MCQs)


Quantitative Ability (QA)


40 Minutes

+3/-1 (for MCQs)

+3/0 (for non-MCQs)

40- 42

CAT 2022 Exam Analysis - Slot 1 

Going as per updates, the majority of candidates stated that the CAT exam this year is moderate to difficult. Though there were some tricky and difficult questions, most questions were also doable. The cutoff is expected to be higher.  There were no big technical glitches in Slot 1. 

As per media reports, one of the candidates who appeared for CAT 2022 informed that the overall CAT paper for slot 1 was moderate. Quantitative Aptitude (QA) was difficult and most questions were from logical reasoning. However, as per other aspirants, the QA section was easy for. DILR was confusing. The overall CAT slot 1 paper was easy.

A candidate taking the CAT 2022 exam from a centre in Patna said that the question paper followed a different pattern from the mock tests. There were no questions from the bar graph and pie chart. Three questions were asked from Geometry and in VARC, there were five paragraphs and three summary questions.

The 1st slot of the CAT 2022 exam ended at 10:30 am. Candidates are coming out of the CAT test centre.  The CAT question paper pattern is the same to that of CAT last year's paper with 66 questions and three sections namely VARC, DILR and QA.  Each question carries 3 marks and a negative marking of -1 will be applicable for every incorrect answer.

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern

As per the recent updates and notification released, this year, there is no announcement regarding changes in the CAT paper pattern, so we expect a total of 66 questions divided into 3 sections. There will be 24, 20, and 22 questions in VARC, DILR, and QA respectively. The duration of CAT 2022 will be 120 minutes and the sectional time-limit will be 40 minutes. Check the table below for more details - 

CAT Paper Pattern 


Number of questions

Allotted time 

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI)


40 minutes

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)


40 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude (QA)


40 minutes



120 minutes

CAT Score vs Percentile 

As the CAT 2022 exam is being conducted in different sessions, the authorities will follow a normalisation process to calculate the result. As per an official statement, “In order to ensure fairness and equity in comparison of performances of candidates across different test sessions, the scores of candidates shall be subjected to a process of Normalisation.” 

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Which section is considered the toughest in the CAT exam?

Out of the three sections of CAT - VARC, DILR and QA - the last one is considered the toughest because the questions are mathematics-based and involve complex calculations. However, many candidates also find VARC difficult.

When will the CAT 2022 Exam Analysis be available?

Once the exam gets over, the slot-wise CAT exam analysis will be available.

Who will provide CAT 2022 Paper Review?

Some premier coaching institutes will release CAT 2022 paper review.

Will CAT 2022 be 2 hours or 3 hours?

Candidates will get a total of 2 hours (120 minutes) to answer the CAT question paper.

What is a good score in CAT exam?

For IIMs, candidates have to score 97 to 98 percentile however for other top MBA colleges 90-95 percentile is good.
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