10 Digital Life Hacks You Should Learn Before Graduating

With technology completely taking over our lives, it is important to gain knowledge of basic digital skills which can prove to be essential life hacks later as a professional, and otherwise.

10 Digital Life Hacks You Should Learn Before Graduating
10 Digital Life Hacks You Should Learn Before Graduating

Obtaining digital skills can be as crucial to a person as other qualities like stress management and planning tasks. Being well versed with latest technology makes your fast-paced life much easier. Even if you are an arts student, these digital skills can prove to be crucial to survive in a world which functions on computers and tablets.

The digital skills mentioned below are extremely important in the 'real world' where just a degree would be insufficient to fetch a job and surviving in general would be difficult.

Basic Photoshop Skills

Basic photo editing skills are a must for people who aim to do marketing or journalism at some point. Because these are fields which accept people from diverse streams as long as they have the right aptitude, it won't hurt to get your hands on the basic version of the software and learn some tricks with the brushes and colours. Even if you are not looking to make a career out of it, photo editing is a quality which should be a part of your skill set.

Video Editing

While this might sound like we are asking for too much, video editing might come in handy for updating videos on social media platforms like Youtube. If you start your own venture, however big or small, you will need the help of platforms like these and video editing will be a big strength.
Final Cut Pro is the best software to learn video editing.

Microsoft Office

We all add Microsoft office in the 'technical knowledge' section of our resume but how many of us actually know how to use it? Working on  softwares like Microsoft Excel require familiarity with technical aspects. People claim to know all about it but can hardly create an excel sheet without taking help from internet. So, before stepping into the professional world, make sure you know at least the basic of such digital skills. Power Point presentations are still in trend in every industry so you should be knowing how to use the software in the best manner.

Setting Up A Wi-Fi

Now this is a digital skill you will not mind learning. Internet has become a basic necessity of modern times and once you step out of college, the luxury of finding a set network will be hard to find, so you should know how to set the modem so that your daily internet activities at home are not hindered.

Using Google Drive

Saving things on Google drive is a good way to make them available for editing, reading or viewing to many people. The drive allows you to send or receive large files through your Gmail account, which you could not have done otherwise. The program is free and available with features like Optical Character Recognition and Image Recognition technologies.

Online Banking

If demonetisation taught us one thing, it was the importance of online banking. Online banking is safe and easy way to transfer and receive funds without having to stand in lines. Learning this digital skill comes in handy in times of emergency and situations when getting out of home is not possible. It doesn't need stating that you will encounter many such scenarios in your life and thus. Additionally, most banks also have their apps which allow you to do banking on the go.

Converting Files From One Format To Another

You will not always receive files in your desired format. Hence, it is essential for you to know how to convert the format into another. This digital skill is required the most while downloading mp3 files and video files or while sending resume. You can find many websites where you can convert the format online and you do not need you to download any software on your computer.

Setting Up A Website

Having a your own website/domain is important because it is a place where you can express your views with complete freedom. Also, a lot of times companies ask for the links to person's original work. This will help you in branding yourself . While basic coding will help you in creating a website, you can also make it online on Wordpress and Squarespace.

Making A Presentation

Presentations are a way to present the information in a readable, less boring way. Hence, making a presentation on either Microsoft Power Point or online presentation toll like Prezi. These will be an impressive addition to your digital skill set.

Learn To Market Yourself

In this age, everyone and everything has a brand value which decides their worth to others. While choosing the perfect candidate, companies goes through their social media profiles and monitor their presence on the internet. Learn the hacks to make an impressive and search friendly LinkedIn profile. This will increase your visibility and thus foster your chances towards getting your dream job in the future.

These digital skills should be enough to get you through minor roadblocks you will encounter in your daily life. They will not just be an important addition to your resume, but also make you stand out as an all-rounder who knows things beyond his/her college course.

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