10 Ways in which college life is different from school life

While the buffer phase between school and college is very less, life of students changes totally. Here are some interesting differences between the two.

10 Ways in which college life is different from school life
10 Ways in which college life is different from school life


Going from school to college is a big transition in a student's life and while the buffer phase between the two is very less, the life of the student changes completely. Here we have chalked out a few interesting differences between school and college. Read on:


School: Since you compulsorily have to spend 8-9 hours in the school and the option of bunking is not common at all, you get to know  your classmates very well. The discipline of school life brings people together and since the distractions are not readily available, they have no option but to find the entertainment inside the class with people around.

College: In college, things change drastically. The groups are more defined and with so much freedom to hangout with their own friends and the option of not attending classes, students do not feel the need to get to know other people in the class.

Learning what you want

School: In school, you do not have much choice about what subjects  you were forced to learn all subjects irrespective of whether you want to, or not. For example, if you opt science you, you have to study Physics and Chemistry as the choice is only between Maths and Biology. Other than that, subjects based on language are almost always compulsory.

College: In college, you get to learn whatever you want based on your own choice. Of course you can't choose the subjects but the course is what you want to learn, unlike school, where there were a set of subject everyone had to study without having any say in the matter.

Being in charge of your own schedule

School: Teachers decide your schedule in school and parents at home. You do not have much say in designing your timetable according to your wishes because, well, no one trusts you enough for that.

College: In college, you get the ownership of your time and for the first time you can do just about anything you want. This is where the responsibility comes in as you have to make your schedule to fit in all the academic and personal needs.

The meaning of 'average' changes

School: In school, half of the class falls in this category. It is okay to be average, you can more than live with it. Teachers and parents are becoming more and more aware with each passing day and do not pressurize their children to be a topper.

College: When you enter college, you will realize that students here are all toppers from the school and have reached where they are after continuous hard work. Average doesn't work anymore and you will have to push yourself, not for a good rank because that does not matter but because the competition is only going to increase from here on and you have to prepare yourself for it right from the beginning.


School: In school, attendance is mandatory. And there is not much you can do to turn things in your favour. You leave from home and reach school. Where will you go in between, and for how many days? People will start raising question on your absence within three days of your absence and then it will be tough (read impossible to come up with an explanation).

College: Attendance is suggested in college, not mandatory. Several colleges lay out several rules for minimum attendance but the question is how many students actually follow them? Additionally, the ability to give proxy also works in favour of the students. It is not possible to give proxy in school because the teachers have practically seen you grow up from a child to a teenager. It is difficult to fool them.

Mass bunk

School: It almost seems funny to think of concept of mass bunk in school. Most students wouldn't even know what that means. Besides, planning a mass bunk requires unity which lacks in school. There is always one 'teacher ka chamcha' in school who will go and inform them about all the conspiracies.

College: Mass bunks happen over whatsapp chats in college. When an entire class chooses to go for a bunk, the class stands cancelled and the teacher has to give attendance to everyone. Repeated attempts to do that will result in some trouble but all that can be handled.


These were the major differences between school and college life but it is safe to say that each phase has a charm of its own and you should be cherished to the fullest.

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