BOB Manipal PO (PGDBF) Exam 2017- General Awareness (Related to Banking Industry) Quiz

In BOB Manipal Exam, you can easily increase your score with the help of GK section. The section consists 50 question carrying 50 marks.

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BOB Manipal PO GK

 The Bank of Baroda is all set to conduct Online Exam for its PGDBF course on 27th May. In the exam, there will  be 50 questions on General Awareness (with special related to Banking Industry). Here the banking team of  jagran josh is providing General Awareness Quiz (with special related to Banking Industry).  




1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines called S4A.Exapnd S4A.

 a)      Strategic Scheme for Debt Restructuring

 b)      Strategic Scheme for Sustainable Stressed Assets

 c)       Scheme for Structuring of Stressed Assets

 d)      Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets

 e)      None of these

 Answer- Option d)



2. Jeddah- based, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is all set to set up in the-

a)      Ahmadabad

b)      New Delhi

c)       Mumbai

d)      Pune

e)      None of these


Answer- Option a)


3. Which of the following is term deposit account that can be maintained by NRIs and PIOs in foreign currency?


a)      NRO

b)      NRE

c)       FCNR

d)      FCCB

e)      BSBDA

Answer- Option c)


4. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international  organization, headquartered at-

a)      Geneva

b)      Perth

c)       Paris

d)      Vienna

e)      Non e of these

Answer- Option d)


5. The World No- Tobacco day is observed on

a)      1 May

b)      11 May

c)       21 May

d)      31 May

e)      None of these

Answer- Option d)


6. Which of the following is NOT covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?

a)      Public Sector Banks

b)      Private Sector Banks

c)       Regional Rural Banks

d)      Scheduled Primary Co-operative Banks

e)      Other than those given as options

Answer- Option e)


7. The government has set up a high-level committee to identify all possible modes of digital payment across sectors as it pushes on with its drive towards a cashless economy. The committee is headed by-


a)      Amitabh Kant

b)      Ratan Watal

c)       Nachiket Mor

d)      Usha Thorat

e)      None of these

Answer- Option a)


8. Name the ransomware, which has recently shuttered or slowed many operations across the world-

a)      WannaCry

b)      CryptoCry

c)       DecryptoCry

d)      MalryptoCry

e)      None of these

Answer- Option a)


9. Cashback portal tied up with which private sector bank to launch card-linked offers for both offline and online shoppers?

a)      Axis Bank

b)      Yes Bank

c)       ICICI Bank

d)      HDFC Bank

e)      None of these

Answer- Option b)


10. The Union Government has created a task force on employment data. Who of the following will be chairing the task force?

a)      M. Sathiyavathy

b)      Pulak Ghosh

c)       Manish Sabharwal

d)      Arvind Panagariya

e)      None of these

Answer- Option d)


‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.’

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