Last Minute Revision Tips for BPSC Prelims 2020

The BPSC prelims is to take place on 16 December. In this article, we are providing tips and strategies for better revision. The article describes what to read and how to read so that in minimum efforts, results can be achieved.

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bpsc prelims tips
bpsc prelims tips

The BPSC Prelims 2020 is scheduled for 27 December 2020. There will be a tough competition in the BPSC prelims exam. The candidates have been preparing for the BPSC prelims 2020 for a long and now they are to perform in the prelims exam. Now, it is time they got some smart revision tips so that they can crack the BPSC prelims 2020.

BPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Some Common Tips for Revision

The candidates have the idea of the syllabus and they all have gone through it. With less time in the commencement of the exam, the candidates are advised to adopt smart revision tips. It all starts with proper planning and ends with execution. Here are some common tips for the revision:

BPSC Prelims Tips and Strategy

1. Get into the Exam Mode: To start with, the candidates must get into the exam mode. It means that they should concentrate on studies only, sacrificing the entertainment for a few days before the exam. A few days without fun and enjoyment can lead to good results.

2. Arrange Your Notes: The candidates would have prepared well for the exam and must have made notes on what they have studied so long. Now, it is time to get all these notes at one place so that revision can be initiated. The notes will be used in the effective preparation of the exams with the information being moulded as per the requirement.

3. Divide the Time among the Subjects: The students have less time and have to study many subjects. Therefore, they are advised to divide the time among the subjects. The time should be divided in such a way that the weaker subjects get more slots nonetheless the stronger subjects get due to time.

BPSC Top Posts

4. Reshare what You have Learnt: Once you have studied the subject matter, then try to reproduce it to others; be it your friends, family members, or anyone of similar interest in order to have an insight that will help you in your preparation.

5. Do Not Learn Anything New: With the exam at hand, the students are advised not to read anything new. In current affairs, they are required to revise the developments that are a month old from the date of the exam. Do not read anything new at this point of time.

6. Keep Testing Yourself: Revision will be incomplete if the candidates do not test themselves. They should expose themselves to the regular evaluation so that the habit of getting feedback can be maintained and further improvement can be made when required.

7. Mock Test and Previous Years Papers: The students must go through the previous year papers. They should also involve themselves in the mock tests so that they can have an exam like experience.

Salary and Promotion of SDM in BPSC

8. Stay Concentrated and Focussed: The students are advised not to lose their concentration and be focussed at the exam only. Undue stress harms only and there is no outcome if one is always in a panic mode.

BPSC Prelims 2020: Subject Specific Study Tips

The BPSC prelims 2020 will be of 150 marks and qualifying in nature. It will be of two hours. In the BPSC prelims 2020, the questions will be from General Studies, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Now, we are providing some subject-specific study tips for the benefit of the students.

Topics for Revising General Studies and General Knowledge

General Studies and General Knowledge are important in BPSC prelims 2020. However, it is difficult to remember everything that the students read. This is where the problems start. One cannot memorise all the stuffs during one’s study.

Salary and Promotion of DSP in BPSC

If previous exam papers of BPSC are analysed then there comes some important topics from which questions are repeatedly asked in the exams. For the purpose of the revision, these topics are to be referred on a priority basis. See the following table:

Areas of Study


Important Topics for Revision


















General Studies


1. Harappa Civilisation, Indus Valley Civilisation; its origin and significance
2. Vedic culture and Aryans 
3. Important ancient Temples and institutions like Nalanda
4. Medieval India and its important systems
5. India’s freedom Movement and its leaders


1. Rivers, their tributaries and rivulets

2. Mountain, peaks of India and World

3. Composition and interior of Earth

4. Weather and climate

5. States and the boundaries, location of parks, sanctuaries, volcanoes, islands of India

6. Minerals in India and World


1. Indian Constitution: Fundamental rights and duties and Directive Principles of State

2. Constitutional amendments

3. Important articles and emergency provisions

4. Provisions related to SC/STs and minorities

5. Different constutional posts

6. Appointment and dismissal of chiefs of Constitutional bodies.

7. State list, central list and concurrent list

8. Non-constitutional bodies

9. Important committees and Political Parties


1. Budget and related facts

2. National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit

3. Five Year Plan, its importance and Chairman
4. Institutions like RBI, SEBI etc. and their importance


1. Physical quantities

2. Motion and laws related to it

3. Energy, current electricity, magnetism

4. Gravitation, force and sound

5. Physics in everyday life


1. Chemical properties of substance and their commercial and domestic uses 
2. Atomic concept and theories
3. States of matter and its properties
4. Acids, bases and salts and the related facts

5. Mole concept ans structure of atom

6. Chemistry in Everyday life


1. Important scientific inventions and their inventor with reference to firlds of medicine
2. Facts about human body parts.
3. Nutrition in animals and plants.
4. Diseases and their causes
5. Cell, its organisation and working








General Knowledge










Static GK

1. Countries, their Currency, Capital, name of parliament and international boundaries

2. National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, waterfalls, caves, valleys, mountains, deserts, oceans and trenches in India

3. Discoveries & Inventions in the world

4. Temples, mosques, tribal groups, dances, festivals and languages in India.

5. Important dams on rivers and cities on rivers

6. Important crops and industries in India

7. The first in India and the world.

8. Important days, historical dates , dynasty and its founders

9. Awards & their respective field

BPSC Cut Off

Topics for Revising Current Affairs

In current affairs segment, the students have to revise the topics that are at least one month prior to the date of the exam. The topics that are to be referred are:

1. Business related developments     

2. Recent developments in Sports (national & international)           

3. Recent developments in Science and Technology

4. Awards, Books & authors, famous personality

5. Environment related issues that are in the news                    

6. Education related developments

7. Appointments and resignation

8. Important government schemes

The above tips are common for all the subjects and should be followed as a whole. However, the students can use them as per their own convenience so that they can revise the subject matter quickly.

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