Class 10 English Footprints without Feet MCQs for Chapter 7 - The Necklace (Published by CBSE)

Read the MCQs for CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 7 - The Necklace. This set of MCQ questions is published by the CBSE Board. Practice all questions to prepare for the CBSE Class 10  English Exam 2021-2022.

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Class 10 English Footprints without Feet MCQs for Chapter 7
Class 10 English Footprints without Feet MCQs for Chapter 7

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Chapter 7 - The Necklace are provided here. Students must practice these questions to understand in what way the extract-based MCQs can be asked in the board exams. These questions are published by the CBSE Board. Each question is followed by four options and a correct answer.

Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract.

(A) “She suffered incessantly, feeling herself born for all delicacies and luxuries. She suffered from the poverty of her apartment, the shabby walls and the worn chairs. All these things tortured and angered her. When she seated herself for dinner opposite her husband who uncovered the tureen with a delighted air, saying, “Oh! the good potpie! I know nothing better than that...,” she would think of elegant dinners of shining silver; she thought of the exquisite food served in marvellous dishes. She had neither frocks nor jewels, nothing. And she loved only those things. She had a rich friend, a schoolmate at the convent, who she did not like to visit- she suffered so much when she returned. She wept for whole days from despair and disappointment.”

i. Choose the option that list the set of statements that are NOT TRUE according to the given extract.

1. Matilda was very pleased with her life.

2. Matilda envied her friend for being well-off.

3. M Loisel didn’t appreciate what Matilda cooked.

4. Matilda despised the fact that she lived a life of poverty.

5. Matilda never felt troubled, though she desired a luxurious life.

6. Matilda thought of grand dinners and silverware sitting at the dinner table.

7. Matilda felt depressed after visiting her friend.

Choose the correct option among the following:

a) 1, 3, 6

b) 3, 5, 7

c) 1, 3, 5

d) 2, 4, 7

Answer: c) 1, 3, 5

ii. Which word does ‘delicacies’ NOT correspond to?

a) etherealness

b) elegance

c) exquisiteness

d) robustness

Answer: d) robustness

iii. Choose the answer that lists the correct option of what a ‘tureen’ is?

a) Option (i)

b) Option (ii)

c) Option (iii)

d) Option (iv)

Answer: c) Option (iii)

iv. Choose the characteristic displayed by M Loisel in the extract.

a) conceited

b) contended

c) appeased

d) subdued

Answer: b) contended

V. The extract uses the phrase ‘elegant dinners’. Which of the following expressions is incorrect with respect to the word ‘elegant’?

a) option i)

b) option ii)

c) option iii)

d) option iv)

Answer: c) option iii)

(B) “He was silent, stupefied, in dismay, at the sight of his wife weeping. He stammered, “What is the matter? What is the matter?” By a violent effort, she had controlled her vexation and responded in a calm voice, wiping her moist cheeks, “Nothing. Only I have no dress and consequently I cannot go to this affair. Give your card to some colleague whose wife is better fitted out than I.’’ He was grieved, but answered, “Let us see, Matilda. How much would a suitable costume cost, something that would serve for other occasions, something very simple?” She reflected for some seconds thinking of a sum that she could ask for without bringing with it an immediate refusal and a frightened exclamation from the economical clerk.”

i. What does ‘economical clerk’ indicate?

a) M Loisel was a spendthrift even though he earned a lot.

b) M Loisel was thrifty as he had a meagre income.

c) M Loisel calculated money all the time as he was a clerk.

d) M Loisel was stingy about money and didn’t spend it.

Answer: b) M Loisel was thrifty as he had a meagre income.

ii. Pick the option that correctly classifies fact/s (F) and opinion/s (O) of the people below:

a) F-1, 2 and O-3, 4

b) F-3, O-1,2, 4

c) F-2, 4, O-1,3

d) F-2, 3, 4, O-1

Answer: b) F-3, O-1,2, 4

iii. Pick the correct set that matches with the feelings of the highlighted words related to the characters:

Matilda: By a violent effort, she had controlled...

M Loisel: He was grieved....

i) Matilda felt aggressive; M Loisel was troubled

ii) Matilda was irritated; M Loisel was upset and cried

iii) Matilda tried extremely hard; M Loisel felt intense sorrow

iv) Matilda was quite calm; M Loisel’s heart ached for love

Choose the correct options among the following:

a) Option i)

b) Option ii)

c) Option iii)

d) Option iv)

Answer: c) Option iii)

iv. M Loisel was astonished seeing his wife’s reaction. He writes a diary entry that night. Complete the entry by with the missing words, by choosing the correct option.

11 January, Monday                                                                                                              9:00 pm

I thought Matilda would be (i) ______________ seeing the invitation in my hand. However, her reaction has left me (ii)__________________. I don’t know how I would be able to (iii)_______________ a new dress for her.

a) i) vexed ii) disturbed iii) bring

b) i) elated ii) disturbed iii) afford

c) i) keen ii) depressed iii) bring

d) i) elated ii) distressed iii) afford

Answer: d) i) elated ii) distressed iii) afford

v. Choose the option that gives the most appropriate response to the statement made by the speaker.

a) I think Matilda was being unreasonable and unrealistic.

b) I feel that M Loisel loved Matilda and wanted her to be happy.

c) In my opinion M Loisel was being too harsh with Matilda.

d) I feel that M Loisel should not have brought the invite home.

Answer: b) I feel that M Loisel loved Matilda and wanted her to be happy.

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