CBSE Class 12 Computer Science (Term 2): Important Case Study Based Questions| CBSE 12th Board Exams 2022

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Term 2: Check important case-based questions other than sample papers released by the Board. Practice before the CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Exams 2022. 

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science
CBSE Class 12 Computer Science

CBSE Term 2 Exams 2022: CBSE would be conducting offline CBSE Term 2 Class 10,12 Exams from April 26, 2022, onwards. The CBSE Datesheet would be released soon on the official website soon after the CBSE Results for Term 1 exams. Check the Computer Science questions and answers below. These questions are case-based and would help the students to practice before their actual exam.


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Check the questions listed below to solve and understand the type of questions that could be asked in the CBSE Computer Science Term 2 Class 12 Exam 2022. 

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Q1. In the mid-’80s another federal agency, the NSF created a new high capacity network called NSFnet, which was more capable than ARPANET. The only drawback of NSFnet was that it allowed only academic research on its network and not any kind of private business on it. Now, several private organisations and people started working to build their own networks, named private networks, which were later (in the 1990s) connected with ARPANET and NSFnet to form the Internet. The Internet really became popular in the 1990s after the development of the World Wide Web.

  1. What does NSFnet stand for?
  2. What does ARPANET stand for?
  3. What is the internet?
  4. In which year NSFnet was established?

Q2. The Infotech University of India is starting its first campus in a small town of central India with its admission office in Delhi. The university has three major buildings comprising of Admin Building, Academic Building and Research Building in the 3 km area campus. As a network expert, you need to suggest the network plan as per (a) to (e) to the authorities keeping in mind the distance and other given parameters. 

Distance between buildings:

Research to Admin- 150 m

Research to Academic- 70 m

Academic to Admin- 10 m

Delhi office to the main campus- 1500 km

Number of Computers per building

Research 10

Admin 6

Academic 30

Delhi office

Answer the following based on the above case

  1. Suggest the best topology
  2. What type of network is it?
  3. Suggest the best building to place the server
  4. Suggest a device to be placed between the Delhi office and the main campus to regenerate the weak signal.
  5. Which of the following will you suggest establishing online face-to-face communication between the Delhi office and the main campus?

Q3. Web Support cooperation of India is planning to set up new offices in India with a hub at Chennai. As a network expert, you need to suggest the network plan as per (a) to (e) to the authorities keeping in mind the distance and other given parameters.

Distance between buildings in meters:

Human Resources to Conference 60

Human Resources to Finance 60

Conference to Finance 120

A number of computers in buildings:

Human Resources 125

Conference 25

Finance 60

  1. What will be the most appropriate block to install the server?
  2. What will be the best possible connectivity out of the following to connect the offices in various blocks?
  3. Draw a block-to-block layout for efficient communication.
  4. Suggest a device to connect each of the computers in each building.
  5. Which device is to be installed to protect and control internet use within the campus?

Q4. Hindustan Connecting World Association” is planning to start their offices in four major cities in India to provide regional IT infrastructure support in the field of Education & Culture. The company has planned to set up their head office in New Delhi in three locations and have named their New Delhi offices as “Sales Office”, “Head Office” and “Tech Office”. The company’s regional offices are located at “Coimbatore”, “Kolkata” and “Ahmedabad”. A rough layout of the same is as follows:

Approximate distances between these offices as per the network survey team is as follows:

Approximate distances between these offices as per the network survey team is as follows:

Place From Place To Distance

Head Office Sales Office- 10 KM

Head Office Tech Office- 70 Meter

Head Office Kolkata Office- 1291 KM

Head Office Ahmedabad Office- 790 KM

Head Office Coimbatore Office- 1952 KM

In continuation of the above, the company experts have planned to install the following number of computers in each of their offices:

Head Office- 100

Sales Office- 20

Tech Office - 50

Kolkata Office- 50

Ahmedabad Office- 50

Coimbatore Office- 50

1. Suggest network type (out of LAN, MAN, WAN) for connecting each of the following set of their offices: - Head Office and Tech Office - Head Office and Coimbatore Office

2. Which device will you suggest to be procured by the company for connecting all the computers within each of their offices out of the following devices? - Modem - Telephone - Switch/ Hub 

3. Which of the following communication media, will you suggest to be procured by the company for connecting their local offices in New Delhi for very effective and fast communication? -

Ethernet Cable - Optical Fiber - Telephone Cable

4. Suggest a cable/ wiring layout for connecting the company’s local offices located in New Delhi.

5. The organization is planning to link its front office situated in the city in the hilly region where cable connection is not feasible, so, suggest an economic way to connect it with reasonably high speed.

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