Going Places Class 12 Notes: CBSE 12th English Chapter 8 Flamingo (Prose), Download PDF

CBSE Class 12 Going Places Notes: Here, students can find revision notes for CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo (Prose) Chapter 8, Going Places. Find here full and detailed handwritten notes and a summary of Going Places.

Download PDF for CBSE Class 12 Chapter 8 Going Places
Download PDF for CBSE Class 12 Chapter 8 Going Places

Going Places Class 12 Notes: This article brings to you detailed and complete Revision Notes of CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 8, Going Places. We have also attached a PDF download link for students to wish to save these revision notes for future reference. The handwritten notes presented here have been prepared by the subject experts in accordance with the updated and revised CBSE Syllabus.

These revision notes will help students prepare well for their CBSE Board Examinations. It will strengthen your preparation, ensure that you don’t miss out on any important part of the chapter, and will help you understand each and every part of the chapter clearly. A summary of the chapter, character sketches, details about the author, and more information have been collected and presented to you for the complete revision guide for the chapter Going Places. To further improve your preparation, students should check NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 8 Going Places.

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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo (Prose) Chapter 8 Going Places are:

About the Author:

A.R. Barton is the author of CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 8, Going Places. He is considered a modern writer who writes on topics and issues relevant to the people of today’s and future generations. In this chapter, he explores a similar concept and tries to write about adolescence and the habits of teenagers.

About the Story/ Synopsis of the Story

Sophie, a teenage girl fantasies about Danny Casey, a footballer, whom she admires a lot. Sophie tells her brother, Geoff, of meeting the famous Danny Casey in the arcade. He of course did not believe her and neither did her father. She tells Geoff that Danny has asked her out and they are going to meet somewhere alone. Sophie goes to the location and waits for him. Will he come to meet her or will she have to spend her life in disappointment, check the summary below to know the story in detail.

Theme of Going Places

Going Places is a story about teenagers, their fantasies, and the act of hero worship. Fantasizing moments that are unbelievable and fictional are common in teenagers, especially when it is related to celebrities. The story is about a girl who fantasizes about a great footballer and cooks up the story of meeting her. She informs her brother and her father about the same. This chapter is based on the context of teenagers, their life and dreams, their habits and acts, and much more.

Character Sketches:

Sophie- Sophie is innocent, childish, and impractical. She is an escaper who does not like to face reality and instead believes in dreaming about things she aspires to have, be it her love life or her career. She ignores the fact that she has to work in a biscuit factory and instead dreams of becoming a manager, actress, and shop owner. She does not even understand what it takes to be any of these and thus is impractical and innocent. She likes to daydream and live in her fantasy world. She is a hero worshipper and is thus obsessed with Danny Casey. She is a liar since she knows that she has lied to Geoff and the rest of the family members about Danny Casey, previously as well.

Jansie-  She is a practical kid who understands things. She knows that it takes money to start a business and time to reach the position of a manager. She knows that working in the biscuit factory is the most realistic work they can do. Unlike Sophie, she is realistic, does not look for escapes, and is not a daydreamer. She is a good friend because despite her innocence Sophie listens to her and tries to correct her.

 Summary (Important Points)

  • While returning from school, Sophie tells Jansie that she is going to have a boutique one day, or she might become an actress since it has a lot of money, or else she can be a manager and save some pennies for opening a boutique. To which Jansie replies that it takes a lot of money to open a boutique and that people don’t end up becoming managers of a company just like that. She also tries to tell her that since they are about to grow up and leave school, she should start being sensible.
  • On hearing what Sophie is saying, her brother Derek comments that she thinks money grows on trees.
  • Sophie goes to meet her other brother Geoff who works as an apprentice mechanic at the far side of the city. She is keenly interested in her brother’s life as he usually stays quiet. She also knows that he has more understanding of the outer world than her and wishes that someday he would take her to see the outside world.
  • Sophie tells Geoff that she has met Danny Casey at the arcade which Geoff of course does not believe. Then, Sophie creates imaginary physical attributes of Danny and tells them to Geoff.
  • At the dinner table, Geoff reveals to their father about Sophie’s new story. Father looks at Sophie in disdain since he knows that she hasn’t met Danny Casey. Geoff and their father start having a conversation about Casey and Sophie interrupts in between to say that Danny has told her he is going to buy a shop. Hearing this, their father scolded Sophie and aggressively told her that she would get in trouble for her stories.

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