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CBSE Class 12th English (Core) Model Paper Set-II

Sep 14, 2015 18:27 IST

    Find CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Model Paper Set - II for the coming half yearly exam. These questions not only help the students to prepare for exams in a better manner, but also help them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied. 

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    Few Sample Questions from the Question Paper are given below:

    Q. Read the passage given below-

    1. I rather pride myself on my packing. Packing is one of those many things I feel I know more about than any other person living. I impressed the fact upon George and Harris and told them they had better left the whole matter entirely to me. But I was surprised at the readiness with which they agreed. George spread himself over the easy chair and Harris put his legs on the table and lit a cigar.

    2. This was hardly what I had intended. What I had meant, of course, was that I should be the boss of the job and that Harris and George should potter about following my instructions. I would push them aside every now and then with ‘Here, let me do it’, or ‘there you are, simple enough!’- really teaching them; you might say. Their taking it the way they did irritated me.

    3. There is nothing that irritates me more than seeing people sitting about doing nothing when I am working. I knew a man once who used to make me angry that way. He would loll on the sofa, for hours together, and watch me doing things following me around with his eyes. He said it did him real good to look at me messing about. It made him feel that life was not our idle dream to be gaped and yawned through, but a noble task full of stern duty and hard work.

    4. I am not like that. I can’t sit still and see another man slaving and working. I want to get up and supervise, walk around with my hands in my pocket and tell him what to do. It is my energetic nature, I can’t help it.

    5. However, I did not say anything to George and Harris but just started packing. It took longer than I had thought it would but I got the bag finished at last. I sat on the bag and strapped it, Harris asked, indicating my boots, ‘Aren’t you going to put those in? I looked around and found that I had forgotten them. And George laughed- one of those irritating, senseless chuckles of his. They do make me so wild.

    6. I opened the bag and packed the boots in and then, just as I was going to close it, a horrible thought occurred to me had I put in my toothbrush? This is something that haunts me when I’m travelling. I dream that I haven’t packed it and I have to get out of bed and hunt for it. And in the morning, I sometimes pack it before the use and have to unpack it again.

    7. Of course, I turned out the entire contents of my bag but could not find my toothbrush. I found George’ and Harris’ several times over but couldn’t find my own. I put the things one by one and looked carefully and finally found my toothbrush inside a boot. I repacked once more…

    8. I finally finished a little after ten in the night and there remained hampers to do.

    1.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following by choosing the most appropriate option:

    (a) The narrator made the offer of packing because he was

    (i) Hard working

    (ii) Fussy

    (iii) Helpful

    (iv) Bossy

    (b) George’s chuckles made the narrator wild because

    (i) They were very loud

    (ii) They were directed at the narrator

    (iii) They never stopped

    (iv) They echoed through the room

    (c) Packing took longer than the narrator had expected because

    (i) He had many bags to pack

    (ii) He was confused

    (iii) He was other tasks too while packing

    (iv) George and Harris were disturbing him

    1.2 Answer the following questions briefly:

    (a) How are George and Harris similar to ‘the man I know’? How are all of them different from the narrator?

    (b) What was the thing that irritated the narrator the most? Why?

    (c) What was the horrible thought that haunted the narrator and what did it result into?

    1.3 Give the synonyms of the following words from the passage:

    (a) Purposed (Para 2)

    (b) Making things untidy (Para 3)

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