CBSE Term 2 Class 12 Physical Education Sample Paper 2022 with Marking Scheme: Best for Last Minute Revision

CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper was released on the official website. DOwnload the sample paper and marking scheme in PDF through the links shared below. Both the sample paper & marking scheme are best for last minute revision before the CBSE Term 2 Board Exam 2022.

CBSE Term 2 Physical Education Class 12 Sample Paper
CBSE Term 2 Physical Education Class 12 Sample Paper

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Sample Paper 2022: Students who are to appear in the CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Term 2 Board Exam 2022 can download the latest CBSE sample paper and marking scheme for the exam from the links mentioned below. Solve all the questions given in the sample paper to get an idea of the important concepts to be prepared for the exam and estimate the difficulty level of the exam.

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CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper 2022: Class 12 Physical Education Marking Scheme

There would be three sections in the Question paper namely Section A, Section B and Section C.

Section A would have 9 questions amongst which 7 questions have to be attempted. Each of the questions would carry 2 marks and should have 30-50 words.

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Section B will be of 5 questions from which 3 questions will have to be attempted. Each question would carry 3 marks and would need to have 80-100 words.

Section C would consist of 4 questions from which 3 questions would have to be attempted. Every question would carry 4 marks and should have 100-150 words.

CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper 2022 Class 12 Physical Education: Questions with Answers

1. Explain any two benefits of Ardha matsyendrasana.

Ans. Benefits of Ardha Matsyendrasana

It loses extra fat and makes the body beautiful and strong.

It stimulates the liver, spleen and pancreas.

It is beneficial for the respiratory system.

It strengthens the spinal column and back muscles.

2. Define explosive strength with help of an example.

Ans. Explosive Strength: It is the ability to overcome resistance with high speed. It is used in take-off jumping events like long jump, high jump, triple jump, jumping in volleyball for smashing or spiking, jumping for a rebound in basketball.

3. Define personality and motivation.


According to Begge and Hunt, “Personality refers to the whole behavioural pattern of an individual to the totality of its characteristics.” According to Velentine, “Personality is the sum-total of inherited and acquired abilities.”

According to Guild Ford, “Personality is an individual’s unique pattern of

Traits.” According to Sigmund Freud, “Personality is an individual’s unique thought, feeling and behaviour that persist over time and different situations.” According to Young, “Personality is the totality of behaviour of an individual with a given tendency system interacting with a sequence of situations.”

According to R.B. Cattel, “Personality is that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation.” On the basis of these definitions, a brief definition would be that “Personality is the sum total of inner and outer capabilities of an individual.”


According to Sage, “The drive to strive is called motivation.” According to Crooks and Stein, “Any condition that might energize and direct our actions” is called motivation. According to Morgan and King, “Motivation refers to a state within a person or animal that drives behaviour towards some goal.” According to P.T. Yong, “Motivation is the process of arousing, action, sustaining the activities in progress, and regulating the patterns of activity.” According to Johnson, “Motivation is the influence of a general pattern of activities indicating and directing the behaviour of the organism.”

4. Write the full form of SPD and ASD. 

Ans. Autism SPECTRUM Disorder (ASD)

Sensory PROCESSING Disorder (SPD)

5.  List any four changes happening in the muscular system due to exercising.

Ans. Changes happen in the muscular system due to exercising. 

Change in size and shape of Muscle: Regular exercise helps in enlarging cells of muscles which in turn helps in changing size and shape of muscles. 

Increase in the Strength of Muscles: A person who does exercise daily has stronger muscles and such muscles work more. These become stronger by getting more nutritious food in the form of oxygen. 

Increase in Coordination: Regular exercise increases coordination in the muscles. These become stronger by doing exercise. As a result a person does not feel fatigue even by working for a long time. If the muscles do not have co-ordination or have incomplete co-ordination then the working becomes impossible. 

Entrance of Greater Quantity of Oxygen in the Body: Muscles have to do more work during exercise. The consumption of oxygen increases in the person who exercises. Thus blood reaches quickly in the muscles.

6. What is the meaning of the Isotonic method and it is used for developing which ability? 

Ans. Isotonic method

Isotonic exercises were introduced by De Lorene in 1954. This term comes from the Greek word ‘iso’ which means ‘same or equal’ maintaining equal (muscle) tone or tension’. In this one muscle group contracts, the opposite relaxes during which the muscle changes its length. These are those exercises in which direct movements are visible to the 3rd person. In this case, personal muscular efforts are evidenced by visible movements. In isotonic exercises, rapid movements are accomplished by reflex alteration of contraction and relaxation of antagonistic flexors and extensors of the joints concerned. Type of contraction where we notice the movements of objects is called isotonic contraction e.g. doing exercise with lightweight or dumbbells etc. Most of the exercises fall under this category used to develop Strength.

Solve the following on your own:

  1. Mention any two symptoms and causes of ADHD. 
  2. What is Laceration and how can it be managed? 
  3. List down any two strategies to make physical activities accessible for CWSN. 
  4. List down and briefly explain any four techniques of motivation

Download PDF of the following:

CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper
CBSE Term 2 Class 12th Physical Education Marking Scheme & Answers


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