Confusing English words to know before you use them at work

Confusing about words may make your presentation poor at work! So, know some confusing English words before you use them at work.

Created On: Mar 12, 2018 14:05 IST
Confusing words to know before you use them at work
Confusing words to know before you use them at work

Impressive communication skill is essential for a impressive professional image at work. Nevertheless, it isn’t possible without clear understanding of the words. You may be misunderstood and might be not taken seriously if the words that you use while communicating at work don’t make sense. Further, it may seriously damage your image as a professional at work. It will take a long time, and effort to rebuild the image once it’s damaged at work. So, you need to be cautious and careful while using English words in your official conversation. For it, you should know about the confusing English words before you use them at work. Though they are many in numbers, you can strengthen your communication by knowing the confusing words we have included in this article.

Love – The most confusing word

It isn’t confusing at all when you use this word to refer to the face value. But, when it comes to the use of this word in other contexts, it confuses most of the people. This result in the manipulation of the intended message they want to convey to others. It badly affects presentation and damages their professional image at work. So, you need to know the exact meaning of ‘Love’ before you use this word at workplace. To understand the worth of the words, you should go to the dictionaries which define ‘Love’ as strong affection for personal ties or an attraction based on desires.   

Affect/Effect – Know the difference

Most of the people get confused while using words like ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’ in their conversation. With confusion about the difference between these two words, they often wrongly use ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect,’ which makes their presentation poor. To avoid this mistake, you should know that ‘Affect’ is verb and ‘Effect’ is noun and use them appropriately in your daily conversation. It would help you to place these words appropriately in your sentences, which could strengthen your overall presentation at work.  

Integrity – The most valued word

Integrity is the value, which an organisation adopts as a moral code. If professional talks about the integrity of his organisation, he somewhere wants to talk about the morals that an organisation preserves to stay credible among the customers. So, be aware of the exact meaning of integrity while using it.

Ambiguous – Use this word carefully

If someone use ‘Ambiguous’ in his/her sentence, he/she wants to refer something uncertain, unclear or not having one obvious meaning. For example, if something is ambiguous it is understood possibly in more than one ways. So, when you want to refer something that is uncertain, unclear, or have more than two meanings, use this word. It would strengthen your presentation at work.

Conundrum – Use this word appropriately

This word refers to the confusing and difficult problems or questions, when it’s used in serious conversation. It is often used to explain unanswerable questions on ethics, sociology, and economics and sometimes explain the questions being asked for amusement. So, use this appropriately at work.  

Apathetic – A diplomatic word

If you use this word in your conversation for a particular thing, you mean to say you’re neither interested nor have any concern or enthusiasm for the same.  So, use this word appropriately while referring to particular events.  It would help you to convey your feelings about what you don’t want in life or have no concern, which could make others curious to know the reason.

Cynical – Refrain from using this word

If someone is cynical, he/she doesn’t believe the human is motivated by others’ interest but by their own.  Cynical people disbelieve the sincerity or integrity of humans and are concerned only with their own interest. So, when you want to refer one of your co-workers like this, use ‘Cynical’ in your sentence. However, it will be good if you don’t use this work at your workplace.


In the corporate world, the words we choose to use in routine conversation at work are soul of our communication skills. Any inappropriate selection of word may weaken your message and eventually our image at work. But with insightful understanding and proper use of some of the confusing words, you can escape the bad effects of poor presentation. In this article, we have explained about some of them, which can help you to make your presentation strong at work.

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