Courses to become Nursery School Teacher

Specialized courses to become nursery school teacher learn different aspects like handling behavior at such an elementary level, how to make learning process interesting and for a healthy discussion with the parents.

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In India, there are diverse courses to become nursery school teacher. A person educating children between the ages of 3 to 5 is commonly called as “nursery class teacher”.  Such educators are renowned for their patience and calm attitude, as they deal with the various mixed expressions of kids. Specialized courses to become nursery school teacher learn different aspects like handling behavior at such an elementary level, how to make learning process interesting and for a healthy discussion with the parents.

An aspiring candidate must be fully aware of her role and responsibilities that she will handle after becoming an eligible teacher. This career needs not just the right kind of attitude but also a perfect enthusiasm to pursue it. One has to aptly choose from the available courses to become nursery school teacher. 

Who all can apply for Nursery School Teacher courses?

It takes a great deal to become such an educator as it is tiring, requires a lot of patience and is highly demanding as well. The minimum requirement to pursue a career in this field is to have senior secondary passed certificate making one eligible for taking up further higher courses in it. One is always counted on the brighter side if she has participated in activities like child care planning, early childhood education, reading, games, plays, setting up of curriculum, etc.

If you think, taking care and indulging with children is in your nature then, you must go with this career without any doubt.

Courses which are offered in India for Nursery School Teacher

To become a qualified teacher, one has to give planned examinations under a chosen course and is must to clear it with the minimum percentage/marks. There are many programmes offered to become an eligible faculty but before that, one has to be crystal clear about the TGT and PGT first.

•    TGT and PGT are titles which say that courses are included under these. TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher which means that you are a graduate and trained to teach nursery up to 10th classes. PGT is Post Graduate Teacher which means that you are a post-graduate and trained in teaching any class right from nursery till 12th class.

•    Whether you want to be a TGT or PGT, B.Ed training  is a must which is a regular 1 year course that makes you learn the complete lifestyle of a teacher within a classroom along with how students are handled, syllabus is covered, things are taught to the students, assignments and exams are set. There are many private and government colleges which offer this course and makes you fit in it. You can just go through their websites, fill the form, give entrance test if applicable, enroll within time frame and start the course.

•    If you have completed your graduation and have also taken up B.Ed then, you are a TGT. You can apply for teaching jobs at school level for your subject that you are most confident about.

•    If you have completed your post-graduation and B. Ed programme then, only you can go for PGT option like M. Ed is the most suitable option. This advance course makes you eligible for higher classes. After you have finished it, you can take job at school level for the higher standards.

•    The National level test which is conducted according to the varied specialization is NET (National Eligibility Test) which is only for post-graduate people. This test is conducted twice in a year; once in June-July and another around November-December and opens a new scope for becoming a researcher or a lecture and at times both.

•    If you do not wish to go for a regular training then, diploma course is the answer. Course like Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training deals in all aspects of teaching and handling small kids. Aspiring candidates are also made sure of appropriate teaching methods so that complete physical, psychological and social development of children is focused.  After this, one can easily apply at private schools to take up a passionate career in this.

Why you should apply for nursery school teacher?

1. One of the most important reasons is that this field will remain evergreen. It will never run out of business. Nursery teachers have always been in demand and still continue to be because they are the most influential people for a child after parents during his growing age.

2. Another reason is that it opens a lot of opportunities for an aspiring teacher. After gaining an experience of about 3-4 years in teaching, one can easily apply for the post of:

•    A coordinator in a primary school.

•    A deputy head in a primary school

•    A child care consultant

•    Administration or operations team head of childcare

•    Childhood Curriculum Planner

•    Students Counselor

This list keeps growing every year.

3. Another important factor that is very attractive is it is a timely job which means that you do not have to do a regular 9-6 job in front of a system.

4.  Another alluring factor is the pay scale which keeps increasing every year.

How can you apply for nursery school teacher courses?

You must search well in advance about universities and colleges offering course in this field. Internet help must be taken to explore more about the institute/ college/ training centre.

•    Enquire about the application form’s availability in the market.

•    Make sure that you fill it correctly and submit it on time.

•    In case if you have to appear for an entrance then, study well and try to get minimum passing marks to get through.

•    Once you clear the entrance, enquire about things like fee structure, how the payment has to be made, study material to get from, examination pattern, class timings, etc.

•    Once you pay the fees, you are ready to start a journey to a new phase in your life.

You must keep yourself more easy going, calm, composed and energetic before stepping into this teaching world.

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