Did you know these facts about Indian colleges and courses?

Here are some interesting facts about colleges, courses and career options in India we bet you did not know before.

Created On: Feb 16, 2018 17:03 IST
Did you know these facts about Indian colleges and courses?
Did you know these facts about Indian colleges and courses?

There are certain stereotypes attached to everything and education is no exception to the rule. When it comes to education, we have set notions about the colleges, the kind of courses they offer and eligibility criteria's related to them. While notions might turn out to be true most of the times but it's true for each and every case. And in this article, we have shed light on some such instances where we out set notions about colleges prove to be wrong or we are simply unaware about the courses offered by them. Read on, to get to know some interesting facts about Indian colleges and courses that we bet you did not know before.

Did you know that you could do MBA straight after class 12th?

Yes, you read that right you can enroll yourself in a MBA course straight after class 12th. And if you are wondering how or are still doubting  the validity of the fact. Then know this, that IIM Indore offers its students a 5 year integrated course in MBA straight after class 12th. It's called a IPM course that is an Integrated Program in Management and is open to students who has passed class 12th from any recognized education board in the country. So, if you think you have inclination towards management and want to pursue a career in it then why not start right after school. This is course structure is such that for the first three years you'll be pursuing your under graduation and in the next two years your graduation. However, enrollment in this program requires for you to pass an entrance test details of which you can easily look up online.

There are a limited number of career option to choose from

Most of us are of the belief that there are just a select few career options to choose from in the country. But to break it to you, that not the case. In about the 15 major job sectors like engineering, management, advertising, agriculture and many others there are over 250 careers to choose from. This is just about when we are not considering the offbeat career choice along with the new fields that have opened up with advancement of technology. Once you bring them into consideration there is no dearth of the career choices for Indian students.

Did you know that you can actually study Fashion and Technology together?

If you are one of those who have an inclination towards both the fashion and technology sectors which by and large are two mostly unrelated fields then worry not we have a solution to your dilemma. What if we were to tell you there is actually a course where you could study the two of them together? Sound unbelievable, right? But there is actually a course offered at the National Institute of Fashion Technology that teaches about the technology involved in making cloth. If you decide to pursue the course, then you would be called a Fashion Technologist.  

Did you know that you can study at an IIT even if you aren't interested in maths or science?

Yes, it's quite possible to study in an IIT even if you have no inclination towards the field of  science or mathematics. IIT Chennai launched a 5 year Integrated programs that eventually leads to a master degree in two major streams - Development Studies and English Studies. By introducing this IIT Chennai has taken a step forward in fulfilling its role in higher education in liberal arts and social sciences. The M.A. programme reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the fundamental concepts in humanities and social sciences. During the first two years of the course, the students are introduced to a variety of common subjects related to the two major disciplines. Such a curriculum aims at providing a masters level course in Humanities and Social Sciences to cater to the growing demands of academia, government, public and private sector enterprises, NGOs, and other organisations. The programme also provides an opportunity for liberal arts students and faculty to be in close and constant touch with those of the Engineering, Sciences and Management departments.

Did you know that you could use your social media presence to earn money from well-known brands?

If you have a good social media presence, you have a chance at being roped in as an influencer by major brands to create a market for themselves amongst your followers. As an influencer for a brand you'd be asked to review their products or talk about their products to cash in your reach and your followers. Depending upon your influence in your circles they pay you hefty sums of money which can be quite good for a side income while studying in college and even after that.

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NGOs do pay quite well

Yes, NGO's work for the betterment of the society and their work structure is such that they require a lot of volunteers. But that doesn't mean that they don't pay well. You might have to experience some difficulties or struggle somewhat during your initial years but once you establish yourself in the organization you can rest assured that you'll be paid good sums of money. So, don't let money be the factor the keeps you away from working with NGO's or lending a helping hand to those in need of it.

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Did you know that you can actually pursue a course in SPA therapy?

A good spa can rejuvenate your mind and body. A diploma in spa therapies might not be a mainstream course yet but there has been a significant increase in the demand of professional masseurs and therapists in the country. Hence the popularity of the course is increasing too. Some of the institutes that you can apply at for pursuing the course are, the 'Ananda Spa Institute' in Hyderabad teaches which has seven types of courses and offers an eight month diploma course. 'Orient Spa Academy' in Jaipur has a tie up with a spa academy in Bangkok and it offers students a chance to do a couple of weeks’ course in Thailand.

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Hopefully, these facts related to college and various courses offered by them across the country will help you break the shackles of the long held misconceptions about the education scenario in the country. Who knows you might even feel inspired to seek out more such interesting facts that remain unexplored because o lack of awareness.

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