Festivals of Jharkhand: Interactive Quiz

Jharkhand is a home to great number of festivals and fairs celebrated all through the year.  Lets play a quiz on festivals of Jharkhand.

Created On: Nov 12, 2013 17:18 IST

The wide-ranging festivals of Jharkhand marks it a popular state of India as a religious canvas of soul exciting festivity. This state spectacularly coalesces plenty and antiquity. So the festive revelry in Jharkhand state is marked with immense ebullience and conventional enthusiasm. Festivals in this state make for unrestrained jollification.

Jharkhand participates in almost all the festivals taking place in the country. The festivals distinguished in Jharkhand state exemplify the vigorous and amalgamated cultural bequest of India. Diverse communities of the India rejoice numerous festivals with absolute collective concordance.

The tribal festivals in Jharkhand state also have their split of excitement and exuberance. Lets play a quiz on the principal tribal festivals of Jharkhand.

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