Happy Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas for Students

Do you want to give a beautiful present to your mother on this mother’s day but low on budget? Here are some simple, affordable but unique gifts Ideas for you.

Created On: May 12, 2019 13:01 IST
Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas
Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas

Do you want to wish a happy mother's day to your mom? Do you want to give her a gift but running low on money? If yes, then here are some gift ideas (especially for students). Some of them you can prepare at home and some you can purchase from the market at a very less price.

Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas for Students

You can choose any one of the following options as per your convenience.

1. Hand-Made Greeting Cards:

 Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas

A hand-made greeting card is one of the best and affordable ways to express your love and respect to your mom. You can choose mother's day quotes, status, draw images. You can even take a print out of images (with you and your mother together) to cherish old memories.

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2. Artificial  Jewellery:

Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas - Artificial  Jewellery

Artificial Jewellery is another affordable and one of the best options. There are plenty of designs that are available in the market. You can also purchase online from Amazon and gift it to your mother.

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3. Photo frames:

Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas - Photo frames

You must have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photo frame with an old photo of you with your mother is a better way to surprise your mom. Perhaps one of the best way to wish Happy mother's day to your mom.

4. Gadgets:

Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas - Gadgets

There are plenty of cool gadgets available online between a range of rupees 500 to rupees 2000. Such as Bluetooth speaker, fitness band etc. if your mom is tech savvy then fitness band is perhaps among one of the best gift options. A fitness tracker will keep track of the health activities (heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis & step tracking) of your mom.

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5. Bonsai Tree:

Mother's Day 2019: Gifts Ideas - Bonsai Tree

If you're looking for a unique gift on this mother's day, then, Bonsai trees can be exactly what you're looking for. Bonsai trees are considered as symbols of love, and eternity, and of the link between us and the natural world. There are a variety of Bonsai trees you can choose from, readily available in the market and online. Generally, their price starts at rupees 250 onwards.

Every day we don't get a chance to knowledge efforts and hard work of our mom. But on this special day, don't forget to wish her.

Happy Mother's Day 2019!

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