How to Solve Parajumbles in MBA Entrance Examinations?

Parajumble questions are asked very frequently in the MBA Entrance Examinations. Find here the tip to solve Parajumble questions in the exams and score well

What are Parajumbles: Para jumbles are basically jumbled up sentences from a logically coherent paragraph. All major MBA entrance exams now focus on Para jumbles with typically 3-4 questions from this area.
What Kind of questions are asked: To increase the difficulty level of a Para jumble; question makers can pick sentences from different paragraphs that follow each other logically or even sentences that are from the same article but on different pages, as a result of which they might not come together in the source form. As a test taker one might wonder about arranging sentences that someone else has arranged or designed? In reality it is not that difficult. Language too flows with a logical structure and hence using logic, one can arrange sentences.

The points one needs to keep in mind while arranging sentences are

1.Making Mandatory Pairs:  Mandatory pairs are sentences that would always come together irrespective of their position. Eg: If a sentence is labeled as A, B, C, D and E then in the solution BC would always come together. Irrespective of whether they begin the Para jumble or end it.
2.Selection by Elimination: Once you have identified the mandatory pair, proceed to the options and pick options using selection by elimination.

How to make mandatory pairs

1.Pronoun antecedents: A proper noun is used only during its introduction in the text. After that the pronoun takes over. This reference is called a Pronoun Antecedent.

For eg: Ravi works with DCB bank as a Chief Consulting Officer. He is responsible for their security policies.  He is the pronoun antecedent for “Ravi” and would always be preceded by Ravi.  Hence they make a mandatory pair.

2.Chronological order: Look for number clues. Certain dates and events would always occur on chronological order.

3.Cause and Effect: The cause would occur before the effect as a result of which the effect would be an explanation for the cause.

Let us apply these to solve an example

a.This initiative is aimed at doubling the direct distribution reach in rural markets, customize trade promotions and provide focused servicing through a dedicated sales team in these markets.
b.While reaping the benefits of a benign raw material scenario, companies are expected to invest in expanding their reach to grow sales.
c.This initiative has already started to bear fruits, according to Sunil Duggal, CEO, Dabur India , and is expected to translate into higher growth for the company with rural demand growing at a faster pace compared to urban markets.
d.Dabur India has already undertaken an initiative to substantially expand its distribution footprint and drive growth.

a.BDAC    b. ABCD     c. DCBA        d. ACBD

In D Dabur India is a proper noun, so it can be used to start the paragraph, but the sentence also uses the word “already”, which implies there should be a reference to this initiative which is captured in B. Hence, BD is a mandatory pair. A and C both start with “this initiative” which means they are referring to the initiative started by Dabur India.  If we now go by selection by elimination, BD as a mandatory pair is present in two options A and D. As the initiatives needs are an effect of the cause started by Dabur India, the paragraph should begin with BD. Hence we can now zero down to option A.
One important thing that many test takers think is that a conclusion should always be towards the end. This may not be true, as we have discussed in the beginning that sentences could have been picked up from any position of the article. Hence, a conclusion could actually begin the Para-Jumble.

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