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IBPS PO 2016, BOB & NABARD Development Asst. Exam: Cloze Test Quiz based on ‘The Financial Express’

Sep 8, 2016 17:53 IST

    The English Language Section asked in IBPS PO or any other Banking Exam must include the questions from Cloze Test (Fill in the Paragraph Gaps). In Cloze Test, generally a passage is provided with 10 or 12 blanks. The candidates have to fill up the spaces with most appropriate words/phrases provided in options. These types of questions are asked to judge the candidates vocabulary power, grammatical knowledge, and common sense.

    While answering these questions, the candidate should read the entire passage once to get the theme as sometimes more than one options seems appropriate for blank. Complete passage reading will help the candidate to choose the best option.

    In the examination you will find a small passage with numbered blanks. Below the passage these numbers are repeated and against each number four or five choices of word are given. You are required to choose an appropriate word from the given choices to fill in the respective blanks in the passage. This test is designed to evaluate your knowledge of words and their correct grammatical usage so as to keep the meaning of the passage intact.

    Here the Banking team of jagran josh is providing the cloze test quiz based on the article taken from newspaper ‘The Financial Express’.

    Cloze Test Quiz

    Question (1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which is numbered. Against each blank, five words are suggested out of which only one fits the blank perfectly. Find that word in each case.

    Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill is …1…. to become law with the Lok Sabha passing the long pending legislation for housing sector. Rajya Sabha last week had passed the Bill. The Bill will go to the President before it enters the ….2….. books. The Bill is …..3…..  to bring the real estate sector into strong regulatory framework by setting up a real estate regulator. This would be….4… for both developers and homebuyers along with providing a …..5…. to the stagnant real estate sector by boosting investor confidence. The Real Estate Bill will place the Indian real estate market, which currently is fragmented and unorganized, ….6…. par with that of other developed countries with clear …7…. of developers through the establishment of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Mandatory disclosure of projects, including details of the promoter, project, land status, clearances, approvals, etc. would increase the credibility of developers and would …8… consumer rights as well. Another significant ruling is in the form of definition of “carpet area”. Buyers will now be paying only for the carpet area and not the super built-up area which was …9….. with confusion earlier. Also, the developers will now have to take …10….  of 66% of the home buyers in case they have to increase the number of floors or change the building plans. This will protect the buyers from any ad-hoc changes that are a norm presently.

    (Source: The Financial Express, 15th March 2016)

    Tips to solve cloze test quickly

    1.  Find the suitable word

    1. Poised
    2. Accepted
    3. Set
    4. Adhered
    5. Other than those given in options

    Sol: Option (3)

    Explanation: According to the passage, the said bill is already passed by the Parliament and is in the process of being converted into law very soon. So, it is set to become a law in the country very soon.

    2. Find the right word

    1. Record
    2. Statute
    3. Green
    4. Ad-hoc
    5. Additional

    Sol: Option (2)

    Explanation: Any law enters the statute books once it is cleared by both the Parliament and the President. The said bill will also take the same course once it is passed by the President after being sent to him for approval and will enter the statute books of Indian laws.

    3. Find the suitable word

    1. Advised
    2. Accustomed
    3. Meant
    4. Expected
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (4)

    Explanation: The new bill has been passed by the Parliament in order to develop the real estate sector of the country in a better and more meaningful manner in the future. It is expected that the bill will be able to achieve this purpose in the near future for the sector.

    4. Find the suitable word

    1. Vengeful
    2. Frank
    3. Beneficial
    4. Adverse
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (3)

    Explanation: The new law is expected to be beneficial since it will help the real estate sector of the country get its credibility back in the near future. The law will give the buyers the way to fight for their rights and will help the sellers gain the confidence of the buyers.

    5. Find the right word

    1. Push
    2. Way
    3. Frame
    4. Rush
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (1)

    Explantion: The new law is expected to help in the development of the real estate sector and that is why, it is going to give a push to the sector in the country. It means that the new law will help the sector to improve in the country regarding best practices in the industry.

    6. Find the right word

    1. At
    2. In
    3. On
    4. About
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (1)

    Explanation: ‘At par’ means that two things are equal in some or every aspect. In this passage, it means that the Indian laws will be equal to those followed by the developed countries of the world regarding the real estate sector. Hence, India will at par with developed countries regarding real estate sector of the country.

    7. Find the right word

    1. Responsibility
    2. Accountability
    3. Accessibility
    4. Susceptibility
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (2)

    Explanation: The new law is going to help buyers of real estate properties fight against any injustice meted out to them by the developers of a property and that is why, the developers violating the rules can be brought to book easily. This means that these developers will be accountable to the regulatory authority that is proposed to be set up as per the provisions of the new law.

    8. Find the suitable word

    1. Perceive
    2. Protect
    3. Refer
    4. Customize
    5. Acclimatize

    Sol: Option (2)

    Explanation: The new law is going to help the buyers of the real estate properties fight against any kind of injustice done to them by the real estate developers and in that way, the customers can complaint against any wrongdoing. This will help protect the consumer rights in the country.

    9. Find the suitable word

    1. Fixed
    2. Fraught
    3. Faced
    4. Liked
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (2)

    Explanation: The new law clears the issue of built up area as this was one area which used to court a lot of controversies regarding the real estate sector in the country. It was fraught with a lot of confusion earlier in the absence of any clear rule regarding the same.

    10. Find the suitable word

    1. Possession
    2. Care
    3. Consent
    4. Proposal
    5. None of the above

    Sol: Option (3)

    Explantion: According to the new law, the developers need to take the consent of flat owners in a real estate property before changing the number of floors in the property. This means the flat owners need to approve of any change of plan by the real estate developer as two third majority is required in this case as per the new law.

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