Career counselling and its importance for school students

In this article, you can read how students make an appropriate career choice and why they should do it now. Making a career choice takes lot of efforts which requires self-analysis as well as considering academic preferences. Read here to know more.

Career counselling for school students
Career counselling for school students

Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams. Career counselling will be helpful choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead. Read here significance of career counselling and proper guidance for school students –

What is Career Counselling?

In current times, career counselling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. Career counselling is an effort for students’ career guidance right from their school about the available career options as per their interest and stream of academics.

Through career counselling, an analysis can be done for students which will help them find out their interests and also their strengths and weaknesses.

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Why is career counselling important for high school students?

Career counselling should be done in the school itself for class 9-11 students specifically because these are the levels where students choose a particular stream as their specialisation and also, it will be helpful for them to decide the stream they should opt for. This is because many students are not satisfied with the stream they choose and tend to change it; this happens in absence of proper guidance about options available as per their interest and different education stream.

Nowadays, many counsellors prefer psychometric tests to analyse interests of students because generally, students are confused between their various interests but these psychometric tests help figure out students’ capabilities towards each of their interest.

With career counselling, students would be able to know –

  • Their aptitude and interests
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest
  • Making choice of stream for education after class 10
  • Career options available in market as per their academic choice
  • Career options available as per their interest
  • Some alternate career options if they decide to change their stream in future

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How can students get career guidance or career coaching?

Career coaching or counselling does not only require professional counsellors but it can be done as mentioned below –

Be your own career coachWho knows better about your interests, your hobbies, your personality and your academic interests than you. You can analyse the below-mentioned facts to find your career goals and help yourself in achieving them –

  • Your interest
  • Academic profile
  • Career options available as per your interests and education qualification

Also, seek suggestions from your friends and parents to get better advice about career options.

Write down all these points in a notebook and filter out the best suitable option for yourself.

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Seek advice from your parentsYour parents have been the primary coach for your education and career life. They got you admitted in best suitable kindergarten, primary school and now when you need to decide the stream choice and career, they should be the first one to advise you and help you decide the best alternative. After you, your parents know the best about your aptitude and capabilities, so they will be able to guide you best in making education as well as a career choice.

Proper guidance from your teachers The third person after you and your parents who will be able to help you decide the best alternative to a career is your teacher. You have been handled, guided and improved over the years by your school teachers. So, they have complete knowledge about your capabilities and also, teachers have the best idea about the different streams of education that students can choose after class 10th

Teachers at schools guiding students towards their right career path

A career coach in your friends or your elder siblings Your friends or your siblings know your interests because you can open up before them without an uneasiness which you may feel with your parents or your teachers. Your elder brother or sister will be the best to advise you on the matter of choosing a career because they themselves have gone through the same situation and have faced the same doubts regarding the career choices. And your friends who will be making career choice along with you also are seeking guidance for their career choices, therefore; they will be helpful by sharing the same career guidance tips with you.

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Conclusion: Students, as well as their parents, should begin career planning right from class 10th because, after this level, only a particular stream could be followed and career options will be limited to their choice of the stream only. The stream choice also depends on career planning and interests of students.

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